What’s Happening To Me??

I did what I told myself I’d never do…

…I overslept and missed a class.

There, I said it.  And trust me, I’m kicking myself for it.  But it was completely unintentional.  Megan woke me up at 8:30 and told me that it was 8:30, which was when class started.  I had a mini heart attack and sat up in my bed, freaking out.  I tried doing some hasty calculations in my head (if it takes me 10 minutes to wash my face and brush my teeth and get dressed, plus another 5 to run a brush through my hair and put on some makeup, and then 15 minutes to walk to class…yeah, not worth it).  Nothing special was happening today, and luckily my partner and I turned in our presentation outline early, so I just missed some homework points.  Instead I utilized my free time to catch up on some sleep.

But still.  I look like such an irresponsible student.  I hate that.

How in the world did I not hear my alarm going off?  How did Megan not hear it go off?  (She also had an 8:30 and missed it).  Our next door neighbor heard it, and she’s not even in the same room!

You live and learn I guess.  Maybe I’m officially a college student now?

On the plus side-my mom and sister and grandma are coming up tomorrow for the day to hang out!  It’ll be a good time.

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