Registration and Other News.

Evidently, Purdue refuses to believe in the “freshman 15.”

Last Tuesday was the big day: registration (or STAR as they call it at Purdue).  My parents and I drove to good ol’ West Lafayette Monday night to get up bright and early on Tuesday for a longgggg day of walking. 
The three most important things I learned:
1. It will take me about 12 minutes to walk to the academic campus from my residence hall.
2. There is no dining court in my residence hall.
3. My residence hall is located right next to the rec center.
I mean, I’m not complaining.  If I have to walk such a long distance to my classes, I’ll be healthier.  If I walk past the rec center daily, I’ll be more inclined to work out.  If I have to walk outside in a blizzard just to satiate my hunger, I’ll be less likely to eat as often.  But still.  I’ll miss the luxury of a fridge just steps away without having to brave the elements to eat.

To further educate you on my wonderful experiences, I will provide you a list of random tidbits that happened to me or that I discovered during the day:

1. In college, there is a lot of walking.  And by a lot, I don’t mean a lot.  I mean A LOT!  My classes are conveniently not located near each other all the time, and neither were the buildings we needed to be in for STAR.  Though I wore shoes that I had walked around many times before, I got some blisters on my toes.  Consequently, I walked around barefoot on the cement for awhile to give my toes a break.  Which just gave me more blisters on the bottoms of my feet.  Which caused me to limp around like an idiot for most of the day.  That’s just what I need; my fellow classmates seeing me look stupid before school even begins.  Oh well.

2. I took a Spanish placement exam while I was there that day.  It was online and only took about half an hour, and I got 12 Spanish credits out of it, so I’m currently enrolled in a Spanish 30100 class.  I sincerely hope I’m not the only freshman in that class. How intimidating.

3. I am soooo incredibly lucky: no 7:30 am classes for meeee!!   My earliest is 8:30 on M,W,F.

4. I joined a club already!  It’s called PASE, or Purdue Alumni Student Experience.  It seems super chill, and all the activities are fun and social-related so it’s super low commitment.  I’m also in the Ross Ade Brigade, which is the cheering section at football games.  Right up my ally! 

5. I’m stocked up on Purdue gear!  When I left West Lafayette, I had accumulated 4 t-shirts, a sweatshirt, a fleece jacket, and a hoodie.  That’ll probably only last me a couple days to be honest.

6. I haven’t even started class, and we already have to read a book.  It’s called The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.  We have to read it and do an assignment on it before classes start.  Yippee…

7.  We ate in the dining court at Earhart while there, and boy oh boy will I be eating in style in a couple of months!  There was soooo much to choose from.  And you can eat as much as you want.  On second thought, that freshman 15 seems to be teasing me right now…

8. I had my first Den Pop while there too, which are seemingly famous in West Lafayette.  More good news?  There is red cream soda in all the soda fountains there!  I tried it for the first time, and boy oh boy was it delicious!  Trying new things has already started to pay off!

9. For those curious as to what my classes are this year, they are as follows:

  •      Biology for Elementary School Teachers (which I have to contract as an honors class)
  •      College of Education DeVito Scholarship Program I (a research opportunity for me and 7 other Education majors)
  • Introduction to Educational Technology and Computing (also contracted as an honors class)
  • United States History since 1877
  • Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I
  • Spanish Level V
They should be pretty interesting!
10.  Again, I’m so incredibly happy that my best friend, Brooke, is going to school with me.  We even took some pictures together while at STAR!
In other news, I’m on the hunt for a new laptop, a graduation gift from my parents.  I’m going PC which I may regret in the future, but for now it will do.  It’s cheaper anyways.  I just want some good speakers for DANCE PARTIES, which are inevitable where Brooke and I are concerned.
Also, thanks to modern technology, I’ve gotten to see and talk to Jenna, the friend that left for Utah, a couple times via Skype!  Though our computers don’t like each other much and keep disconnecting us, it’s so wonderful to see her and chat with her.  She’s adjusting well and has already made some friends, which isn’t much of a surprise because she’s so bubbly.  But sometimes it just makes me miss her more!!

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