Leave It To Gliege.

It was only a matter of time before my senior year journalism teacher, Mr. Gliege, chastised me for my absence from blogging via Facebook.

I believe his exact words were, “UHHHH……..BLOG?”

Yes, those were in fact his exact words, because I copied them straight from the post on my timeline.  An interesting (how should I say this nicely?) primitive post, coming from a high school English teacher.  Last time I checked, “Uhhhh” was not in the dictionary, a double ellipse plus two periods does not mean anything, and a single noun with a question mark does not a sentence make.

Nahh, I’m just kidding, Gliegs 😉

Actually, I appreciate these reminders I get from him on various occasions.  Not only do they keep me on track with regularity in posting, but they also remind me to be appreciative of the fact that people actually care about what is going on in my life and enjoy the updates.  So to you, dear “Joe Sanders,” thank you.

Now, enough with the thank you speeches.  Let’s get to the good stuff.

I suppose I should update you on how my Spring Break went, and since I don’t exactly feel like typing out every last detail, I think I’ll write some haiku poems to give you the gist.

Friday, March 8th

My mom picked me up,
I drove the two hours back home,
We ate Panera.

Nice conversation,
“Let’s go see a movie now!”
What should we go see?

Go to theater,
Saw Twenty-One and Over,

Saturday, March 9th

Rise and shine early,
Drive an hour to Champaign,
Visiting Katie!

I missed her a lot,
She showed me around campus,
We talked to catch up.

Mexican dinner,
Warm Bodies movie was bad,
Night night, U of I.

Sunday March 10th.

Seeya soon, Katie.
Drive back home for an hour,
Don’t remember more.

Monday March 11th.

A lazy Monday,
Do some of my homework, ugh,
Not much to report.

Tuesday March 12th.

Happy Birthday, me!
Go shopping with my grandma,
Hooray for new clothes!

Dinner with the fam,
Bandana’s barbecue, yum.
Open presents now.

Hooray for new books!
Hooray for Breaking Dawn 2!
Hooray for new scarf!

Why is it that Lent
Must always fall during my
Birthday, please tell me.

The better question:
“Why do I give up desserts?”
No cake for me, wahh.

Wednesday March 13th.

Lunch with Kelsey O.
FlatTop, oh how I missed you.
Time to gain a pound.

Work at Mrs. Fields
That night with my friend Courtney.
I missed her; she’s great.

Thursday March 14th.

Went to the dentist,
Got to get my teeth cleaned now,
No cavities, yay!

Nothing much to say,
My Spring Break was kinda lame,
I like being home.

Friday March 15th.

Dinner at Chili’s
With Katie, her mom, and mine,
It was so much fun.

Chloe and Nat are
Now home so the girls and I
Hung out together.

We ate cheesy bread
And talked and laughed like before
We went to college.

Saturday March 16th.

We all went to lunch
At Avanti’s, which was good.
I missed gondolas. 

We then went to a
Thrift Shop to go “Thrift Shopping”
As Macklemore says.

I love my girlies
And I miss them like crazy,
Breaks aren’t long enough.

Sunday March 17th.

Time to go back to
Purdue, even though I thought
Spring Break was too short.

Good bye Mama and
Dad and sister and Smokey
And Garfie. Love you!

I will see you all
When I come home for Easter
In only two weeks.


That was a lot of poorly written haikus.  Hopefully you didn’t smack your head on the table repeatedly.  I would hate to be the source of your concussion. 

As far as this past week, it was not one of the best.

I was extremely busy, what with projects and homework and meetings.

I registered for classes for next semester, and they’re finally more education-related…yes!  I signed up for summer classes too…Honduras is a GO and I’m also taking an online class to get it out of the way so it doesn’t take up room in my schedule later.  Plus I’ll be studying out of a book this summer to try to test out of my final semester of math, because I REALLY  don’t want to take Geometry for Elementary School Teachers.  Crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to teach it to myself and be able to test out.

Only one more field trip with the DeVito class!  It’s so sad: I love that class so much, and I’m going to miss seeing them all together each week.

We had a BGR TL social on Tuesday where we played Apples to Apples with our buddy group.  It was a blast and I can’t wait for August!

I get to babysit for the family I babysat last summer this summer, along with their neighbors.  I’m really excited!

Had a debate on Friday.  I was on the opposition side of “The Green Revolution was a failure.”  And by the way, the Green Revolution is NOT a revolution in which we should use environmentally friendly technologies or anything like that.  Hah.

Now, time for some bad news.

Do you remember Christian?  I’m sure you do…(as much as I write about him in my posts, you probably know him better than I do!)

Well, I’m sure you know that he’s one of my best friends here.  Unfortunately, he talked to me this week and told me that he would not be returning to Purdue next year.

He’s really not happy here, which I have known and talked to him about it many a time.  But finally, he and his mom decided on a course of action that should hopefully make him happy.  He’s going to take a gap year and the plan is that he will go abroad to either Costa Rica or Spain to work and take some classes, then return to Colorado University-Boulder to finish his schooling.  He isn’t completely sure what he wants to do with his life right now, so he wants to take some time off to figure it out.  He’s always wanted to travel and he loves Spanish (could be because of his Paraguayan descent), so he wants to become fluent in it.  Also, he said he’d feel more comfortable at CU-Boulder because that’s where he’s from and when he visited his friends there during spring break, he said it just felt more comfortable for him.

Now that’s all fine and dandy, but how did I take it?

If anybody really knows me, you know that I’m not the type to withhold my emotions.  Naturally, I cried.  Even sitting here now, I have to consciously fight back tears when I think about it.

I can’t imagine going to school without him.  I can’t believe I won’t be able to just text him and ask him to hang out next year whenever I feel like.  No more dinners, baking sessions, late nights watching stupid scary movies.  No more late night talks, dance parties, music sharing, smoothie making, snacking.  No more laughing until our sides hurt from making fun of each other.

I’m happy for him, honest.  I know he’s not happy here.  He doesn’t feel as if he’s made a lot of friends here and just isn’t passionate about the school.  I know he’ll enjoy the change of scenery when he goes abroad, because that has been one of his dreams.  I’d do anything for him to be happy with where he’s at.  And since he’s not happy here, I have to let him go.

I sucks.  I was thinking about how tough it was going to be for the 3 months of the summer when I wasn’t going to see him.  Unfortunately, now that time is going to be extended indefinitely.

I’m not nervous that we will fall out of touch.  No, we both explicitly stated that we would talk and text and Skype all the time.  Best friends don’t just give that up.  But it’s not the same, you know?  It doesn’t feel right not knowing when you’ll see one of your best friends again.  I’m hoping, and keeping my fingers crossed, that I will be able to visit him in Colorado this summer for a few days.  But who knows?  What if, after this semester, I won’t see him for a year or two?  That’s heartbreaking to me.  I don’t like losing people in my life.

You’ve seen all these pictures before, but I had to put them up again!!

But enough of my sob story.  I’m a big girl and it will all work out.

On a lighter note, THE MACKLEMORE CONCERT IS TONIGHT! Yayyyyy!!! Can’t wait!  Pictures and updates on that later.

Oh, and apologies for this novel of a post.

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