A Weekend to Remember, A Weekend to Forget.

Disclaimer: I started writing this post a week ago and didn’t finish it until today, so some of it may be out of date…

If the title enticed you to read this post, let me warn you that I have to get through the smaller, less significant details of the past week before I get to the good stuff.

I made cake pops last weekend when I was home so that I could bring them back and share them with my friends…I made 92 of them and it only took me 5 hours instead of the usual 6!  People really liked them, so it was totally worth it.
My friend Hannah and I decided to have a little fun and write a “letter” of sorts to our high school Personal Development teacher, Mr. Phelps.  He transferred schools this year, and instead of being a West Wildcat, he’s in some city up north and teaching some other random hooligans.  Well, for those who don’t know, Hannah and I would write Mr. Phelps a post-it note every day before class containing the following: something we should do in class each day, and somewhere we should go on a field trip.  It started off as a semi-serious assignment, because Phelpsy genuinely wanted some honest feedback. However, we took it to the extreme and made it into something ridiculous.  We even ended up adding a new category to the post-its: a question of the day.  Mr. Phelps kept our post-its for a long time with plans to turn our data into a spread sheet.  (This dude liked organization, forreals.)  Even if he denies it, we know he looked forward to those brightly colored sticky pieces of paper.  So, I wrote a bunch of little tidbits of information on some post-its and sent them to Hannah.  She’s going to add onto these notes and send them to his current school.  Surprise!  Instant day-maker.

With the Rec Center still under construction and the T-Rec an atrocity to use, I took matters of my physical health into my own hands and signed up for some classes called Group X.  This program is really just a bunch of different classes each day, all in different categories.  This includes Zumba, Turbo Kick, Aqua Blast, Power Stretch, Cardio Blast, Foam Rolling, Tabata, etc.  You can go to any of these with your membership, and it only costs $45 a semester.  What a steal!  Alyssa and I did Zumba on one day and it was a blast!  Then we did a Turbo Kick workshop for 2 hours to learn the kickboxing moves so when we took the actual class, we would look like pros.  I felt like I could barely walk the next day.  My hips hurt soooo bad!!  We did so many kicks and punches that I felt like I had been beat up, not like I could defend myself from an attacker.  Geesh.  Counter-productive if you ask me.

A really good opportunity came my way recently, and I’m not sure if I’ve shared it with you already or not.  Through my Spanish class, I get to do a program called Ayuda y Aprende, which translates to Service Learning.  Each Friday, I get to go to the local junior high and work with some native speaker students for 2 hours.  I will help them with their English and we will work on their homework for about an hour or so, and then we will switch over to Spanish for the last part.  I do this for 10 weeks and also attend 5 group sessions with other Purdue students in the program.  I start this Friday and can’t wait!

Some random tidbits:

1. After the strenuous rush process, it finally paid off for a couple of my friends!  My roommate, Megan, is in Kapa Alpha Theta, and my other friend Alyssa is in Alpha Xi Zeta.  Megan was extremely excited because that was her top choice and her grandma was also a Theta, so now she gets to be a part of the tradition.

2. One day, Alyssa, Jess, Katie, Annie, and I all decided it would be a good idea to blare music out the open window and have a mini dance party in the room to attract the attention of those below.  We got some interesting looks of curiosity from some people.  It was a good time…and a good way to procrastinate.

3.  I took one of my first pop quizzes last week in my history lecture.  I don’t remember the last time I had a pop quiz because nobody at West ever did them!  I wasn’t really expecting it (obviously) and so I sort of bs’d my answers.  And apparently my high school Spanish teacher, Señor Hirst, was correct when he said, “If you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bs”, because I got a 94% on that quiz.  Holla.

4. I’m assuming it’s to promote alcohol awareness, but Shreve is doing some program called, “The Morning After.”  Each day this week, we get letters in our mailboxes with some crazy story about what happened to my friends and I last night because we don’t remember.  One of my stories was that I woke up at 4 pm one day and saw all these pictures on Facebook with alcohol in them at a party that I was at.  And now my mom is coming to get me because she’s mad!  The other one I’ve gotten so far was that I woke up this morning and half my head was shaved and the other half was dyed bright pink!  Alyssa had one that she woke up with no pants on in the hallway and had peed on her roommate’s computer.  Dana’s said that she had sharpie all over her face and it wouldn’t come off before her presentation and date.  It’s really silly, but it’s really entertaining because nothing like this would ever happen to me.

Okay, now for the good stuff.

Friday night was pretty uneventful for me.  We had a floor sleepover, but nobody really spent the night.  I had an impromptu dance party with Brooke, Christian, and Dana, and some of us stayed up until 4 am eating pizza and watching YouTube videos of ourselves.  However, several of the girls on my floor went to a party and came back a little bit tipsy.  It was really strange because I’ve never been around that before, so I wasn’t sure how to react.

But then I realized: I really want to go to a party.  I didn’t want to drink or anything; I just really wanted to have the experience that almost every college kid has.  Oh, and I really wanted to dance 🙂

So Saturday night, I asked some friends if they’d take me to a party, because they knew where they’re located.  I got really excited and spent an hour trying to figure out what to wear and how to do my hair.  I had never been to a party before so I had to look good!  Once we set out to this frat house, the nerves started kicking in because I didn’t know what to expect.  It was about a 20 -30 minute walk to the house, so when we got there, we were definitely ready to party.  The problem was, when we got to the front of the house, some guys came out and told us that only the girls were allowed in and the guys had to leave.  This was news to me, but apparently it’s typical of frat parties…the ratio of girls to guys has to be just right.  The guys in my group were livid of course, and told the frat boys that we knew one of their pledges, which was true.  But they denied us entrance again. With only me and one other girl in the group, I was not about to go into a house full of strange, drunk guys just us two.  So we left with our spirits low.

We caught wind of a house party nearby too, so we went and checked that out.  Unfortunately, it was supa sketchy, so we left and went back to Shreve.  Christian and I wallowed in our sorrows for awhile.  I was so incredibly disappointed!  I had gotten all “gussied up”, and I didn’t even get to dance or anything!  He and I decided that we needed to pass the time in another way besides eating M&Ms and sulking, so we hooked up the Wii that I brought back from home for a couple weeks and played some Just Dance 3 in the rec lobby.  We went to bed around 3 or 4 in the morning.

Sunday was a really interesting day as well; we had our Shreve Club senator retreat!  It was seriously awesome!  We all met outside Shreve at 1 in the afternoon for a scavenger hunt.  We were teamed up based on floor number, so Brooke and I were on a team with the 4th floor guys side senators, Cole and Evan.  It was a photo scavenger hunt, so we had to solve the riddles we got and take a picture of the corresponding thing/location on campus.  It was seriously the best scavenger hunt I’d ever done!  I’ll include some of the pictures and the corresponding clues we had:

Purdue BigMac–This was supposed to be the McDonald’s on campus, but instead we took a picture of a large Mac computer.  Loopholes!


Your education is never finished…–The unfinished block P sculpture on campus!


Home of Keady Court–Mackey Arena, the basketball stadium!  All the doors were locked, but we were able to sneak in illegally because some guy was going in and we got in behind him.  We go hard.


Land bridg–We have a couple of these on campus, but we took it to the extreme and actually made bridges with our bodies too.
The big man on campus–This is a statue outside Ross Ade Stadium.  Evan got a really sweet shot while lying on the platform!


Get a picture with a Shreve Club executive member–We chased Dana through campus and finally captured her to take a picture!


Give yourself a round of applause–There are several brick areas on campus that form a circle.  If you stand in the middle and clap, the sound echoes and makes a really neat clicking noise!


Somewhere you’ll always find a friendly hello–Purdue’s Hello Walk!  If you walk down it, you have to say hi to everyone you pass.


Anything named after a president–There were so many of these busts in the Union, so we took a bunch of pics.


If you have your heart set on 4 years, don’t go under this place–Legend has it that if you go under the Bell Tower, you won’t graduate in 4 years.  Evan decided that he didn’t care and sat under it for this picture.  Another legend is if you kiss someone under the tower, you’ll get married to that person.
Ladies and gentlemen, your Senator Scavenger Hunt 2012 winners!  4th floor represent!
Okay, I’m going to get this over with and just post this because I know you all have been waiting for awhile.  I have some updates about this weekend too, so that’ll be here soon!


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