Spicing Up This Mundane Life.

What’s up, everyone?

Another week come and gone with a plethora of activities to report on.  Brace yourself.
Last Friday was our floor’s Secret Santa gift exchange.  We had pizza and gave our gifts to each other and had to guess who gave who what.  I don’t think anybody got it right.  But the cool thing was, everyone got something interesting and unique.  People didn’t just give gift cards or something like that-each of the gifts were personalized.  Props to you, 4E girls.
Guess what I did after that?  Laundry.  It doesn’t get crazier for me than that on a Friday night apparently.  But that’s okay, because guess what I did on Saturday night?  Yep, you got it: RAVE! Shreve put on a rave/dance for its residents.  It was simple; just some blacklights and some good, loud music.  Annie, Jess, Laura, Brooke, Dana, and I went cray and had a blast.  Annie and I had originally gotten all dolled up, but within 10 minutes we had both changed into running shorts.  I was wearing alllll white and shone bright like a diamond (it will be a miracle if that song isn’t stuck in my head for the rest of the day) under the blacklights.  We didn’t plan on staying long, but by golly, the music was pumpin’, and so was the adrenaline, so stay the whole time we did.  Some guy even asked Laura for her number!  All in all, it was a grand ole’ time.
Annie and I, pre-rave and pre-running shorts.
Sunday was my first day as a Life Guide teaching Sunday School to 5th graders at St. Thomas Aquinas!  We didn’t do much-just play some get to know you games-but it was a lot of fun.  The kids are hilarious!  There’s one boy who is the epitome of a nerd, big glasses and all.  There’s another who was wearing a Robbie Hummel Purdue basketball jersey, so he pretended he was the star basketball player the whole time.  And yes, we had to address him as “Robbie.”  Then there was a girl who doesn’t like Purdue but rather IU, so all the kids booed her.  She seemed to enjoy the attention 🙂
I also went to the basketball game after that…we won! Yayy!
Classes resumed on Monday.  Not much to report on that front.  Let’s get real: college isn’t about the academics, right?  Ha ha ha…
Alyssa and I figured out a bus route that goes right to our classroom buildings on Mondays.  So we tried it out.  Buses are freakin’ awesome.  Instant drop off at our classes, and a shield from the cold.  Woot woot!  Probably not a good idea…I’m gonna get lazy as all heck.
Wednesday night was my debut as VP of the Purdue Student Education Association.  We had our spring call-out (meetings to tell people about the club and let them join) and managed to recruit about 9 new members, which was pretty cool!  Everything went without a hitch, but boy is there a lot of work we have to do for the rest of the semester!
Thursday is where the real action starts, because this is when I order Macklemore tickets for me and my friends online for the March concert.  If you don’t know who Macklemore is, their song “Thrift Shop” and all its ridiculousness has been sweeping the country and making GoodWill the new Gucci.
Fair warning, this video contains a lot of profanity and stupid stuff.
Let me set up the scene (now remember, I don’t have class on Thursday):
It’s 9:45 am.  I wake up, sit up in my bed, and contemplate life for a few minutes.  
Finally convince myself to climb down the mountain–I mean my bed.
It’s 9:55.  The tickets go on sale at 10:00 online.  It’s a special discounted presale to Purdue students: the first pick on seats, and only $29.
I log on to my account. 9:59.  Deep breaths.  Heart racing.  T-minus 1 minute.  Refresh the page.  Refresh. Refresh.  Watch the clock on my computer screen with bated breath.  Refresh, refresh, refresh. 10:00!!!! 
Okay, so where’s the “Buy Tickets” button?  Why isn’t it showing up?!  What the heck?!?
Refresh, refresh, refresh.
10:01.  Still not there.
Logout, log back in.
Refresh, refresh, refresh.  10:05.
Frantically dial the box office’s number on my cell, all the while breaking the refresh button on my computer.  Maybe they forgot to make them available online?  I don’t know, but I had to figure this out.
Busy tone.  Of course!  Everyone’s ordering their tickets over the phone!  Crap!  Hang up.  Redial. Refresh.  Busy.  No button. 
Hang up.
I’m going to have to run across campus to the box office!  Nooo!  I still have my pajamas on and bed-head!
Finally, 10:10 rolls around, and upon a final refresh, the button comes up online.  Gahh!!!!
Search through the available seats in Elliot.  5th row?!  I’ll take it!  Click 6 seats (for me, Annie, Brooke, Christian, and his friends Anna and Stephanie).  Click buy tickets.
Sorry, these seats were already taken.  Please try again.
NOOOO!  Go back, pick the next best seats.  Click buy tickets.  Nothing happens.  Click it again.  And again.  Nothing.
Click refresh.
Due to to the unusually high activity on this site, we have placed you in a line and you will be able to purchase tickets when it’s your turn.
Freakin’ no, computer!  I’m not playing these games with you!
Grab some pretzels and start nervous-eating, staring at the screen, willing it to pop up to allow me to purchase the tickets.  Crunch, crunch, crunch.  My eyes start watering.  I haven’t blinked in minutes.  I can’t miss my opportunity.  (Total exaggeration).  The tension begins to build up inside of me.  I’m going to have to face it: the only available seats will be in the 2nd balcony in the very back.  Feel my shoulders slump in disappointment.  Until…
New screen.  
Please choose your seats.
Toss my pretzel bag to the side and sit up straight.  My hand instantly finds the mouse and clicks 6 seats in the middle section, about mid-way back from the stage.  Buy tickets.  Click.
Thank you for ordering.
I do a little happy dance in my mind, then go down to the lobby to print off the tickets.
Wait impatiently for the computer to log me in.  Click print tickets.
Sorry, you can not print all these tickets at the same time.
Are. You. Serious?!  Could this process be any more difficult?
So began the process of me downloading each ticket individually and printing each off.
But finally, after what should have been a 15 minute-long process, I had my tickets.  It was 11:00 am.
The sad thing I just realized is that this was the major event of the week up until that point.  I live a sad life if the majority of this post thus far is my struggle to buy tickets online.  This is tragic.  Shakespeare should write a tragedy about me because my life is that sad.
But don’t worry, it gets better.
My dad came and visited me last night!!
When I came back after break, I was dismayed to find that the TV we brought up didn’t function correctly.  We tried everything: plugging it in to different outlets, pressing every conceivable button, dragging it into Jess and Alyssa’s room to see if it was just my room…but to no avail.  So my dad came up and brought me a new TV and took me out to dinner!  It was the best part of my week by far.  We got to have some solid father-daughter bonding time, eating and talking and watching a little Tosh.0 on my new TV!  Needless to say, I couldn’t contain the tears from falling as soon as I had to say goodbye.  Even now, sitting here in the laundry room with fellow residents surrounding me in various stages of their laundry cycles, my eyes are getting a little watery.  Boo.
So, shout-out to my dad for being the best and making the trip up here after work to spend a couple hours with me!  And shout-out to my awesome mom for sending up a bunch of goodies, including but not limited to frosted animal crackers, some Valentine’s Day goodies, and my very own loaf of pumpkin bread!  Good luck getting any of that, girls on my floor.
As for the rest of the weekend, we get Monday off, (MLK Day) so I’ll report to you all my crazy escapades later.  For example, tonight is a floor event: both the 4E girls and the 4W boys are going ice skating at the outdoor rink!  Huzzah!
Later, gators.

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