Procrastination At Its Finest.

It’s not that I’m actually procrastinating.  Technically, I’ve done all the studying I need to for my exams tomorrow.  But let’s be honest, it wasn’t that thorough of studying.

I have my Spanish composition exam tomorrow, then my Spanish make-up exam right after that since I missed it for being sick on Monday, then I have a math quiz after that, and then I have my EDCI 27000 exam right after that.  So yes, I have reviewed my notes somewhat, but I decided to give up on all of that.  After all, it is 1:08 am as I’m typing this, and I still need a shower.

La la la.

At least I’m not out partying like some of the girls on the floor.  I don’t know how they do it.  Mad props.

We went on a tree identification hike today in my biology class.  We walked down the road to Horticulture Park and walked through the woods there to identify trees.  The park is actually really beautiful, and I definitely need to take advantage of its proximity soon, considering the leaves are going to begin changing and it’s going to be gorgeous there!

Okay, I really should go.

Goodnight, loyal fans of my college experience 🙂

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