Comparing Wednesday’s Game With An AA Meeting, And Other News.

Happy February!

Can we just talk about Wednesday?

Alcoholics Anonymous says the first step to fixing a problem is admitting that you have a problem. (And no, I don’t know that from experience, thank you very much).

Well, boy, do we have a problem.  And that problem would be the fact that the Purdue Men’s basketball team lost to our rivals, Indiana University, by over 30 points Wednesday night.

Freaking. Thirty. Points.

I’d like to say I have a pretty fair understanding of the word “rival.”  I came from a high school that had a big rivalry with another high school in town.  I’ve competed against them in various athletic events and felt the adrenaline coursing through me even more than in a typical match-up against some rando team.  Heck, I have a sister; I think I know what rivalry is.

Now I’m no coach, but the last time I checked, when you play your biggest rival, you bring your A game.  You play your heart out.  You fight and give it all you have, because you have everything to lose.  You leave it all out on the court or field or whatever.

You don’t lose by thirty points.

It’s not like anybody expected Purdue to win; we’re not even ranked, and IU is number 3 or something.  But still.  How embarrassing.  Especially with how loyal our fans are.

The game started at 8:30.  People began camping outside Mackey Arena the night before.  As for myself, my friend Kristen and I began our adventure at 6:45, where I met her at her residence hall so we could “tat up.”  We then proceeded to walk to Mackey to wait in a looooooooooong line.  And I, being the smart, fashionable dresser I am, was wearing my cropped yoga pants I got for Christmas.

Text conversation from earlier that day:

–Hey mom! I’m wearing my cropped yoga pants today because it’s so warm out!

–Oh, that’s cool.  That was what our weather was like yesterday.  It’s snowing here.

I think she jinxed me.  As Kristen and I stood in line, we could feel the wind pick up.  All of a sudden, freezing rain started pelting our faces, and my bare ankles.  Cropped yoga pants=not winter clothing.  After a solid (as in we’re freezing solid) 30 minutes, we were finally allowed to enter the arena, where we sat for another hour waiting for the game to start.  It was a lot of waiting.

Wait in line to get into the arena.
Wait in our seats for the game to start.
Wait to score some points.
Wait to get a rebound.

All in vain.  Because we sucked.  The atmosphere was so promising; the Paint Crew was so loud and energetic and excited.  But it was all for naught.  We lost.

Oh well.

Kristen and I, all tatted up

There was another night last week, before it was freezing cold, where I regressed in age like 12 years.

I was over in Christian’s room, and his window was open.  I couldn’t help but just stand there in front of the window for a good five minutes letting the breeze blow on me.  If felt soooo good.  (You don’t understand.  I’m from Illinois, so the weather is the same here as it was there.  But back home, there was no need for me to be outside for more than 3 minutes at a time, aka those brutal minutes trekking through the school’s parking lot from my car to the school building.  But here, walking to and from classes for more than 10 minutes at a time, it feels 10x colder. Therefore, those blessed days of over 40 degrees equate to me basking in their wonderfulness).  Then I realized that it was raining.  And Christian and Matt laughed at me for having just figured that out.  

“I want to go play in the rain,” said Christian.

“No,” I replied scornfully.  “I already took a shower and I’m in my pajamas.  Rain water is dirty.”

3.5 seconds later…

“Okay, lets go!  Hurry up, Christian!  Come on!”

The next thing we knew, we were sprinting down his hallway to the stairs and started racing down, leaving Matt behind to soak up the rain water that had come into their room with the onslaught of the sudden torrential downpour.

We ran out the doors and were immediately splattered with freezing cold droplets.  We ran around like idiots and splashed in some puddles.  When we couldn’t take the cold anymore, we ran back inside, panting like dogs.  We let the heat from the stairwell warm us up a little, and then 3, 2, 1, GO! we were back out in the rain, sprinting across the street to Hillenbrand, jumping in more puddles, laughing and screaming hysterically, and pretending it was no big deal when cars drove by.  It’s normal for college kids to be splashing in puddles at midnight, obviously.

We came back in, soaked and freezing cold.  But it was so much fun!

After our rain adventure

Speaking of Christian, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this yet, but he was a wrestler in high school and got 3rd in State in Colorado.  So naturally, for some reason, I have the idea in my head that I can beat him.  He’s probably a good 30 pounds lighter than me, so I can take him without prior wrestling experience, right?


Pretty much every time we’re together, we end up in an impromptu wrestling match, which always results in my getting pinned within seconds.  Embarr.  So the other day, Jess walked in on us wrestling and was extremely confused by the compromising position we were in.  But she got some good pictures from it.

Rough life…


Don’t be offended by this picture.  I promise this was just wrestling; nothing inappropriate about it.

Yesterday was a lot of fun: my mom and sister came to visit and we got to go out to eat (Niko’s Spicy Pickle, thanks to Annie’s suggestion) and go to the mall and Barnes and Nobel.  It was such a fun girls’ day, and I got some new clothes and books and such.  She also brought up some puppy chow and other goodies.  I’m so spoiled.  We even had the chance to stop at a stand on campus where some Girl Scouts were selling cookies, so I got a couple boxes.  Those girls are geniuses.  College students without Girl Scout cookie=disaster.

Then, last night, Shreve put on a Karaoke Night in the Rec lounge.  It was pretty legit, with some mocktails and everything.  Lots of people came.  Annie, Brooke, and I brought back some junior high memories by singing our rendition of “Don’t Cha” by the Pussycat Dolls.  It was pretty classy.

Today was Brooke’s birthday.  While she was at church, I decorated her room with a bunch of streamers and filled it with balloons.  It was really fun and she liked it!  I’m so glad I got to be here to celebrate with her!

Right now, Shreve is screening the Superbowl on the big screen in the Rec lounge.  They even had free pizza for us, so I’m just chilling here and typing in-between commercials 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and have a good week!

This was the group of us that went to BGR Team Leader Callouts the other week, but I forgot to put the picture up!

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