I Officially Have a Roommate.

I think I’ll finally be able to sleep at night.

I no longer have to sit up in bed worrying myself about what psycho I may have to live with in the tiny closet-sized room I’ll have to call my home the next year.  I won’t have to imagine every possible awful scenario involving a roommate (is she a thief? will she come home at 4 am when I’m trying to sleep? dear goodness, please tell me she won’t lock me out of my room so she can spend ‘quality’ time with her boyfriend…) any longer.  The nameless, faceless girl I will live with for an entire year now has a name.  Oh, and a face.  My roommate definitely has a face.

Her name is Megan, and I just “met” her the other day on Facebook.  Due to my natural curiosity and insatiable desire to creep on people, I instantly scoured her timeline and perused her pictures and was surprised at how…normal she seemed.  Most of her pictures were of her and her friends, which is always a good sign.  Plus, I got to chat with her a little too, and she’s majoring in Elementary Education like me!  We already have some things in common!  My anxiety has been quelled, and my excitement for college is growing.  Having a great roommate will make it that much easier to leave behind everyone here.

Speaking of leaving everyone behind…okay, it won’t be as easy as I just mentioned.

I’m not quite sure how much information I should reveal on here, but heck.  If you really want to know, I guess I’ll spill.

So there’s this guy. (Isn’t there always?) His name is Chris, and I’ve known him for a little while now since we’ve gone to school together and everything.  But we really just started talking this summer, and I’ve loved getting to know him and his friends.  

Enter emotions.

Suddenly, both of us like each other, and each day I get closer and closer to leaving.  We decided that we can’t officially be together because I don’t want a boyfriend when I go to school.  But it really sucks.  A lot.  We’ve been taking YOLO and Carpe Diem to heart though, and even though we both know that we’re gonna be screwed at the end of the summer, we’re trying to make the most of it and enjoy each others’ company while we can.  I’ll keep you updated.

Enough of the teenage girl rant and onto the boring stuff.

I bought some things for college the other day!  This included:

  • My bedding (we ordered it online…it’s pink and black and white floral print!)
  • A bedside shelf to put things on since I’m lofting my bed
  • A lap desk to put my laptop or papers on when I’m studying in bed
  • A drying rack for the clothes that I don’t want to put in the dryer
  • An umbrella for those drizzly Indiana days
  • Rainboots for my treks across campus in the snow and rain
There is a tonnnn more stuff to get, but I’ll worry about that later.


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