Just "Dumping" Some Information On You.

I know, I know, I’m soooo “punny”.  But if you didn’t catch it from my title, the whole thing with Chris suddenly evaporated into thin air because he realized it would be too difficult to say goodbye at the end of the summer.  And yeah, it sucked, and still does to be completely honest.  But I’m a big girl.  Heck; I’m a college kid!  There are worse things in life than inconsiderate males 🙂

So the other day my mom took me to Target to get some “basic” supplies for college.  And let me tell you, I never realized how many “basic” items I use!  I have an entire laundry basket full of these supplies and have absolutely no idea how I’m going to fit everything in a tiny dorm room.  I’m so used to having so much space to sprawl out and put my stuff…it’s going to be a real test to keep my side of the room clean!

By the way, I got my laptop!  This is my first post I’m writing (or typing, I guess) with it.  It’s a Toshiba something-or-other, and it certainly gets the job done!  I also got a mouse and some external speakers to plug into it for none other than DANCE PARTIES!!!

Speaking of which…

My roommate, Megan, says she loves dance parties!  This is the first day we’ve really talked since she just got home from vacation, but she seems sooo nice and friendly, and we actually have quite a bit in common, so I think this is good news. God had a reason for forcing me to get a random roommate!

Tomorrow my grandma is taking me out to pick something out for my dorm room…I’m thinking I want to get this inspirational quote board wall hanging to spruce up the place a little, but I honestly don’t know how much wall space I’m going to have with all the stuff I want to hang up!  I’ll definitely post some pictures once I move in and everything.  If the quote board doesn’t work out, I’ll probably get an iron, though I have no idea where that’s going to fit in the shoe box of my room…

I’m becoming a pro at Skype!  Jenna and I just did it the other day and Brooke, my best friend who’s going to Purdue with me, and I just practiced tonight…even though we live less than half a mile away from each other and will never really have a use for Skyping with each other since we’re going to the same school…oh well, it was fun 🙂

I only have one chapter left in our Common Reading Assignment book, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.  The boy literally built a wind mill out of virtually nothing.  Very commendable, but boy oh boy was there way too much physics in there for it to make any sense to a mathematically and scientifically challenged girl like me!  …I skimmed through several paragraphs because it went right over my head.  Nothing like slacking on my very first assignment in college!


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