What’s Up, Buttercup?

Here’s a list of common words that people are too lazy to say without abbreviating (I don’t know why I’m doing this, but I am):

Adorbs = Adorable.  Such a cray abbreviation.
Cray = Crazy.  Congrats, Kanye West.  You made that word famous in your song.
Congrats = Congratulations.  Granted, that is a long word, so it’s a pretty legit shortening.
Legit = Legitimate.  Sometimes people say “Legitly,” which totes defeats the purpose of abbreviating.  Why would you lengthen a shortened word?
Totes = Totally.  This is totes gonna be an interesting post.
Gonna = Going to.  Probs one of the most common abbreviations.
Probs = Probably. This post is probs gonna be really rando.
Rando = Random. One letter short does not an abbreviation make.  But be prepared for this “rando” post.

Ice skating was super fun/cold. There weren’t that many people from the floor there, and the buses weren’t running as late as we thought so we had to walk the 25 minutes back to Shreve, but overall it was a good experience.  I got to skate and hold hands wiff my friends.  Sooo adorbs.

Me and Dana


The Fantastic Delta Fourth!


Me and Julia…scarf twins!


The girls, pre-ice skating


Becky and Annie!

Jess was sick for most of the weekend so I was her “pseudo mom” as she called me.  I took care of her because that’s what friends are for.  She was in bed basically all day for 3 days straight, but she’s feeling better now!  I missed my buddy!

3 day weekend = late Sunday nights.  I did homework most of the day and hung out with Christian that night.  I don’t know why, but it turned out to be a blast.  Here’s the run-down of that night’s events in my new favorite format of relaying information: the shortened sentences method:

Headed over to the guys’ side.
Christian and I perused the Netflix horror movie section. (It’s sort of a tradition to watch stupid horror movies).
Ahh, here’s one that doesn’t look completely horrible/stupid.
Start watching.
Here comes Michael, a kid on Christian’s floor.
With a nerf gun.
Cue scary music.
Dun. Dun. Dunnnnn.
Get shot.
You can’t shoot defenseless women!
Grab the bullet.
Can I have that back?
Uhh, let me think about that….no.
Fake some Turbo-Kick moves on him.
Suddenly get lifted off the ground.
Squirm frantically.
Cue impromptu wrestling match.
Wow, I’m weak.
Pinned to the ground in seconds.
Ouch, my neck hurts.
Definitely need to start lifting again for the future rematch.
Actually begin movie.
Watch it.
Rating? Mediocre at best.
Christian pulls out his computer.
What’s fun to do on the internet?
Have you ever heard of Omegle?
There’s your answer.  
Start video-chatting some strangers.
Get told we look like a cute couple.
Milk it a little and pretend to be fake in-love.
Meet a kid from Michigan.
Get Michael again because he’s from there.
They talk. They hang up.
Little Asian kid pops up on the screen.
Michael begins talking to him in a very…not straight voice.
(For those confused parties who viewed this video on Facebook, here’s your explanation.)
Really funny.
Other kids on the floor come in and talk to some people.
Seriously, engineers, shouldn’t you be doing homework?
But it was such a fun night, albeit totes rando.
Went to bed around 3:30 or so.

Christian and I finally had another baking sesh (sesh=session. I forgot to put that in the top list) tonight.  We made cupcakes for my PSEA meeting tomorrow night (or I guess tonight considering it’s 1:00 am) and also cookie bars for Annie’s birthday on Thursday.  We also had music going of course, so we danced like maniacs and went cray while baking our desserts.  It was a much better use of my time than homework would be.

Such pros.

Nighty night!

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