Algunos Cambios (Some Changes).

You may have noticed, but I changed a couple aspects of my blog layout to make it more user-friendly (or so I hope).

Let me just give you a quick run-down:

First, the background is different.  And also obnoxious.  But with Valentine’s Day looming in the near future, I thought I should not only accept it, but embrace it.  Hence the hearts.  (Okay, I’m really not that pessimistic.  I love Valentine’s Day.  But Lent begins a day before on the 13th, and since I’m giving up sweets/desserts again, well, let’s face it:  Valentine’s Day no longer seems so great.)    

Along with the changes come some changes in fonts, but those are negligible (that’s a word we’ve been using a lot in my Physics class in regard to friction.  Yayyy real life application!).

Along the right side of the screen you may have seen some new things.  Those are as follows:

1. The blog archive is still there, so if you’re ever feeling the need to live vicariously through me, you can go back through and remind yourself of all the crazy adventures I’ve had thus far…or lack thereof.

2. Below that is a section I call “What I’m Reading.”  This is a list of blogs that I have been following since I’ve been at school.  It turns out that when you start blogging, it suddenly becomes imperative to read others’ blogs as well.  And these are some good ones.  The list may grow in the future, but as of right now, they include:

  • My friend Alexandra’s blog.  She lives on my floor and is so sweet and quirky and unique…in a good way!  She’s super down-to-earth, and I admire her for being such a genuine person.  She blogs about a multitude of different things, including but not limited to food.  I suggest you try some of her recipes sometime!
  • My friend Cassidy’s blog.  She also lives on my floor and is as vibrant as her bright red hair!  She has such a positive outlook on life and has some very positive, encouraging messages within her posts.  Check it out if you’re ever feeling down.
  • My friend Dana’s blog.  Again, she lives on my floor and is such a fun and creative young lady.  She’s incredibly hard-working, and I just fell in love with her personality as soon as I met her.  She blogs about the different things she makes, be it clothes or crafty things.  It’s pretty cool!
  • My cousin Cassidy’s blog.  She’s currently in Nicaragua doing some service work for a company called EOS International.  She blogs about her experiences there and the people she’s met.  It’s really cool and I’m so proud of the work she’s been doing!
  • Dear Photograph.  I fell in love with this blog after I found it.  It’s where people take an old picture and hold it up in the same place in present day and take a picture of it.  The photographer then writes a little blurb about it.  It’s really neat!
  • PostSecret.  Probably my all-time favorite blog.  People from all over the world make homemade postcards and write a secret on it that they’ve never told anyone.  They then send it to Frank Warren, who started the project, and he puts up a certain amount on a blog each week.  It’s incredibly powerful and thought-provoking.  I absolutely love it, and even got a couple of the PostSecret books for Christmas.  Seriously, check this one out.
I sincerely suggest taking a look at some of these blogs.  I love them lots!
3. A search bar.  Has there ever been a time when you remembered something super awesome in one of my blog posts and gosh darn it you just can’t find it again?  (Haha, sarcasm!)  Now you can search key words and find the post instantly!  I’ll probably be using it the most though, so I can remember what I’ve posted about and what I haven’t…
4. Finally…and you’ll love this…drumroll please….
A FOLLOW FEATURE! (Creatively titled “Stalk Me.”)
I’ve finally advanced in my blogging skills enough to make life easier for you all.  Instead of having to constantly check my blog page multiple times a day, always on the edge of your seat in anticipation to see if I’ve posted anything, you can now be notified!  I’m honestly not sure if this works, but I guess we’ll see.  I think all you have to do is type in your email address and you’ll be notified of a new posting.
I hope that these new features will make reading this blog a little easier and a little more interesting!

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