I Learned a New Skill.

…It’s called long-boarding!  I’m not sure if it’s like this on all campuses, but long-boarding is all the rage here at Purdue.  From what I can gather, a long board is basically like a skateboard, except its more maneuverable because you’re able to steer it better.  There are a ton of students here (primarily male) who long-board to class because, as you know by my plethora of complaints, classes are pretty far away.  But Christian let me practice on his in my hallway today, and it was a lot of fun!  I know,  I’m such a bro…

Here’s a quick list of facts and goings-on right now:

1. I’m hardcore procrastinating.  I have a history exam tomorrow that I’ve barely studied for (whoops), but I don’t feel like studying at all.  Hey, I’ve mastered the art of BSing in that class and have yet to receive less than an A on an assignment.  For those of you who knew me in high school, you know that this mentality is incredibly uncharacteristic of me, but I guess college changes you :).  Forreal though, don’t worry!  I’m doing fine academic-wise!

2.  I decided that the best possible investment I made for school was rain boots.  For some reason, water just accumulates on the sidewalks everywhere and it’s such a relief to be able to tromp through the puddles without having to worry about wet feet.

3.  I can’t decide where I want to live next year.  Apparently we should be thinking about that already…

4. I registered for classes for next semester.  The class that I really wanted for an HONR course was full, so I had to take a different one, which messed up my whole schedule.  As it is on my schedule now,  I’ll have 6 classes on Monday with only one 1-hour break.  But no class on Thursdays!

5.  Dance Marathon is coming up on November 17-18!  We started a team for the girls and guys of our floor (Shreve Fantastic Delta Fourth) and are in the process of getting t-shirt stuff together, but I need your help with donations!  Each participant needs to raise $100 for the children at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis.  It’s a great cause and I can’t wait to be a part of it!  If you have any desire to donate any amount, even just $10, it would be greatly appreciated!  Go to http://www.purdue.edu/pudm to donate.  There is a button that says “donate” in the corner and you can type in my name to donate to me.  Thanks so much!

Okay, I really should get to studying…

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