It’s A Dancing Kind of Weekend.

Just another weekend at Purdue. But we’ll start with Thursday.


After class, I had a Teach Learning Community event where I was in a group with a couple other girls and we had to develop a math lesson (blech) about fractions (double blech).  The kids from the College Mentors for Kids program came and we got to teach them the lesson and play an online game with them.  We went through the lesson a couple different times with different groups of kids.  It was a good experience for learning what teaching in a classroom will really be like.

It was Jess’s birthdayyyyy!! A bunch of us went to eat dinner together to celebrate.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESS!!!


Busy day!  Class, meeting with my professor, and tutoring.  Right after tutoring, (and I mean right after-I got picked up from the jr. high and I was literally standing outside the school as if I was the student needing to be picked up from school.  Talk about a demotion of status in society) we left for Indianapolis for an Indiana Student Education Association (ISEA) conference with the Purdue Student Education Association (PSEA).  Acronyms abound! We arrived at the hotel around 5:30 after a significantly awkward hour and a half car ride. (It was me, a girl from one of my classes, a senior who drove us who was really nice, and a freshman guy who was insanely quiet and 1 of only 2 guys that came to the conference).  I ended up falling asleep in the car.  That’s how much of a blast it was. We didn’t have time to grab anything to eat, so the girl who drove us, Liz, had her dad, who lived nearby, run to Hardee’s and grab us burgers and fries.  Thank goodness-we were famished!  It was really nice of both of them.  We all looked pretty spiffy in our teal club t-shirts.  The night began with a bunch of speakers and ended with a dance party!!  The good news: we love dance parties.  The bad news: since it was an education conference, there were a grand total of about 10 guys.  And they weren’t cute.  Boo.  But it was still fun and I went crazy, especially when they played the song I requested: “Yeah” by Usher.  Always a classic.  I stayed in a room with 2 girls from my floor and the girl I rode up with.  We crashed that night.

Purdue PSEA


Roomie pic!


The next day we had to dress up in our teacher clothes (can’t wait for student teaching and I get to go on a shopping spree for teacher clothes!) and we had a nice breakfast.  We had some breakout sessions too to learn about different things, such as “What to expect your first year of teaching” and “How to land your first job” and things along that nature.  Right during our final session, the fire alarms go off.  “Ha ha ha,” said everyone.  “Fire drills for teachers.” We evacuated with no panic and congregated outside the hotel, wondering what the heck was going on.  After awhile of standing around not knowing what was happening, someone decided, hey, it’s a good idea to go back inside a building that the fire alarms just went off in.  So we did.  And we were promptly shooed back outside because apparently there was smoke on the first floor.  Nobody was really worried about the building.  They were just worried about whether or not we’d get lunch.  Then we turned it into a picture event and we took pics by the fire trucks that had since arrived.  Silly teachers.

In our teacher outfits.




Conference peeps

We did end up having lunch and some more speakers and then we left.  Again, I fell asleep in the car.  When we got back, I was so tired and lazy that I didn’t even make it to my room.  I dropped all my stuff into Jess and Alyssa’s room and just collapsed to the floor.  We decided that we wanted to see Brooke in her first ballroom dance competition through, so at 5:00 the three of us and Dana trekked to the Union to see her dance with our friend Michael from the 4th floor. They did so well!  They got 2nd, 3rd, and 2 4th place ribbons out of 70+ couples in the newcomer division!  It was really fun to watch, and the expert dancers were so cool too.  It was just a fun time and we cheered really loudly for them.

The Dancing Queen!


Me and the girls

You’d think I’d be danced out by now, but you’d be wrong.  There was a Neon Rave at Earhart that night, so we hit that up in our neon get-ups, aka I wore a t-shirt and athletic shorts because I was not feeling looking good.  We went CRAY.  It was a blast and there were a ton of 4th floor peeps there.  Some of the music sucked, but overall it was fun.  They even had mocktails…they were freakin’ delicious!  Piña Coladas and Pomegranate Spritzers?  Keep ’em coming.  I had 3, aww yeahhh.  But let me emphasize the MOCK in mocktails. 

Afterwards, a guy from the 4th floor, Nathan, and I just chatted ’til 3:30 in the morning.  No, do not jump to conclusions.  We are not a thing.  Chill out.


Lazy Sunday, wake up in the late afternoon…Saturday Night Live reference right hurrr.  I got up around 10:30 and had my usual Hilly brunch with MYO pancakes and such.  Went to the library to study for a few hours.  Worked out.  Did P90X abs with Christian.  Yadda yadda yadda.  Nothing special.

Anyways, gotta finish my laundry (there’s nobody down here, holla at yo’ girl). Talk lataaa’.

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