So Yeah.

Another week come and gone with little to report.  Actually, now that I think about it, I’m not sure what I even have to say!  Hmm, let me think for a second…

Oh right! (PS, that “Oh right!” was not me being dramatic or building the tension so you would be dying to hear about my super interesting life.  I actually took a couple minutes to check Facebook and look at the pictures on my phone to see what I’ve done the past few days.)
Wednesday was blahh, and I’m pretty sure I fell asleep in my linguistics class at least twice.  Whoops.  We also had our first real PSEA meeting, in which we played Education Jeopardy.  It was quite comical actually.
Thursday was my day off, except that from now on I will be going to the Lafayette Adult Resource Academy to tutor native Spanish speakers from 9:00 am to 11:00 am (this is like when I went to the jr. high last semester to work with the Spanish students there).  So much for my sleep in day… :/
However, last Thursday was “Adventure Day.”  Christian and I took the bus to Wal-Mart; it was the first time since August (see August 26, 2012 post, “I Made It Through The Week”).  And guess what?  It still took 3 hours.  Rough.
But we got everything we needed (because we were both in desperate need of Nutella) and it was a fun trip, so it was worth it I suppose.
Friday night was pretty chill; I just watched “Crazy, Stupid Love” with Jess and lusted after the ever-attractive Ryan Gosling.  Don’t hate.
Saturday was a trip to down to Chauncy to look for birthday presents for Annie’s birthday which was on the 24th and for Brooke’s birthday on Feb. 3.  Christian and I spent some time down there getting some legit stuff.  This included a magnetic poetry kit from Von’s for Annie.  It’s probably the most perfect gift for her.  All it was is over 200 magnetic words that you can make sentences with on your fridge or whatever.  The catch: the theme of the words was “The Lover.”  Why ever would we pick that out for Annie?  Let me just give you a quick background on this girl: she’s crazy and eccentric and fun and is insanely inappropriate, making her that much more hilarious.  It’s all in good fun.  So we gave her the present (wrapped in the latest issue of the Exponent and covered in some inappropriate birthday themed some-ecards (  She immediately began placing the words on her fridge, categorized by nouns, verbs, and adjectives, and we had a contest to see who could make the most crude sentences.  For the sake of the young eyes potentially viewing this post (Tyler, cough cough), I will spare you the specifics. Use your imagination.  Or don’t, actually.
That night I went bowling in the basement of the Union with Laura, Kristen, and Sydney.  It was really nifty ’cause they turn the lights off and everything glows in the dark.  We played two games, both of which I surpassed the low expectations I had of my bowling skills by getting 118 and 116.  Perhaps I got some bowling skills transferred to me before I was born considering my mama was in a bowling league when she was younger…or maybe not.


Glowing balls!
I continued my Sunday School teaching on Sunday with my wonderful students and feasted at Hilly for weekly brunch with Lilly. (Seriously though, make your own pancakes.)  Annie, Christian and I went to the Iowa game too, which we won in overtime.  Take that, Hawkeyes.  Dinner time after that, and guess what?  Moe’s Southwest Grill delivers here.  Chips and queso, whaddup?  We all cuddled in my bed before dinner and Annie accidentally fell out of my bed, banging her ribs on my futon and scraping her shin.  Hahhhh.
 I got good news from my mama: she’s probably coming to visit me this weekend!  Yayyyy!!
In other news:
I sent in my application to be a BGR Team Leader for next year!  They’re the people who are the group guide for the incoming freshmen during orientation week.  I’ll have a couple of interviews and such, so wish me luck!  Over 1000 applicants, and only 430 accepted…yikes.
More later…dinner time 🙂

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