So Here We Are.

4 years.
1,460 days.
35,040 hours.
2,102,400 minutes.
126,144,00 seconds.
Time flew by.  One second I was a freshman in high school, the lowly man (or woman, I should say) on the totem pole.  Now, here I am, summer before my freshman year in college. 
It truly is crazy to think about.  Everyone always tells you to enjoy the time you have in high school before it’s gone, but does anyone really take that advice to heart when they’re standing at the front doors of a giant prison-like building, realizing that they’re going to spend the next four years there?  Do those words really penetrate your brain when you’re studying for that AP Chemistry test or hanging out with friends before a football game?
The general consensus is no.  No, you don’t constantly remind yourself to enjoy high school.  It either happens or it doesn’t.  Luckily, I did enjoy my experience as a Normal West Wildcat…most of the time.  But this isn’t about reminiscing on my high school glory days.  Instead, I want this blog to be an “updater” of sorts.  For anyone who is crazy enough to follow my “college kid” endeavors and experiences–from doing my own laundry to figuring out how the heck I’m not going to gain 15 pounds–good luck.  I can’t promise this blog will be good.  Okay, I can guarantee you that it won’t be.  But if you’re at all interested in seeing how my life progresses these next few years at Purdue University and how I’m growing up to be a “big kid,” this is for you.

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