Tray Sledding Like Champs.

What did I tell you?

At the end of my last post, which I posted a mere 6 hours ago, I said I’d go sledding with the trays we stole from the dining court.

Well I went to dinner with Matt and Christian tonight, and we went to a dining court specifically with trays.  And I sat and watched (and laughed) as I watched Christian try to shove the trays up his jacket without it looking too obvious.  Somehow he managed for it to work, even though he looked incredibly misshapen.

The three of us just got back about half an hour ago, and it was absolutely fantastic!  Even though some of the snow had already melted, what was left was hard and icy: perfect sledding snow.  We tried to go as individuals at first, but as soon as we “chained up” (that one’s for you, dad), we started speeding like crazy.  We went so fast that it was hard to stop at the end, so we had to fall off ourselves lest we get cut up by the sidewalk at the bottom of Slayter Hill.

There were several close encounters with trees and lots of snow up our coats, but it was totally awesome. 

There was even a point where we found this black plastic ring, so Christian got inside and we rolled him down the hill.  It was quite fantastic.

Need I say it?  



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