Monday Blahs.

Just got back from raging hard (at the dining court) and double-fisting (my dessert).

Ha ha ha ha…I know, I’m hilarious.
But seriously: taco soup for lunch and angel food cake and pumpkin ice cream for dessert?  Yeahhh, that was pretty epic.
Nothing much to report today.
I talked in my sleep last night.  I went to be around midnight and woke up at 1 to find my roomie staring at me and laughing.  She told me I had been talking in my sleep and saying things like, “Look how cute!” and “Look at the ceiling!” while petting my pillow or something.  She thought it was ridiculous, and when I tried to explain myself and tell her about the dream I just had, I couldn’t remember it at all.  Now I just look like an idiot.
It’s getting pretty chilly here, but I refuse to wear my winter coat.  I will NOT accept the fact that Jack Frost is about to make himself at home here and before long I’ll be trudging through snow banks so I can get an education.  I’d prefer to be in denial, thank you very much.  However, this IS perfect snuggle weather…now I just need to find someone to snuggle with…where are my cats when I need them?
My Taylor Swift CD still hasn’t come in the mail yet.  C’mon, Target, get your act together.  It’s a HUGE mistake to withhold Taylor Swift from teenage girls.  Bad things will happen.
I don’t know why it took me so long to realize, but I finally figured out what it is that makes high schoolers so angry to be in high school and want to be in college so bad.  Granted, I wanted to get out of high school too when I was there, but I never really knew why.  The reason: sweet, sweet freedom.  I didn’t realize how much freedom I actually have here.  It’s so fantastic.  There aren’t really that many unnecessary rules I’m forced to comply to. (Except the rule in residence halls of having to escort members of the opposite sex onto your floor.  I have friends at schools where girls and guys live right down the hall from each other; why do I need to escort them to my floor?  I’m too lazy to go down 2 flights of stairs to get my friend, only to have to walk back up them.  They should just be able to go up themselves.)
For once, I’m actually happy to be in school and I don’t want it to end.  It’s already the end of October and before long, my first semester in college will be over.  This. Is. Crazy.
I have 2 exams this week and a big Spanish presentation…boooooo.  
I’ve been eating cinnamon gum like it’s my job.

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