Yep, you read that right: boy!  As in, I’m crushin’ on one of them here.  But before I get to that, there are some other things you should know.  And they are:

One: Two weekends ago, I actually was able to go to a party.  My last post was likely a disappointment to those of you who were expecting me to get cray.  You know, that whole cliche thing where the good girl in high school gets to college and experiences sweet freedom and wrecks her life and has some experience where she pulls herself up out of the gloom and reflects on her life and comes out stronger than before?

…That obviously didn’t happen to me three weekends ago with my failed party attempt.  Nor did it happen two weekends ago, though I finally went to a party.  The short and sweet version is as follows:

  • I got all dolled up again, lookin’ hotter than ever in my red pants, holla. (Haha, I had to chuckle to myself as I wrote that.)
  • I met up with some friends and we went to a house party someone heard about.  There was nobody there, and two of the girls in my group wanted to go to a frat.  We lost half our group at the house in search of a frat to go to.
  • One of the girls I was with was able to get a driver to come pick us up and bring us to one of the frats.  While we waited for a driver, we met a guy who was in the frat who was completely wasted because it was his 22nd birthday.  He rode with us back to the house, and that’s when I realized that drunk people really aren’t that funny.
  • The frat was virtually empty because apparently their big parties happen on Tuesdays.  Yeah, staying out late on a Tuesday is not my cup of tea with an 8:30 on Wednesday morning.  
  • There was drinking (which I didn’t partake in) and not really any dancing (which sucks).
  • We left.  I was disappointed.  I took that as a sign that I should give up looking for a good time at parties for awhile.
Yeah, so my life isn’t that interesting when it comes to parties.  Sorry to disappoint!
Two:  I had my first tutoring session two Fridays ago with my Spanish kids at the local jr. high!  I was so nervous since I can barely speak, but it actually went okay.  I worked with a girl and then a boy, and we spoke English half the time and Spanish the other half.  Let me tell you, helping with math homework is hard enough in English, let alone in a language I feel like I barely know!  I’m hoping I’ll get more comfortable with it as the weeks go on.
Three:  I went to Zumba two weeks ago, and there was a sexy instructor named Mauricio.  It was spectacular.  He was so attractive and such a good dancer.  Aww yeah.  Alyssa and I went to Turbo Kick again too.  Nobody better cross us, cause we have some good moves.
Four:  We had our Fancy Floor Dinner last week!  We have floor dinners with our Faculty Fellows every week of course, but this week our RA decided we needed to make it formal.  So we sent a formal invitation to the boys, and they sent one to us, asking us to fancy dinner.  Us girls got all excited and dressed up, and then half an hour before dinner started, we headed over to the guys’ side and walked down the hallway in our heels and dresses, enticing them to come to dinner with us.  (I mean, who could resist Brooke walking down the hallway yelling, “Boys, come to dinner!!!”?)  They all poked their heads out their doors and were grumbling that they still had 23 minutes to get ready.  Us girls took a bunch of pictures outside too, lookin’ cute and all.  The guys actually participated and looked nice, and now we might want to do themed dinners once a month.

Roomie pic!


Gettin’ sassy.


My best friend 🙂


Oh Evan…


Fancy Floor Feast!




The Flo’ Fo’ Hoes.


Five: I had my first experience with college exams last week, with 3 in four days!  My first was math on Monday night, and it was legit.  Not legit as in, “I love math exams” but legit as in “this is like a college exam you see in the movies”.  First of all, it wasn’t during our class period, but rather at 6:30 at night.  I’m definitely not used to having class related stuff at night like that!  Several of us in class went to dinner beforehand and then headed over to the exam, which was in a lecture hall, just like in the movies.  We had graduated from desks and have been “upgraded” to what the big kids do.  Let me tell you, it is not a very good test-taking environment…  

But anyway, we only had an hour, and everyone was freaking out because our professor is sort of picky to put it nicely.  We have heard so many horror stories of students taking this math class 2 and 3 times because they always fail it.  Well, I thought the test went okay when I took it, but then I was talking with everyone afterwards, and I was sort of frustrated because I didn’t think I got the answers everyone else was getting.  It made me slightly nervous, especially today when everyone was talking about how their scores were posted and they were getting 76% and such.  However, I checked mine, and was so relieved and even surprised when a big 98 showed up on the screen.  It was such a day-maker!  I also had a history exam and a biology exam last Thursday, but I felt pretty confident about them.

So you wanna know about the boy now?  Okay, okay, I’ll tell you.  I just can’t get too specific because this IS a public blog, and he doesn’t exactly know yet…we’ll call him Alex for now. 

So “Alex” is in one of my classes and he’s super sweet and cute and funny and very chivalrous.  (He always holds the doors open for the girls in the class).  I knew from talking to him previously that he likes history, and since I had a history exam on Thursday, I asked him if he perhaps wanted to help me study.  Yes, I am quite aware that this is totally cliche.  I am the queen of cliche; I love romantic comedies.  But I just had to take advantage of the situation, especially since virtually every girl on my floor knows I like him and kept telling me I needed to hang out with him.  So I gave it a shot, and lo and behold, last Wednesday I had a boy in my room.  I think some of my floormates were more excited than I was because they continually came into the room to meet him.  He was a really good sport about it though and oh so nice.  He was sort of helpful in regards to my history, but he was mostly just distracting.  He stayed for about 3 hours, and I just really like him :))))  Teehee.

Okay, that’s enough excitement for one day right?  Wrong!  I’m about to post another entry in a few minutes. 

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