Happy SAD.

The title of this post is a contradiction, I know.  However, SAD is not the emotion, but rather an appropriately titled acronym for a special holiday celebrated on February 14.  Wait, you’re saying.  February 14th? That’s Valentine’s Day.  SAD can’t stand for Valentine’s Day.  There’s no V there.

No, no, no, reader.  SAD stands for Singles Awareness Day, aka the day where, while everyone else is celebrating their love for each other and basking in gifts of flowers and chocolates and teddy bears and jewelry, the singles of the world get together (or get with themselves) and bask in the fact that they’re single.  Doesn’t the acronym seem appropriate now?  Thought so.
How did I celebrate my SAD?  Well, I went to a classy dinner at the dining courts with my date, Christian.  Except for the fact that he was a cheapskate and didn’t even swipe me in.  How dare he?
Just kidding.
I also got to talk to my mama, a fantastic valentine if you ask me.  And after that I laid on my futon for a solid 10 minutes contemplating life and wondering where the heck everyone on my floor was because I wanted to pass out my cupcakes buy everyone’s door was shut.  No cupcakes for you! (Seinfeld reference).
Finally, I found some people: Annie and Alyssa.  So what did we do to celebrate our singledom?  We drank an entire bottle of sparkling grape juice out of the shot glasses I got them from Cancun over Christmas break as souvenirs.  It was a good time.  And we even remembered it the next day.
Earlier that day, I even made a miniature shrine in honor of singles in our elevator lobby, complete with various someecards cards (someecards.com) bashing Valentine’s day.  Judge me all you want, but I thought it was fun.
My awesome shrine to the singles.  Beyonce would love me.
As far as the plethora of other items of business I feel the need to impart upon you…
Fairway party:
Friday night, Fairway, the Christian guys’ cooperative house (not a golf course), had its monthly party. (I’ve been to a couple others first semester).  The theme?  Highlighter!  Basically, you wear a white t-shirt and write on each others’ clothes and skin with highlighters, and they glow like crazy under the black lights.  It was really sweet!  I went with Laura, her friend Terry, Alexandra, and Breana.  It was a fun girls night out with lots of dancing and singing and all that jazz.
Working out:
It had been awhile since I’d shown my face in the Dova, but Saturday morning, Jess and I decided it would be a good idea to burn some calories.  So we did.  Our workout was a hodgepodge of things: elliptical for half an hour, a few rounds on the track of run 2 laps (hah, did I say run?  I meant jog…), walk 1, and then 5 minutes on the rowing machine, because why not? Then we ate lunch.  So much for burning those calories.
Tying ties:
I decided to cross something off my mental bucket list this last week: learn how to tie a tie.  That’s on your bucket list?  Wow, you have really sad life goals.  You don’t wanna like skydive or anything like that?  Loser.  Shut up, voice in my head!  You have to start small.
But anyhow, I had Christian teach me how to tie one.  But I didn’t want to learn how to tie it on myself.  Oh no.  I have no use for a tie.  I wanted to learn how to tie one on someone else because for some reason I really want to be able to tie my husband’s tie when I grow up and get married.  I know, I’m cool.  But get over it.  I think it’s sweet.
So I learned the full windsor (I think that’s what it’s called) because half windsors are for suckers, and I still need some practice, but it wasn’t too shabby.
Look at those skills!


Sunday School:
The lead teacher from my Sunday School class, Hannah, was away for the weekend, so I had my debut as lead classroom teacher.  It went pretty well!  We were learning about the Beatitudes, so we did a matching activity and charades and such.  It was pretty fun, even if the kids were a little rowdy.  But they always are 🙂
TL interview:
I have my group interview for being a Boiler Gold Rush team leader next year on Wednesday!  I’m a little nervous, but hopefully it will go well.  Actually, now that I think about it, this whole week is gonna be pretty busy.  Yikes.
Tinder and Lulu:
These are 2 of the latest apps getting attention from my college students across the nation.  Alyssa told me about Tinder one day at lunch.  It’s an app for girls and guys where a Facebook picture of someone nearby to you of the opposite sex will pop up on screen and you can either like them or skip them.  No matter what you do, the person you rate won’t know.  However, if you like them, and they see your picture and like you, the app will tell you that you have a match and you can chat with the person on the app.  It’s really kinda lame, but also fun at the same time.  Alyssa told me she actually met one of the guys in person at a party she was at one time!  It’s an interesting way to make friends, for sure.
Now Lulu is another, albeit similar, story.  The night I was at Christian’s tying his ties, a guy from his floor, Garron, walked into the room.  “Hi,” he said.  “I don’t think we’ve met before.  I’m Garron.”  He held out his hand and I shook it.  Little did he know, I already knew who he was because he makes it a point to roam the hall in his underwear on a regular basis, and I have been unfortunate enough to witness this while being at Christian’s every now and then. But anyways, he asked if I had an iPhone.  I told him no, sorry.  His face dropped in disappointment.  I told him I have an Android.  His face perked up instantly.
He asked if I’d heard of the app Lulu before.  No, I told him.  I hadn’t.  But I could download it if he wanted.  I think I made his night by saying that.
He told me that this app was a way for girls to rate different guys, and he really wanted to see what his rating was.  He said he tried to download the app himself, but since it connects through Facebook, it can tell if you’re a guy or girl and won’t allow guys to log in.  So, I had to set up an account specifically so he could see what some girls said about him.  And guys think girls are egotistic…
He spent a solid 5 minutes reviewing the 2 ratings he had received, and seemed pleased with his score of 9.1.  Then he left.  A couple minutes later, 3 more guys showed up in the room, begging for me to look them up and see what their rating is.  I rolled my eyes, but complied.  I kinda felt like I was breaking the girl code by doing this, but since all the ratings are anonymous, nobody knows who rates who.  The ratings are based on looks, commitment, ambition, first kiss, etc, and the app calculates a number rating for the guy based on what you say.  It’s really funny to look at different guys’ ratings, although it is a very superficial app.  What will they think of next?
Now we get to the really good part of the post: the part where Morgan, Alyssa’s guy from back home, comes to visit.
I got out of class Friday at 4:30 and when I got back,  I hung out in Annie’s room for awhile and chatted with her.  I then get a text from Morgan:  “I told Alyssa I wouldn’t be able to get on the early shuttle, so I told her I won’t get there until 8.  But I’ll actually be there in an hour.  How can we surprise her?”
I was like, wow Morgan, thanks for putting this on me!  So I told Annie and we tried to think of a cool way for him to surprise her, but nothing was really sounding good.  But finally, all the cards fell into place.  Jess and her boyfriend Michael were going to dinner around 5:30, and Alyssa was starving, but I had asked her to eat with me after my “meeting.” (Morgan was hungry and wanted to eat with us.)  She said she’d eat a little bit with Michael and Jess but still save room to eat with me (and Morgan).  So when they left for dinner, I speed-walked to the Union Club hotel where Morgan was staying so I could meet him there and show him the way back to Shreve.  So I finally met Morgan, in flesh and blood, and we hurried back to Shreve as fast as we could, the entire time texting Jess and trying to get her to keep Alyssa there until we got back to the room.  When we were really close, I called Jess and told her to pretend she was having a phone conversation with her mom.  And let me tell you, this girl deserves an award for her quick thinking.  I was telling her they could be done with dinner now, but she was telling me, “Okay mom, well we’ll be done with dinner in a few minutes, and I can’t really hear you, so I’ll call you back later.”  Even I got confused for a little bit!  It was funny though.  So Morgan and I went into Jess and Alyssa’s room (which Jess had left unlocked for the occasion) and Morgan sat, hidden by the bed.  I was in the middle of the room when Alyssa opened the door.  She was really confused why I was sitting there, and all of a sudden, Morgan popped out!  She was confused for a second, but then she started tearing up because she was so excited to see him.  It was really adorable.  Just call me cupid.
I went to dinner with Morgan and Alyssa at Hilly and then they hung out for awhile while I went to Fairway.
On Saturday night, Alyssa, Morgan, Christian, and I “double dated.”  We decided to all go out for dinner, so we walked down to Chauncy, not really sure where we wanted to eat.  We get all the way to the end of the road, past all the restaurants, and nobody had really spoken up where they wanted to go.  So we all stopped, standing in the cold snow, and said where we wanted to eat on the count of 3.  The guys said Arby’s and Alyssa and I picked Chipoltle.  But we agreed to go to Arby’s, so that’s where we had our meal.  We chatted for awhile and joked around, pretending that I was on the date with Morgan and Alyssa was with Christian.  
My “date”


And then a couple minutes later, Alyssa looks up and says, “Taco Bell?”
The next thing we knew, we were at Taco Bell, and Alyssa was eating a taco, after just having eaten a chicken sandwich and fries.  I got a Mountain Dew Baja Blast freeze, which is apparently new.  And I love Baja Blast!  It was delicious!
As we were sitting there, Alyssa suddenly goes, “Dairy Queen?”
So yes.  We went to 3 fast food restaurants in the course of about an hour and a half.  Alyssa ate a mini blizzard and then half of Christian’s too.  I had to sit there and pine after some ice cream because of my Lenten sacrifice.  We sat around at Dairy Queen for awhile, just talking and laughing.  It was a lot of fun and good company.  I really like Morgan-he’s a really good guy!
Afterwards, we walked back to Morgan’s hotel room so that he could give me the Valentine’s Day card he got me:  it was a huge 2 foot card!!  He told me he had tried to mail it, but the post office said it was too big!  So he folded it and shoved it in his duffel bag.  It’s so cute!  Morgan left for Georgia this morning though 😦
Check out this card!
Then Christian and I made our way back to Shreve.  While on campus, we decided we wanted to do something stupid.  So what did we do at 11:30 on a Saturday night?  We went to the Math building, one of the tallest buildings on campus, and climbed all 231 stairs to the tenth floor and then went back down.  Because we’re weird.  Don’t ask.

Okay, now I really have to get some homework done.  Have a good week!

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