Out With The Old, In With The New.

It’s almost Christmas, which means it’s almost the new year, which means that I’ve had this blog for about half a year which means I’m bored.  With a lot of things.

Hence the new blog layout.  Awhile ago I posted a poll asking who would want me to change the layout of my blog.  I got a total of 3 responses.  And guess what they all voted?  I don’t care. And you know what?  I realized that I didn’t really care if you cared or not, so I was going to do whatever I wanted anyway.  Perhaps that’s selfish.  And I apologize for that.

Well, anyways, I did change my layout, if you hadn’t noticed yet.  I realized it’s quite girly, so to my male readers: embrace your feminine side.  Equal rights and all that jazz.

Anywho.  You’re probably thinking, “Oh, she said she’s bored with a lot of things.  Either she’s exaggerating, or she hasn’t told us the other things she’s bored with.”

Ding ding ding.  You’re one smart cookie, reader.

I am bored with other things.  Namely, my room.

It’s been about 4 months since I’ve lived in my little dorm room, and I’ve about gotten tired of its monotony.  It’s the typical dorm room.  But I want something different.  So this Thursday, it will be different.  It will happen.  My new roomie wants her bed un-lofted, so me, Jess, and whoever else is brave enough will attempt to do that ourselves.  Because we’re women gosh dang it, and we are going to make it happen whether you like it or not.

I apologize again for my sassy-ness.  Totes uncalled for.

It’s just that I have a renewal of energy right now.  4 of my finals have been completed (Hallelujah) and I only have one more left, which isn’t even until Friday.  Meaning I have 1 and a half days to do whatever the heck I feel like.  (Yes, it will include some studying.  But mostly not).  It’s exciting.  For like the first time in 4 months, I have nothing I need to do.  It’s exhilarating.  

And that’s what break will be like.  3. Whole. Weeks.  Of pure relaxation.  (Okay, that’s a lie.  I have to work and stuff.  But still.)


In other news, I realized that I’ve trained my body that about 6 hours of sleep is sufficient.  Because this week I’ve been getting a lot of sleep since none of my finals start until 10:30.  And I’ve been getting a solid 8 hours the past couple nights.  But last night…I couldn’t sleep.  It was as if my brain was on overdrive.  Or my bladder.  I just really had to pee.  Anyways, I met Alyssa in the bathroom, who was taking a break from her studying.  We were both bored, so we decided to explore.  Which meant we wanted to find out what was behind all the closed, locked doors on our floor.  We looked up how to pick a lock with a bobby pin (thanks Google) but to no avail.  We didn’t get a single door opened.  We also went to the basement to find out if we could unlock any of those doors and if we could find the secret underground tunnel between Shreve and the neighboring residence hall, Earhart.  Again, we couldn’t find anything. Boo. We went to bed instead.

I meet with my research professor for next semester again today.  Remind me to tell you about that project.  Because I’m PSYCHED about it.  I think. We’ll see after our second meeting today.

13 days until Christmas. 

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