My First Real College Kid Post!

I know, I know, I’ve been leaving you hanging!  I’ve been here for over a week and haven’t told you anything. I apologize for the delayed post, but I’ll do my best to let you know what crazy things have been going on.  WARNING: This post is extremely long.  I’m thinking about publishing it so it becomes a New York Times bestseller.  Just kidding.  But seriously, pop yourself some popcorn or something so you don’t get bored while reading it.  But I know you’ll want to read it because there are several embarrassing moments sprinkled in here and there.

Day 0: The night before.

Friday night was an emotional one.  It was the night before Brooke and I left for school, so naturally the girls and I all got together at my house to say our final and official goodbyes.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t started packing until that day, so I was still rushing around my cluttered room and shoving things into random boxes and bags, hoping against hope that I wouldn’t forget anything.  (I even pulled out my old candy striper vest that I wore when I was a junior volunteer at the hospital and convinced Natalie that all incoming freshmen had to wear it on move-in day–she believed me!).  We chatted for awhile, desperately trying to avoid the inevitable, but alas, we had to say our goodbyes.  Tears were shed, hugs were given, and boy did it suck.  But surprisingly, even with the knowledge that my life would change the next day, I fell asleep easily.

Day 1: Move In

We were on the road by 9 am; it was a little too early for my liking.  But, with my move in time at 12:00, a two hour drive with an hour time change, and the fact that we just really wanted to eat before all our hard work, we had to.  We drove by a couple wind farms on the way up, and it was really ironic because our Common Reading assignment book was about windmills too.  But that’s beside the point.  When we arrived on campus, the weather couldn’t have been more beautiful.  It was sunny and absolutely perfect.  It was a good sign.  We ate at the Potbelly’s on campus to fuel up, and then we made our way, with our two packed vehicles of college stuff, to Shreve Hall, my new home for the next 9 months or so.  I immediately knew  that I made a good choice in college because there were soooooo many friendly people that were there to help carry my crapload of stuff up 2 flights of stairs.  Alright, who’s ready to hear an embarrassing moment? Yeah?  Okay, so I’m carrying up my plastic drawers filled with clothes to my room.  Halfway up the stairs, the bottom section of the drawers detached from the top and fell to the ground.  Alllllll of my…unmentionables…spilled EVERYWHERE!!!  It would be fine and all if it weren’t for the fact that there were GUYS behind me!!  Luckily one of the girls helped me carry everything up the rest of the way.  Talk about awkward.

So if that wasn’t bad enough, just wait until you hear about the carpet debacle.  My mom and sister were in the process of parking the car and my dad and I had the nearly impossible job of lifting the lofted beds and the desks in order to put the carpet underneath.  Megan, my rooommate, had left to buy the tv and she left me a super cute mug filled with candy.  But it was a good thing she wasn’t there because my dad and I had to rearrange alllll the furniture.  The desks ended up out in the hallway, the drawers were in the elevator lobby, and everything was mess.  My dad and I single-handedly (or quadruple-handedly) managed to slide the carpet under the lofts and desks and everything.  Boy were we sweaty after that!

Finally Megan came back and I got to meet her and her parents.  We set up the bigger-than-normal fridge, the microwave, the crazy huge tv, and the futon.  Megan and I both put up some Christmas lights around our beds too, and the past few days we’ve been in the process of decorating.  Let me tell you, our room is a hit!! People are always jealous of our sweet setup, and even as we speak, its midnight and there are 5 guests in our room watching a movie with us.  It’s prettyyyy great.  What’s even better is that Megan and I get along GREAT!!  I was so incredibly worried that getting a random roommate would be a bad idea, but it’s been awesome so far.  I’m so incredibly lucky.

Me and Megan!


Our sweet set-up!


My fancy bed.


Kourt and I.

After moving in, Brooke and her family and my family and I went to Triple XXX Burger, a pretty famous place close to campus.  They’re famous for their Duane Purvis burger, a regular burger with peanut butter on it, as well as their home brewed root beer, which was spectacular if you ask me.  I wasn’t brave enough to try the peanut butter one.  That’ll be for another time.

We had a floor meeting that first night too, so we met all the girls that had moved in so far.  We played some random name game things where we say our name, where we’re from, what our major is, and an interesting fact about ourselves.  Wanna take a guess as to how many times I’ve divulged that information since then?  At least 100.  If not more.  

After some awkward introductions, we caught word of a party on this giant hill called Slayter Hill.  This party was our integration into college life.  We went to this Boiler Bash with some of the girls on the floor and got to know several of them while there.  This party was cray cray!  Almost all of the incoming freshman that had moved in on Saturday were there.  There were people milling about all over…some just mingling on the hill, some jumping in some inflatables, and many, myself included, were dancing and having the time of our lives.  It was only slightly awkward not knowing anyone there, but what better way to get to know people than to dance the night away??

Day 2: Boiler Gold Rush Opening Day

Since I went to bed so late last night, I decided I was going to wake up late.  My parents and Kourtney stayed the night at a hotel near campus so that they could take me to Wal-Mart on Sunday to pick up anything I forgot to bring (extra Command hooks) and food (peanut butter, bread, milk, fruit snacks, granola bars, fruit cups, juice boxes, etc) to keep in my room.  After that, they brought me back to my room and helped me organize my stuff.  And then, before I knew it, it was the dreaded time of my family leaving.  And boy, was it hard.  Suddenly all the females in the room were crying, and we were all hugging each other and it was rough.  Even thinking about it now makes me sad.  I probably gave all of them 3 hugs each before they actually left.  Then I waved to them out of the window and watched as they drove away.  I was crying, but then I decided to distract myself and started hanging some of my pictures and posters up on the wall, which really seemed to help.  After that, I felt much better.

Later that night, we met our BGR groups and group leaders.  We were going to be with those groups for the next 3 days.  That’s where the non-fun of college began.  Okay, that was a bit dramatic.  It was still fun.  But not as good as I thought.

My group leader’s name was Andrea.  She was pretty nice.  There were about 15 kids in our group, all from Shreve.  Unfortunately, that first night was pretty rough because everyone in my group was incredibly shy and quiet.  Which is the exact opposite of me.  We were playing some ice-breaker/get to know you games, and I would have loved to get into my usual crazy and energetic self.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do so because people would have labeled me as the crazy psycho kid on my first day of college.  Not cool.  So instead I had to subject myself to the silence and play along like I didn’t really care either.  Sure, you may say, “Well Kasey, don’t give in to peer pressure.  Be yourself!”  And yes, I can understand why you’d feel that way.  But there is a time and a place to go along with the crowd, whether you want to believe it or not.  And this was just one of those times.  

After meeting, all the BGR participants made our way to Elliot Hall to a hugeeee auditorium with a hugeee stage for Boiler Gold Rush Opening Ceremonies.  We started off the night with something called roll call.  All the residences were grouped together to form teams for the duration of BGR.  Shreve Hall was grouped with our neighbors at Earhart, forming the team Shrevehart.  HOT was comprised of Hilltop, Owen, and Tarkington, Dub-C-Dub was Wiley, Windsor, and Cary Quad.  OH-M-T was made up of off-campus housing, Meredith, and First Street Towers.  And McHarrison was Mccutchen and Harrison.  For roll call, each team had a little chant or skit they had to read off as a collective group, followed by a cheer.  Whoever did the best each day won the competition for the day, which boosted their standings in the overall competition.  Shrevehart actually got first on our first roll call!  Some of our cheers we did throughout BGR included:

1.  Someone yells, “SHREVEHART!”
     Everyone else yells, “FREEDOM!” (Take-off of the movie Braveheart, which I’ve never seen)

2. Boys: “S-H-R, E-V-E!”
    Girls: “H-A-R-T!”

3. Boys: “Hold up, wait a minute!”
    Girls: (hold up a heart with their hands) “Put a little Shrevehart in it!”

4. (To the tune of Apache Jump On It) “S, H, R, E, V, E, Go Shrevehart, Go Shrevehart, Go Shrevehart, Go Shrevehart!”

5. (With hand motions) 
  “Boom snap clap, ba-boom snap Shreve.
    Boom snap clap, ba-boom snap Earhart.
    Boom snap clap, ba-boom snap Shrevehart.
    Boom snap clap, ba-boom snap shhhh.”

At Opening Ceremonies, we had several speakers and also an inspirational speaker of sorts.  It was pretty interesting, but little did I know I’d be in for one of the most exhausting 3 days of my life!

Day 3: BGR Day 1

The day began with breakfast…early.  I decided I had better get used to not having sleep while in college.  We had to meet in the lobby of Shreve at 7:20.  Yeah, yeah, I know, high school started at 7:15, you should be used to it by now, blah blah.  But I’m just not!  And I went to bed super late!  So cut me some slack 🙂  After breakfast, all the BGR participants made our way to Mackey Arena, the basketball arena.  We were supposed to be in Ross Ade stadium, but unfortunately it was slightly rainy.  We got to learn some of the basketball and football cheers while there, and we also listened to future Purdue president and Indiana governor, Mitch Daniels, speak.  Plus, the football coach and the volleyball coach spoke, and we got introduced to the volleyball team.  What’s better than all of that?  Free t-shirt!  Holla!

Later that afternoon we got to choose which interest sessions we wanted to go to, so I chose the Honors College one to learn more about the honors program I’m in.  Not gonna lie, it was prettyyyyy boring.  We were also supposed to have some presentations at the Rec center, but unfortunately it was too rainy to do anything.  Most of us were pretty happy about that though, considering we had been walking around all day and just wanted some time to relax.  Let me tell you, if you’ve never been to college or haven’t been there in awhile, it is A LOT of walking.  I mean a lot a lot.  

After a small bit of rest time, which included a huge 15+ person game of Apples to Apples in the Shreve lounge, we boarded a bus to go to a Meijer party!  Meijer was giving away all sorts of free stuff, especially food.  I understand that it was a ploy so students would be enticed to buy  Meijer products, but me?  I was just there for the free stuff.  Let’s be honest, I’m in college now.  I’m poor.  There was a DJ there too, so naturally, some of my new-found friends and I started a dance circle.  Best trip to Meijer EVER.

We went to bed super late again, only to find out that…

Day 4: BGR Day 2

…Breakfast was at 6:30 in the morning!  Arghhhh!!  It was such a struggle trying to wake up then, especially because it was still dark.  And let me tell you, it is no fun trying to get out of a lofted bed in pitch black, no siree.  (I’ve half-fallen out of the bed a couple times while trying to get out gracefully…nothing serious, just slightly embarrassing).  Only 5 people from our group made it to breakfast, but boy was it delicious!!  Eggs, sausage, coffee cake…mm mm mmmmm.  We had various activities after that, all of which included walking everywhere.  This included a trip to the armory where several organizations had tables set up so we could learn more about them or find out when their callouts were.  One of the problems of going to a school with almost 40,000 people?  It’s crowded everywhere.  The armory was so packed with students that it was near impossible to walk down the rows of tables where student representatives shoved papers in your hand and tried to bribe you with free candy to join their club. 

Later that day, my group and I walked down to Chauncy Hill, which is slightly off campus, where there are several stores and restaurants.  Which meant…you guessed it…more walking!!  There’s a store there called the Discount Den, or just The Den to us students. (Oh my gosh, I’m part of the ‘us students’!  I’m a college kid! Ahh!).  It’s famous for its Den Pops, which are basically just cheap sodas in styrofoam cups.  But they have almost every flavor of soda imaginable, so there are soda mixtures that students have created, and there are posters on the wall that advertise the different flavors.  Den Pops were a hot commodity that day, because we waited in line for almost an hour, just for a soda.  Apparently it’s a BGR tradition.  I decided to get the Den Pop flavor ‘BGR’, because it was just so fitting.  BGR was 1/3 Blue Powerade, 1/3 Mountain Dew, and 1/3 Red Cream Soda.  It was really good!  In case none of you have had Red Cream Soda before, it’s absolutely delicious!  It’s made by the Barq’s company, and I’ve never seen it anywhere until I came to Purdue.  It’s oh so good though.  But it was a lot of soda, and boy did I have to go to the bathroom!

My group leader also took us to Red Mango, a frozen yogurt shop in Chauncy.  For those of you reading from back home, it’s similar to Chill Out in Uptown Normal, but it tasted better!  I got a mixture of lemonade and mango yogurt, and topped it with strawberries, pineapple, coconut, graham crackers, and those little balls filled with fruit flavored juice.  Yumm!  (For those of you wondering, it won’t be hard at all to gain the infamous Freshman 15 here at Purdue.  The sad thing is, the new Rec Center won’t be open until the end of September at the earliest, but we at least have the T-Rec, or Temporary Rec Center, to ward off the weight.)

At our meeting in Elliot Hall that night, we learned about a campus-wide initiative called FreeZONE.  Basically, FreeZONE is a mindset that you don’t judge anyone for any differences they may have, and you correct yourself every time you have judgmental thoughts.  It’s a good idea, but so far everyone on campus takes it as sort of a joke.  They’ll say something like, “I’m going to get 2 cookies instead of 1…don’t judge me.  FreeZONE!”  It’s kind of funny though. 

Tuesday night was dance party number 2…or I guess 3 if you count the Meijer one.  We had something called Union Fest, because it was at the Union building.  Clever, I know.  While there you could make wax hands, play games, and of course, dance!  They had a DJ in the big ballroom and everyone was jamming out.  It was sort of funny because a couple days later there was a wedding reception being set up in the same room where just nights before a bunch of sweaty teens were jumping around like psychos.  I learned the dance to the song Cotton Eyed Joe while there, even though I totally didn’t know there was a dance to that song outside of tininkling in Mr. Kinley’s PE class at Prairieland.  There was also an improv show, which was so incredibly funny.  It was a troupe called Mission Improvable and it consisted of 4 guys who wore secret agent outfits the whole night.  There was a lot of audience participation, and it was hilarious!  It’s things like that that make me love college!

That night we had a Target run, just like the Meijer run the night before.  But beings that nobody on campus knows what Meijer is and practically everyone knows what Target is, everyone wanted to go to Target!  By the time some of my friends and I got outside to get in line for one of the buses, the line had stretched all the way down the street and around the corner.  We almost decided not to go, but then we were like, mehh, why not?  We’re in college, we have nothing else to do, and we love free stuff!  So, dedicated us, we waited in line for 2, count it, TWO hours for a bus!  We played some games with one of the BGR groups behind us, and we met some interesting fellows that we hung out with the rest of the night.  And by interesting I meant slightly sketchy.  I’ve yet to see them again since that night, and you know what?  I’m okay with that.  We got tons of free stuff again, including gum, hand sanitizer, food, and much more.  

The back of the bus Target crew

And then when we finally got back from Target, there were two girls who got off the same bus as us, arms full of Target goods.  They had bags upon bags, along with a couple sets of plastic drawers. (One of the girls’ stash amounted to over $150!!)  Needless to say, they couldn’t carry it all back to their rooms, so my friends and I decided we’d help them out even though they didn’t live in the same residence hall as us…and it was 1 in the morning. So we helped them out and they were the sweetest things ever and super happy we helped them out.  Just being good citizens, you know?  After that, we finally went to bed!

Day 5: End of BGR.

Finally, the long awaited-day arrived…the end of BGR!  It wasn’t that I hated it; it was just that I just wanted some time to relax and figure out a routine for myself.  I was so exhausted by this point!  I didn’t even make it down to breakfast because I was so tired! 

That Wednesday, we got the final results of the competition between the residence halls, based on roll calls, dance offs, etc.  Shrevehart got 3rd!   Not too shabby if you ask me!  I really want to be a team leader next year though, so I can help bring my team to victory 🙂 

Some of the exciting events of the day included the traditional “jumping over the train tracks” that run across one of the main walkways on campus.  All the freshmen got to do it with their BGR groups.  Basically what you do is link arms with the rest of the members of your group and on the count of three, 1, 2, 3, you jump over the tracks at the same time.  This signifies your future relationship with Purdue.  Then, after you graduate, you jump back over the tracks.  It’s a pretty cool concept, and I’m all about tradition.  (Speaking of tradition, here are a couple fun superstitions regarding Purdue: 1. The giant bell tower on campus has an archway underneath so you can walk under it.  Apparently, if you walk under that bell tower, you won’t graduate in only 4 years.  I’m not taking any chances.  2.  If you kiss someone under that bell tower, you supposedly get married to that person.  My group decided you had better graduate before you kiss anyone under the bell tower!)

Another tradition we took part in was the famous Fountain Run.  It. Was. AWESOME!  There are 2 giant fountains on campus, along with some little ones here and there.  But all you have to do is run through them!  Our group ditched our shoes and donned t-shirts and shorts and took off running through the Engineering fountain, which is basically like a water fall.  After running through that a couple times and making sure we were properly soaked, we ran all the way across campus to the Loeb fountain, which shoots water around in a circle…hard.  You can barely see anything because water is just shooting into your eyes! It’s crazy, but it was so much fun, and I felt like our BGR group was so much closer after that, as cheesy as it sounds.  It was great, and we were sooooo wet afterwards.  But it was a blast, and I can officially say I did a fountain run!


After the fountain run!

Closing ceremonies at BGR included a man dubbed “The Love Doctor.”  Apparently he gets people to pay him beau coup bucks to give them love advice, but lucky us, we got to see his presentation for free.  He was really funny and it was just a really interesting experience.  Plus, there is no restraint in college students, so it got a tad inappropriate at times, making it all the more funny.  I hope to see him again soon, and apparently he makes frequent visits to Purdue. 

Bed time after that, and all of a sudden…

Day 6: First Day as a College Kid

…It was my first day on my own as a Purdue student!  The freedom was exhilarating, and I started off the day right…with sleeping in!  Nothing like waking up at 11 to start off your college kid career!  I’m fitting in already!  It was incredibly disappointing to see that it was raining really bad outside, and we had a bunch of errands we needed to run around campus.  We had to stop at the Alumni Center to pick up some stuff for our PASE club, and it started pouring so bad that we had to sit and wait it out.  We met some guys who live in Shreve with us though, so that was pretty cool.  Then we took a hike over to the University Spirit store, where we got entered to win a giftcard. After that we had to trek over to the football stadium to get our Ross-Ade Brigade (the football cheering student section) t-shirts, only to find out that the rain had moved it into Mackey Arena.  Another walk through the rain, and we got our t-shirts.  We were all soaked despite our umbrellas and rain boots.  It was not too fun, but what an experience! 

That night, the Honors College was putting on an Amazing Race event for the honors students.  It included none other than food!  The professors running the event thought themselves clever and hilarious because they began calling it “The Amazing Rain” since it was cancelled because it was too wet.  We still got our dinner, but instead of the race afterward, we had trivia night.  Blech.  There were about 2 guys who dominated it.  The categories included aerospace, ninjas, pirates, and tennis.  Yeah, total nerd topics.  I knew next to none of the answers, and neither did my team.  It was a waste of time, but hey, it was an experience!

Day 7: A Friday to Remember

It was another bright and early morning for Kasey Kaisershot!  The Honors College had an honors retreat for the students, so we met out front of Shreve at about 8:30 to get on buses.  Nobody was too thrilled about that.  We drove over to the Beck Agricultural Center, which is basically just a big building in the middle of nowhere.  Once there, we had a welcome speaker and we split into groups where we got to ask current Purdue students basically anything we wanted for an hour.  Then, of course, we ate.  And we ate well.  There was pasta, salad, breadsticks, vegetables, chicken Parmesan, and CHEESECAKE!  It was absolutely delicious. (If you’ve been reading this blog post straight through, I suggest you take a break and get a snack or something.  All this talk about all the food I’ve been eating must be making your mouth water!)  I had to leave early from the retreat because the College of Education also had an event back on campus.  That consisted of traveling to different areas on campus with a small group, introducing ourselves, and learning more about the education program.  Just some more boring stuff if you ask me.  But whatever.

Afterwards, Megan and I decided to go buy our books since our math professor had emailed us saying we needed to have read sections 1.1 and 1.2 before our first class on Monday.  Oh the joys of college.  We went to Follet’s bookstore for Megan first because with our PASE membership, we got 15% off books.  We got a little freaked out when we found out they were out of our math book!  So afterwards we went over to University bookstore because I had to get my books there since I had a scholarship.  (Shout out to BNGSA–thanks for my first semester of books!)  Thankfully, they had all but one of my books, but boy was it expensive!

Megan and I hustled back to our room after buying books because we were having a dock party that night!  The dock party was really just a dance party outside.  No, it wasn’t by the ocean or a lake.  It actually sounds pretty sketchy when you think about it.  Shreve, and our neighboring residence hall, Earhart, back up to each other and there are loading docks at each.  Hence the name, dock party.  Ha ha.  Get it?

So Megan and I headed back up to our room to get ready.  I mean, this was our first official outing as college kids, so we had to look good!  By the time we got to the party, the music had already started and people were gettin’ it and doing the Wobble.  We got in on the action immediately and went crazy, dancing up a storm.  We had an absolute blast!  It was one of those, “you had to have been there” kinda parties because it’s really hard to describe how fun it was without having experienced it.

Our first night “out”!

We danced until around 11 and then we came back up to our room and were joined by a couple other girls and guys, including George, another kid I went to high school with, to watch the movie Accepted.  It got to be really late, and then 2 more guys joined us from a frat party they had just been at.  Our room was pretty crowded considering that it’s a dorm room, but some people started leaving.  Around 2, it got pretty bad.  I got so incredibly tired that I became incoherent and everythingggg was funny to me.  I couldn’t even explain it!  But the 2 guys who came from the frat party thought it was absolutely hilarious!  They compared my tired daze to being drunk, which made it all the more funny.  It was really interesting.  Everyone finally left at 4 in the morning so we finally got to bed.  And then we slept…until 11 again 🙂

Day 8: My First Laundry Experience

It was our first full Saturday at Purdue.  After showering, we went to yet another organization fair to learn more about the clubs offered on campus.  Then it was time for laundry!  After only a week, I had gone through enough clothes that I needed to wash a load.  Megan and I trekked down to the depths of the basement of Shreve in order to do our laundry.  I was incredibly surprised by how many people were in there!  It seemed everyone was doing laundry.  I even met a girl who had never done her own laundry…her mom had written instructions on the back of her detergent bottle!  Well, I didn’t have enough for 2 loads, so I shoved everything together.  I knew I was taking a big chance that all my whites would come out pink, but it was a risk I was willing to take.  I put in 2 color catchers as a precaution, and then proceeded to put in all my whites, colors, towels, and reds in the same washing machine.  Included in my reds were my red pants I hadn’t washed before, hehe.  Yeah, I know, you can be disappointed in me all you want.  I knew better, but I did it anyway.  And you know what? Only one old t-shirt got damaged with some tiny pink spots.  But other than that, nothing was harmed in the laundry process.  So boom, all you skeptics.  Not too shabby!

There wasn’t much else to note about Saturday night.  It was pretty chill.  My Catch-Phrase was a hit though, and we played with a huge group.  Some of the girls on my floor decided to go to a frat party later though.  I opted out on this one.  Another time perhaps.  Instead, Brooke and I got to Skype our friend Chloe at Oklahoma State University.

Day 9: T-minus 1 Day Until Classes Start

Another early day!  The 4th floor residents of Shreve all had the opportunity to sign up to have breakfast with the author of our Common Reading book, William Kamkwamba, that I mentioned a few posts ago.  It was pretty cool because we got to ask him any questions we wanted, and there were only about 50 of us.  It was very personal, and a very rare opportunity, so it felt awesome to go.

After breakfast, some friends and I made our way to St. Tom’s church, the Catholic church on campus, for 11:00 mass.  It was run much the same way as my church at home, to I felt comfortable there.  It was kinda cool to go with friends too.

We had a convocation after church about our Common Reading book.  William came and talked to almost all the freshmen in Elliot Hall.  It was really similar to our breakfast this morning, just with 100x the people!  William signed our books afterwards too.  My new friend, Katie, and I  waited in line for an hour, just so we could get our books signed.  So totally worth it though!  When else were we going to have that opportunity??

Shreve provided dinner for us that night because all the dining courts were closed, so that was nice.  We tried going to bed early because…

Day 10: First Day of Classes

…It was time to go to class!  I started off my day with an 8:30, which isn’t bad. 

First day of school!

 I didn’t know anyone in my class, so I walked into my building by myself and found my classroom.  Well naturally I was pretty early because it was my first day and I didn’t know how long it would take me to get everywhere.  I looked into the room and saw a man standing at the front of the room shuffling papers, and a few students in desks not doing anything.  Obviously they were just waiting for class to start, right?  WRONG!  I walked into the room and the man, who was obviously the professor, looked up, slightly startled.  
“Bonjour.  Ca va?” he asked.  I froze.
“Is this Spanish?” I questioned, knowing fully well he had just spoken French.
“No,” he replied.  “It’s French.”
Without thinking, I blurted, “Are you lying?!”, thinking, and hoping against hope, that he was just one of those professors that likes to mess with his students.

“No…” he said, pretty confused.
I about flipped out.  “I’m so sorry guys!” I said quickly, then ran out of the room.  I could feel my cheeks burning from embarrassment, but I was so freaked out.  I had heard that I should check my schedule the night before to make sure none of the room numbers got switched around, but I hadn’t been able to do that because the server was down.  I quickly pulled out my phone and tried to get on the internet to figure out what room I was supposed to be in, but I had no service.  I about had a panic attack.  What was I going to do??
I finally asked a boy what class he was going to, and he said Spanish 301, like me.  Relief spilled over me.  I told him what had just happened to me, the embarrassment taking me over again.  The boy gave me sort of a look and said, “Well, the 7:30 classes haven’t ended yet.”
My face fell instantly.  I had just walked into the end of a class instead of the beginning of my own.  Then I had to stand outside that room in shame as all those French students filed past me at 8:20.  It was mortifying.

It wasn’t as if the day got much better either.  Spanish is going to be pretty tough I realized.  I had math after that, and that one isn’t going to be fun either.  In fact, I heard that some of the students in it are taking it for the second and third times because they’ve failed it all the other times!  The first night of homework was not fun either.  Eeeeeks.  I had an education lecture too, and that should be interesting…

It was just a not-so-good-day.  We heard there was Zumba at a neighboring residence hall, so Brooke and I decided to go check it out because we love Zumba.  As we waited in line, they cut us off because of room capacity.  We were thoroughly disappointed, and then it started to rain.  Hard.  We decided we still needed some exercise, so we jogged over to the T-Rec to get on a tredmill or something.  No such luck. The place was packed!  There wasn’t a machine open.  We could have done abs, but we got lazy and instead decided to leave.  We got a little exercise when we ran over to the dinning court for dinner at least!  We also got a free shower from the rain.  We met some friends there and sat with them.

Ready for another embarrassing moment?  I went to go get a quesadilla because it sounded oh-so delicious.  I started loading all of my ingredients into a giant tortilla, only to realize that I didn’t know how they got cooked, and the chicken was cold.  Then I saw a sign that said I was supposed to put my ingredients into a small bowl and they’d cook it into a quesadilla for me.  So I tried to stealthily shove all the tortilla ingredients into a bowl.  Unfortunately, my ingredients took up 3 bowls!  I then discovered that I wasn’t in the correct line, so I shoved all those ingredients onto the side of my tray and decided to start over, only to realize that I STILL didn’t know what I was doing.  So I grabbed my tray and ran over to the tray return rack and shoved the tray there and turned around and left.  I got a salad instead.  Then I realized I had been making a wrap and I totally could have just eaten that.  It was so awkward, but I laughed so hard at it.  Maybe I’m just not cut out for college! Haha.

Day 11: Classes Day 2

I had my scholarship class with me and about 6 other students, and I’m really excited for that.  I also had my history lecture (and I got lost going to that too), and then I had my biology lab.  I’m really not too thrilled with any of them yet, but hopefully they’ll get better.

I went to a Shreve Club meeting that night as well and might be floor senator which would be a pretty good leadership opportunity!    We shall see.

Day 12: Classes Day 3

Blah.  I’m already bored of classes.  Haha I hope they get better!!

Okay, so I’m done with describing my first week or so here, but here are a couple other little things I need to talk about:

1. There is a crosswalk next to a frat house that we walk across to get to campus every day.  One night, there were some guys outside, so my 2 new friends and I decided we should dance across the crosswalk to draw attention to ourselves.  So we danced like idiots and kinda looked like crabs or something.  So now every time we’re together and cross that walk, we just dance like idiots.  It’s a blast.  Who said college kids have to be mature?

2. I had several package scares.  The front desk will email you if somebody mails you a package.  One of the first days I was here, I got such an email.  I was so excited!  Somebody was already thinking about me!  I handed the front desk lady my ID and she came back with a bag.  I was so excited, but when I opened it, I was dismayed to find that the bag was filled with stuff for my parents who had signed up to be a part of the residence hall club or something.  I was so sad!  Then I thought there was a letter in my mailbox, so I was pumped!  Then I saw that it wasn’t my mailbox, but the one below it. Booo.  Then I got another package email and was even more excited because I just knew that it had to be a real package.  The lady was in the back for a longgggg time and came back empty handed.  She asked me if I had picked up a bag the first couple of days, and I said yes.  She said that’s what the email was; they just hadn’t taken me off the email list yet.  I was crushed!  I just wanted some mail 😦

3. There are some superrrrrrrrrrr attractive males at this school. But there are also some really nerdy ones.  

4.  Everywhere I turn, I see someone that reminds me of someone from back home!  It’s creepy!

5.  I know almost all the girls’ names on my floor, and I love them!  They’re awesome!  It’s made it a lot easier to live away from home.

Okay, that’s all for now.  I’ll try not to leave you hanging again for so long.  Hope you enjoy, and comment with any questions or anything!

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