The Tale of the Cook, the Thief, & the Crazy College Kid, Who all Happen to be the Same Person.

“No, I’m not being immature.  I’m having fun.  You should try it.” –Anonymous

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Kasey living in the magical kingdom of Purdue University.  She was your average, run-of-the-mill college kid with hopes and dreams and fears about her here and now and her future.  She didn’t know where she was going to end up in a few years.  She wasn’t even 19 yet!  (Except she will be in 5 days…)  But despite not being psychic and knowing where she would be in the near future, she did know that she was having the time of her life in the magical kingdom of college.  Below is a compilation of some of her most recent adventures:
The Tale of Cooking for Forty: The Biggest Pot of Macaroni & Cheese Ever.
You all know by now that I’m a Life Guide at St. Tom’s and teach Sunday School to 5th graders every week.  Well, all the Life Guides meet every Tuesday to plan our lesson for the next week and to bond and all that good stuff.  Oh, and also to eat food.
The problem is, we don’t meet at a dinning court.  We don’t meet at a restaurant.  No, we meet at church.  Church does not have it’s own stockpile of food and people to make it for us at our beck and call.  Instead, we have to take turns each week making dinner for everyone.  And everyone=40 people.
So last Monday, me and 3 of my friends, Katie, Jess, and Rose, took a magic carriage ride to Super Target to obtain the necessary materials to satiate the hunger of 40 college kids after a long day of classes.  On a budget of only $50, we were in a crunch.  Tacos will be easy, we thought.  Target said, “No, guys, my meat is so expensive that you’ll spend all your money on that.  Pick something else.”
Thanks, Target.  So we decided on a childhood favorite: pigs in a blanket, macaroni and cheese, and chocolate chip cookies.  Then Tuesday night, we set off on an adventure, trying to figure out how to boil 20 boxes of macaroni at once while simultaneously rolling 50 hot dogs in 50 croissants and cooking them, while also baking chocolate chip cookies and making a huge vat of lemonade.  It was quite an adventure.  The end.
Food for dayzzzz.
  The Tale of the Fancy Ball, aka Shreve Semi-formal.
It’s 8 on a Saturday morning.  The sun is rising and everything is quiet and still on Purdue’s campus. Nobody is stirring.  It’s a weekend on a college campus for goodness sake.
Oh, yeah, except for the 30-some suckers from Shreve Club, myself included, who are loading boxes and boxes of decorations and speaker equipment into various campus vehicles to take to the Ross Ade press box to set up for semi-formal.  Happy Saturday.
So there we were, caravaning to Ross Ade, only to find out that the doors were locked.
Breakfast time! we decided.
Carson, the how should we say it?, tense Shreve Club president, grudgingly obliged.  Ford dining court! we said.  It’s closed! we figured out.  Wiley! we said.  Drive! we did.  10 minutes to eat! Carson said.  Yeah right! we all thought.  But we managed to fuel up on various food items and then we went back into action when we returned to the scene of the dance.  The press box was HUGE. We had 2 floors worth of space to decorate with various decorations we had been making for weeks.  This included lights and wall hangings and streamers and ceiling decorations and balloons and beads and vases and peacock feathers and masks and more, all in the theme of Mardi Gras Masquerade.  It all went without a hitch.  Until the Christmas lights blew a fuse.  And the Command hooks that held them up began ripping the paint off the walls.  And the helium tank for the balloons broke.
Thankfully, we got it all fixed.  But not without a couple near-breakdowns from our Pres.
We were able to leave around 12:30 to get some lunch and rest a tad before set-up round 2.  So I worked on some homework and then curled my hair and got into the purple dress that Annie let me borrow for the occasion.  At 5:30 I was back, helping blow up balloons and tying them and putting ribbon on them and curling the ribbon and letting them float to the ceiling.  And also getting trained on how to run the front desk check-in.
Finally 8:00 pm arrived and people started showing up in a variety of dresses and masks and such.  The DJ was pretty awesome, including their light show.  People played cards and learned how to Salsa and Swing dance and watched performances by the 2 improv groups on campus, Ship of Fools and Crazy Monkeys.  I danced around with a bunch of people, ran the front desk for awhile, ate some food and drank some drinks, and even participated in the Shreve Semi-Formal Harlem Shake with the Shrever Beaver as the first dancer.
At midnight, the magical ball ended and reality sunk in.  That is, the reality that we weren’t princesses and we were actually servants of Shreve Club instructed to tear down everything we had so meticulously put up hours before.  Everyone was absolutely wiped.  
At 2:00 am, I finally fell into my bed after a long day.  The End.
4th floor ladies.


Laura and Breana!




Brooke and Lauren, who came up for the weekend!


Mike and I


Cassidy and Maura


Dana and Julia


Shreve Club girls
The Tale of the TL Retreat, aka A Bunch of Idiots Dressed up in Costumes.
You’d think after a long day of hard work and fun on Saturday, I would have earned a reprieve from waking up early on Sunday.  How wrong you are.
Instead, I had to wake up early again in the name of being a Boiler Gold Rush Team Leader. (See previous blog entry)
I met up with one of the other TLs in my group, who happens to live on the 4th floor guys side, and we walked to Einstein’s Bagels at 10 in the morning to meet our BGR Supervisor (Super), Liz, and our buddy Super, Brad, and all the TLs in the group.  We ate and chatted a little bit about what was going to happen that day, and then we headed onto campus to begin our retreat.  Oh, and did I mention that we all had to dress up in Space Jam costumes?  (I was Sylvester the cat.  Secret: I’ve never seen Space Jam).  Other groups had on a variety of animal garb, including but not limited to pandas, zebras, giraffes, penguins, fish, etc. etc. etc.
We played some traditional BGR ice breaker games before the retreat officially began.  We then played some various team building games and learned about the philosophies and our responsibilities for being a TL.  We ate lots of food, and then had to make up a skit with our groups that included a bunch of different words and phrases, including, “Aca-awkward” from Pitch Perfect and, “You go, Glen Coco!” from Mean Girls.  Each group had to perform for everyone else, aka an entire lecture hall full of future TLs.  Classic.
It was another long day, but again, lots of fun.  I’m so excited for BGR 2013!
The End.
TLs and our buddies!




During our skit
The Tale of the Epic Battle, aka Freezing Our Butts Off.
It’s Tuesday.  I go to my Physics lab at 2:00.  It’s bright and sunny and beautiful outside.  I came out at 4:30 to find the ground blanketed in snow along with a downpour of snow.  Cool.  So I ate a hasty dinner with Breana, we walked back onto academic campus to take our math exam, came back, I studied for my Physics exam on Wednesday, and then Annie, Jess and I went outside to have our own mini snowball fight at 11 pm. We went out to the band practice field and went crazy.  We also ran around in the 5 inches of snow we had gotten and drew faces and hearts in the snow on peoples’ cars.  Hey, it was better than some of the obscene things we saw that other people had drawn…
We tried to build a snowman, but unfortunately, the snow didn’t pack, so we built a snow mound instead and then kicked it down for fun.  We tried throwing snowballs at various windows at Shreve to get the attention of our 4th floor floormates, and unfortunately missed several times, only to get glares out the windows from 3rd floor residents.  When it got too cold, we came back in and went to bed.  The End.  Great story, I know.
Snow time!
The Tale of the Thief, aka Being a Traditional College Kid.
A major snowfall means one thing: a decrease in the number of food trays in the dining courts.  Why?  Food trays = sleds for sledding on the giant hill on campus, Slayter Hill.  It’s not like the dining courts are just going to hand out their trays to students.  Oh no.  We have to get clever and creative to obtain these precious commodities.  
So last night at floor dinner, Alexandra, Breana, and I all grabbed an extra tray and contrived a variety of ways we could possibly get them out the front door, incognito.  It’s difficult, you see, because there is always a door-watcher in the dining court, making sure you don’t steal more food than the allotted piece of fruit, or, in the winter, trays.
It was a challenge considering we left our backpacks behind and our coats were a tad to form-fitting to allow for the bulk of the trays.  Luckily, Breana brought her bag, so 2 trays went inside and were covered by her scarf.  Alexandra managed to fit the tray up her coat so it just looked as if her back was extremely flat and misshapen.  We were able to escape the dining court without a second glance from the door watcher.  Thieves for the win.  Guess who’s (probably) going sledding tonight?
The Ten Commandments say “Thou Shalt Not Steal.”  But if you really think about it, I’m sure my meal plan cost allots for a tray.
The End.
Oh, by the way, I GET TO GO HOME TOMORROW!!!
Spring Break with snow on the ground.  Classic.
Oh yeah, by the way.  I changed my blog layout again.  Hope you enjoy it!

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