Bipolar Weather, Three-Person Raves, And Other News.

Be prepared.

I’m about to dump quite a bit of information on you.  This post will contain tidbits about my past week that may perplex you, but only because there are so many of them.  And for organization purposes, I’ll label each tidbit with some key words so you know ahead of time whether you want to read it or not.  Also, there aren’t many pictures.  I’ll try to relieve your eyes from the endless stream of text every so often with some random pictures.

This is me about to dump information on you.  Hehe.

Tidbit Numero 1: Frappacinos. Starbucks. Yum.

College isn’t college if there isn’t a Starbucks nearby.  And Starbucks isn’t a Starbucks if there isn’t a constant line of people waiting anxiously for some caffeine to amp up their system.

Welcome to the Starbucks at Purdue Memorial Union, where you never wait less than 15 minutes for coffee.  There’s always a huge line.  But it’s always oh so worth it.

In fact, I’ve found a new love.  When the air changed and got crisper and cooler, (wait, no it didn’t.  Who am I kidding?) Starbucks decided to rid themselves of one of my favorite drinks: the pumpkin spice latte.  I don’t think so, Starbucks.  It’s still technically fall.  Bring me back my pumpkin.  I was distraught.  I cried in my bed for days.  I boycotted Starbucks and protested in the front of the store.  None of the last three sentences are true.  But despite my disappointment, my life had to go on.  Instead, I got a salted caramel mocha frappacino.  And oh my goodness, cue chorus of angels and rainbows and unicorns and butterflies.  That drink was incredibly delicious.  I highly recommend it, if you don’t have any other vices that already add a little too much to your daily calorie count. 

College kids hyped up on coffee.

Tidbit Numero 2: Pinterest. Addicted. Obsessed. Accident.

I really didn’t mean to.  I promise!  But it happened: I love Pinterest now.  I’ve had an account since about a year ago, but only last night did I discover the true wonders of the website.  Boy, do I wish I had more time.  And money.  And a car to drive to Hobby Lobby to buy the necessary equipment for the endless number of projects I want to make.  Why, college?  Why?

Tidbit Numero 3: Late. Shorts. Snow.

That awkward moment when you wake up at 9:20 and your class is at 9:30 and it’s 10 minutes away and you’re looking like a hot mess so you still need to get ready and that takes 10 minutes so already your class has started and you haven’t walked out the door so you throw on some shorts even though it’s 30 degrees because they’re the most comfortable attire to speed-walk to class in and when you get outside you see snow on the ground from last night’s flurries and you’re cold and you get to class in record time and you walk in and it’s already started and there’s a presenter and your teacher pardons you from your tardiness because someone told her you were sick, which is slightly but not really true. 

Tidbit Numero 4: Weather. Bipolar. Skipping winter?

So that last story involved snow.  And yesterday I was wearing shorts again, but this time it was actually warm out. As in 65 degrees warm.  Can we please pause and acknowledge the fact that it was December 3rd?  And now it’s raining.  Okay, Mother Nature.

Tidbit Numero 5: Official. Large and in charge.

Remember how I told you I was elected Vice-President for Purdue Student Education Association (PSEA)?  Well, I daresay it’s official now.  Because I got the actual binder.  The binder with all you ever wanted to know and more about being VP of PSEA.  It’s crazy and it freaks me out but I’m really excited.


Tidbit Numero 6. Potential. TA.

I sent in my application to be an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) for my EDCI 27000 Educational Technology class next semester.  It’s a paid position.  That’s pretty sweet if you ask me.  We’ll see if I get it!

Tidbit Numero 7. Science. Skit. Soap opera. 5 hours.

Last Wednesday.  Where do I begin?  

6:45: Arrive at McCutcheon residence hall to begin project.
6:50-6:55: Explore the building a little.  Creepy bathrooms.  Creepy hallways.  Creepy.
7:00-7:10: Chat with the group.  Sit there. Get stuff out.
7:10-11:00: Work on stupid project for Biology class the next day.  Come up with a script for our soap opera skit.  Practice our skit.  Twice.  Take pictures in our costumes for the opening entrance music (General Hospital).  Make video.  Look up informational videos.  Come up with class activity.  Consult rubric.  Refrain from ripping hair out in frustration.

Finally perform skit without a hitch on Thursday.  Only to have to get together again last night to work on another project that is due in an hour.  Only to have to take an exam on Thursday.  Only to have to take our final next Friday.  Get. Me. Out.

Tidbit Numero 8: Relief.  Hooray.  Jumping for joy.  Weight off my shoulders.

Did you know about the honors contract I’ve been “working on” all semester for Bio? (Just another project to add to the never-ending list from above).  It’s done.  As in finished.  As in I never have to look up another research article, write another notecard, sit at my computer trying not to smack my head on my desk, ever, ever, EVER again.  At least until next semester.

I thought I had been able to pride myself in my time management skills.  Ha.  Guess not.  I’ve had this project for a semester…and entire semester…and finished it the night before it was due.  I wrote out the entire 9 and a half page paper last Monday and also a 4 page summary about the analysis of the survey I conducted the night before.  I’m honestly pretty proud of it though.  I think I do my best work last minute when it comes to things like this.  It puts the pressure on.  I did it junior year in high school too…a paper we had a month to write and I wrote it the weekend before it was due.  Teehee.  

Needless to say, it’s such a relief that it’s over.  I don’t know if I ever said in previous posts, but I had to do this project outside of class to get honors credit for it since I wasn’t able to fit an honors course into my schedule this semester.  I did it with my EDCI 27000 class too, so I should be getting 6 honors credit hours this semester!     

Tidbit Numero 9: Music. Christmas. Awesome.

Saturday was the Purdue Music Organization annual Christmas show!  It was so awesome!  I went with 6 friends and I knew one of the girls in the show.  It was amazingggg.

Tidbit Numero 10: Please.  No more. Spare me.

Next semester…oh boy.  More research.  But this time, it’s with a professor.  This is for my DeVito scholars class.  Not only do we get to go on fun field trips next semester, but we also get to do this research.  I found out my professor a couple weeks ago…Dr. Servaty-Seib.  She studies how children deal with grief, which I think will be pretty interesting.  I meet with her tomorrow to see how I can help with the work she is currently doing.  So, despite my somewhat complicated relationship with research, (I hate you.  Wow, this is interesting.  I’d rather be sleeping.  Woah, I never knew that!  Papers suck.  I’m so proud of the result!) I’m excited to be a part of it.  I think.

Tidbit Numero 11: Dance. Rave. Where is everyone?

Friday.  Time to relax.  Time to unwind.  Time to go to a 3 person rave?  

Friday night, I joined Laura and Kristen (from my DeVito class) in quite an interesting experience.  Kristen said Wiley, her residence hall, was having a rave that night at 7.  So we went.  Except we couldn’t find a rave.  Anywhere.  We scoured that residence hall, searching for some music, some lights, a group of more than 2 people…anything that would indicate a crazy rave like we experienced during Dance Marathon.  Instead, we found a sign that said it wasn’t starting until 9 now.  Great.  So we went to Kristen’s room and watched TV for awhile.  We made a list of Kristen’s dream guy qualities.  (No, Kristen.  Straggly beards are NOT attractive).  Then we went back down for the rave at 9.  

Dark room.  Red and green laser lights.  Glow sticks.  Fog machine.  

10 people in the room.

In the words of Macklemore in “Thrift Shop,” what, what, what what??

Where was everyone?  

Oh well.  More glow-sticks for us.  We each had at least 15.  We danced crazily.  We emerged through the fog in the fog machine.  We made glow-stick belts, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hula hoops, jump-ropes.  We stood on chairs.  We danced on tables.  We were the only three in the room for a time.  We were the rave.

What my Friday night looked like.  Minus like everyone in this picture.

Tidbit Numero 12: Anti-Amish, Obama, Catholic. Spaghetti.  Country folk.

Sunday night, Laura invited me to her friend from back home’s apartment for dinner.  There were 6 of us there.  We had spaghetti, garlic bread, and apple dumplings.  It was delicious.

Albeit slightly uncomfortable.

I’ve never really been around country people for an extended amount of time before.  Woah.

I don’t think I’ve ever met such opinionated people.  They were strongly against Amish, Democrats, and Catholics.  Oh, and their other roommate.  Awkward.  I left dinner to go to church.  As in the Catholic church.  As in they teased me a little.  

It was quite the experience, that’s all I have to say.  Still fun though.

(PS, if you ever notice a lack of toilet paper in Beering, they steal it.  And also, don’t drink out of the lion fountain on campus for awhile.  Apparently they pee in it for fun.)

Tidbit Numero 13: Changes. New People.

Did I mention I have a new roomie?  Her name is April and she’ll move in next semester.  She seems pretty cool and nice, so I can’t wait to meet her!  She’s a civil engineering major and she’s 19, a sophomore.

How I feel right now.  And like all the time.

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