Today Is A Day of Releases.

Finally, after two long years of anticipation, Taylor Swift has graced us with new music with her new album, Red.  It’s currently playing in our room.

The sky just released a torrential downpour on the poor, unsuspecting students walking to and from classes.  I can hear their screams through my open window. 

And perhaps most importantly, I’m releasing the information about my life from the past couple weeks.

Okay, honestly, that’s not the most important, especially considering that nothing too interesting happened to me.  But here is what did:


This was 2 weeks ago.  What a neat experience.  There was a parade that Friday night which was pretty fun.  Shreve Club had been working hard on the float, and it turned out absolutely fantastic!  A whole weekend of non-stop pomping for them over October Break (I was at home, hahhh) paid off because our float won first place!  And Shreve Club won Homecoming overall which was a fantastic accomplishment!  I’m so proud of everyone who was a part of it!

After the parade we went to Mackey Arena for a pep rally of sorts which was also pretty cool.  The men and womens’ basketball teams made a dance and performed it to the crowd which was hilarious and awesome.

The girls and I with our awesome glow in the dark glasses at the Mackey pep rally!
My DeVito scholars class (the one with 7 students in it) went to the John Purdue Room at the Marriott building last Thursday with the associate dean from the College of Education for dinner.  It was really neat!  The John Purdue Room was really fancy and it was actually run by students in the Hospitality/Management major.  Apparently the students go back and forth preparing the food and serving the food for the whole semester. It was very classy, but perhaps a little too fancy.  I had no idea what the heck I was doing.  There were at least 5,000 different pieces of silverware (yeah, that was an exaggeration, thanks Captain Obvious) and I ate some caprese salad which was just plain weird.  I was under the impression that I was going to be served a plate of green lettuce and an assortment of vegetables (the obvious definition of a salad, right?) but instead I was given a plate of sliced tomatoes and gobs of a strange white substance, which I found out was actually mozzarella cheese.  Yeah, it was a little too much for me.  I had pasta too which was good, and some scrumptious berry gelatto with chocolate covered strawberries…mmmm!
On our way to fancy dinner!


Laura and I
Christian’s birthday was on Saturday, so his roommate, Matt, and I baked up some desserts and on Saturday we and some of Christians closest friends got together in the lobby and we surprised him!  It was really fun and I think he enjoyed it.  I gave him Nerds and big Cheese-Its for  his present because he absolutely loves those.
The Surprise Party Crew


Awkward Family Photo
I got a fortune from a fortune cookie the other day that came true!  On Friday I got a letter from my friend Kelsey and a package from my mom!  Yay!  It was a good day!
The premiere of the second season of American Horror Story was last Wednesday, so we had a viewing party in my room at 10.  Christian, Alyssa, Lilly, me, and Alex (yes, the boy I referred to a few posts ago.  He still exists) all watched it, and it was fantastic, though perhaps not as good as the first season.  I guess we shall see!
Me decorating our floor for Hunger Games


Count Chocula came to Purdue!


Just some of the girls 🙂
Adios amigos.








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