Dinners, Voting, and Workouts.


We had our fancy DeVito Scholars dinner last night with the dean of the College of Education.  What a fun experience!  We started the night with all the girls meeting on the corner of the street that is a middle ground for where we all live.  And we all laughed at each other for our inability to walk in our shoes.  Heels+college campus=death.  We walked onto academic campus where we met our professor, Janet.  She drove us all in a big Purdue van.  Now there’s something you don’t do every day.  It felt like an awesome field trip, and we were all being our ridiculous selves.  We drove to Lafayette to a restaurant called Red Seven and met the dean.  Dinner was incredible.  I had 5 cheese ravioli and it was fantastic.  Then Laura, Kristen, and I were trying to decide between desserts (because there were way too many good ones to choose from), and we ended up each ordering a different one.  We got one chocolate truffle cake, one cheesecake, and one “ice cream bomb” which was vanilla and chocolate gelatto (woah woah woah, wouldn’t that be a gelatto bomb?!) covered in  hardened chocolate.  We each started with one and after every 2 bites we rotated so we could have some of each.  We definitely demolished them.  Nothing stands between girls and their chocolate. But the dean was really cool and nice and dinner definitely wasn’t as awkward and quiet as it was with the associate dean a couple weeks ago.

Waiting for the other girls on the corner.
Our 3 desserts.
No shame.
DeVito scholars!

When we got back to Shreve, I found a group congregating outside of my room in the hallway.  Alyssa was one of them, and she was dressed up too, probably for something with her sorority. Naturally, that meant floor photo shoot.  Which, of course, led to impromptu floor dance party.  I swear, our floor is ridiculous.  And by ridiculous I mean awesome.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many provocative dance moves.

Alyssa 🙂



Sexy pose…?




Alyssa and Hannah




Fourth Floor chicas!


I’m only 18 years old and I suddenly have a say as to what happens in this country.  I registered in Indiana about a month or so ago because it was easier than filling out an absentee ballot, so I went to the Union today after class and working on a project to perform my civic duties.  I stood in a really long line behind some older lady.  This is where the trouble began.  She was nice-ish, so she decided that making small talk with a stranger college girl (that’s me, in case you weren’t sure) was a good idea.  She started telling me about how she wasn’t able to use her Purdue ID when she tried to vote earlier (apparently she’s worked for the University for X number of years?) so she had to get her birth certificate.  And she was talking about other places she could have voted so she didn’t have to wait in this line, but she didn’t know where those places were, so she didn’t.  I’m like okayyyyyy lady, I really need to read my book for my history class now.  She obviously doesn’t understand that when I’m standing there reading for my class, she shouldn’t interrupt.  Rude.  Finally she seemed to take the hint.  Phew.  

…Cue other older woman in line 2 people ahead.  “What is the title of your book?” she asked me. She had apparently been craning her neck sideways to read the spine.  I was oblivious/ignoring all the psychotic people I was surrounded by.  I showed her: The Devil’s Highway, yes it’s for school, my history class, we’re talking about immigrants, etc. etc. etc.  Next thing I know, I’m getting a whole story about some friends of friends of her students who were arrested at their high school graduation because their parents were illegal immigrants, even though the students were born in the US.  That’s awful.  They shouldn’t do that.  It’s good you’re getting educated on this.  Etc. Etc Etc.  I was quite uncomfortable.  Why was this happening to me?? Does waiting in line to vote automatically mean that they can stand on their soapbox and preach their opinions to people?  I mean, freedom of speech, but really people.  Tone it down a bit.  Lady #1 then piped up by saying that, “Nobody should be allowed into America if they can’t speak English.  What if they can’t read signs that say ‘Danger’?  I wouldn’t go to Japan to study!”  WHAT IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW?! The darn line would not move fast enough.  Get. Me. Out. Of. Here.  Finally, finally, after a few more torturous and uncomfortable minutes, I was able to vote.  Do I feel like more of a woman?  More of an adult?  More of an American?  Not really.  I know I should care more about politics, but it’s never really been my thing.  I did get a sticker though! 🙂


P90X abs.  Need I say more?  Christian and I did the 16 minute ab workout on Saturday, and we decided to go round 2 today after being mostly recovered.  Annie joined us this time, so we had to find a new location since my room was hardly enough room for just 2 people.  We ended up in the elevator lobby with the DVD on my laptop.  Let’s just say we got some strange looks from people walking down the hallway and coming off the elevator…

They’re just gonna be jealous that they don’t have ripped abs like us.


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