One Down, Four To Go.

One final down.

Four to go.

One more tonight.

One tomorrow.

One Wednesday.

One Friday.

Gimme a second while I let that sink in.  I still can’t believe my first semester as a college kid is almost over. I’ll be home in a matter of days.  I can do this.  Just keep pushing through.

Excuse my self-motivational speech there.

My Spanish final this morning was slightly more difficult than everyone had expected.  Which kind of stunk.  Nobody wants a difficult final; no way no how.  But hey, it’s over now.  Thank goodness.  I have my EDCI Educational Technology final at 3:30 which will consist of my BSing a lot of stuff, because that’s what most of the class was.  Heck, they should just call it BS 101 so I can say I got an A in BSing!  That’d look good on a resume, right?

Found out that my mom has been sick 😦  Shout-out to my mama!  Hope you feel better soon!

Guess what? 15 days until Christmas!  I’m listening to the Christmas Pandora station as we speak.  I think the fact that I don’t really listen to the radio much here and am not constantly listening to Christmas music makes it that much more special when I do listen to it!  Which, as Jess and I decided, is the way it should be.

I’m really in the mood for some snow too!  It would just make the Christmas season that much more real.

Gotta study!  Adios!

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