Christmas Spirit.

18 more days.

Every room on my floor has this number somewhere. On a dry-erase board. On a mirror.  On a calendar.
Christmas will be here soon, and we here at Purdue are getting into the holiday spirit…
…With decorations…
The giant gingerbread house in the Memorial Union!  There is also one in each of the dining courts.


The giant Christmas tree in the Union
…And with food.
The holiday dessert buffet from Wednesday.  The line was ridiculous.
Some other news…
In preparation for finals, our floor has decided to turn our mirrors into Positive Reflection boards.  We have a bunch of dry erase markers and dry erase crayons to write inspiring messages to each other.  And yes, that is Ryan Gosling in the corner.
I had my last class of the semester today!  Crazy to think that my freshman year is almost over!
Tonight is Battle of the Sexes, our floor, 4E vs. the guys side, 4W.  Good thing I suck at trivia.
So for those of you who may not know, Purdue is a huge engineering school.  In my residence hall (Shreve), several of the floors are Honors Engineering Learning Community floors, so it is not unlikely to see engineering groups working on their projects in the study lounges here.  Most recently, they had to complete a project where they had to build a robot that did different tasks.  It was quite amusing to see these little robots rolling around on the floor everywhere in Shreve and seeing Engineering groups fight for the best study lounge spots.  I honestly don’t understand half of these references, but all the engineers here think it’s hilarious.  I myself just think it’s awesome because I love school-related videos.  


(Just some Purdue references for you: the fountain they are singing by is the Engineering fountain–how fitting.  The rooms and lobby are in Shreve, and one of the guys sitting on the futon playing video games is a guy I know from the 5th floor!)
I hope all is well with everyone at home/elsewhere!  To those with finals coming up: good luck!  

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