…And Had a Really, Really, Really Good Time.

“And we danced,
And we cried,
And we laughed,
And had a really, really, really good time.”

Let us all take a moment of silence and acknowledge just how amazing the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert was last weekend.

Cue cricket noises.


This concert was AMAZING.  I’m telling you, my words will not do it justice.  Totally worth the difficulties I went through to get the tickets, as I laid out for you all in this post.

So here’s how it all went down:

Brooke, Annie, Anna, and I all decided to go to dinner at Ford before the concert.  Christian and Stephanie were going to meet us there later.  So we all headed to dinner looking pretty snazzy in our matching black shirts and jeans.  Let me tell you, we were ready to go.

So we ate and headed over to Elliot at about 7:30 when the doors were opening.  We found our seats, met up with the other two members of our group, took a couple bathroom breaks, prepared our glow stick bracelets, and scoped out the endless number of fur coats and various mismatched outfits people wore, all in the name of thrift-shopping.

During our seemingly endless wait, we encountered several interesting occurrences, including but not limited to people smoking weed and someone getting taken out in hand cuffs with vomit plastered on the front of their shirt because they had had a little bit too much fun before the concert started. 

The concert was supposed to begin at 8:00, but the opener, Allen Stone, didn’t come out until 8:30.  Halfway through his set, my fellow Purdue students began getting antsy and began shouting for the main event to come onstage.  Mr. Stone was finally done after about half an hour.  Yes, we all thought.  Macklemore will be out any minute.

Wrong, said Purdue.

Macklemore did not grace us with his presence until 45 minutes after Allen Stone left.  Rumor has it that one of the band members had travel issues, but we were not aware of that at the time, and I watched as the energy and hype that had been present in anticipation for Macklemore to arrive onstage diminish to nothing.  Everyone ended up in their seats and on their phones.  Typical.

But finally, he came on, and it was absolutely mind-blowing.  The show itself had such a minimalist approach: there were no props, there were only 4 people max onstage at a time, and there were no costume changes (that is, not until the encore).  Yet it was incredible.  Macklemore was so enthusiastic and genuine and people couldn’t help but stay out of their seats and sing along.

He sang a multitude of songs, but the 3 that need to be elaborated upon are as follows:

1. Thrift Shop: the song that he is known for.  Before starting the song, he asked for one of the audience member’s fur coats and began to put it on, all the while making up some ridiculous story about the “Indiana Brown Bear” from which the fur came.  He then proceeded to walk off the stage saying he had always wanted an Indiana Brown Bear fur coat, so bye.  But then he came back on and went into the song and it was just crazy and fun.

2. Can’t Hold Us: Probably my favorite Macklemore song.  I don’t know if I’ve ever screamed so loud in my life!  The song came on and there was so much energy in the room and everyone was jumping up and down and dancing and screaming and oh my gosh I wish I could relive that moment.

3. And We Danced: This was one of the encore performance songs Macklemore performed.  It started with an extremely strange recorded monologue about something that nobody understood, with references to Usher and Lady Gaga and such.  Everyone looked at each other and had no idea what to think until suddenly “Macklemore” jumped onto stage clothed in a cape and blonde wig, his “alter ego.”  It was weird, but so fun!

The whole show was just amazing and Macklemore was very involved with the audience.  He also made some extremely provocative comments, such as thanking Purdue for letting him “dry hump our women” and making references to how his trumpet player may or may stick a body part in his trumpet daily.  Yeah.  Extremely bizzare, but so funny!

Before the concert


The group


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis!







**I came home this weekend for Easter.  Again, always nice to be home and be surrounded by family!

Yayyy family!

**I’m not sure if I mentioned, but Christian is taking Kourtney to prom in a few weeks!  The “asking” is going to happen tomorrow; I’ll give more details and such later!

**Our DeVito class field trips are over :((( Here are some pictures from the past semester:

New Community School


Little Star


Celery Bog


Celery Bog again (and that awkward moment when your adviser pulls out some HUGE binoculars in a purse-like carrying case and makes you in charge of them)


Puppet show at Celery Bog!

**I’m going to have to ask for some patience in the next few weeks from my loyal blog readers.  The next few weeks are going to be extremely hectic for me (not to mention uneventful as far as interesting things happening), so it may be difficult to be consistent with posts.  I’ll do my best, but in the meantime, stay awesome 🙂

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