Going home…

…is great because:

1. I get to see my family.
2. I don’t have to wear shower shoes to bathe.
3. Water pressure actually exists?? I almost forgot!
4. My bed is the size for normal people, not 5 year olds.
5. And I get my electric blanket again.
6. And my bed is actually comfortable.
7. And I don’t have to climb up my desk to get into it.
8. And I don’t have to feel like I can’t move around or I’ll fall to my death like in my college bed.
9. Scratch that last one; even if I wanted to move around in my college bed, I couldn’t. See #5.
10. I can actually be in a room where no one else is and get a quiet moment to myself.
11. My feet have felt the luxury of padded carpet again.
12. I don’t have to walk anywhere if I don’t want to.  Which I don’t.
13. I can have a hot breakfast cooked by my mom instead of scrounging around in my drawer o’ food to find something.
14. I get to see people I haven’t seen in awhile.
15. It’s actually possible to walk around in my room.
16. I get my mom’s hugs again.
17. I get to see my cats!!

…sucks because:

1. I missed Purdue‘s first home game.
2. I didn’t get to go to the CRU meeting last night.
3. I didn’t get to go to any dance parties or anything.
4. I won’t see my floor girls until Monday.

Ahh, who am I kidding.  As much as I love college, it’s great to be home!

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