That Ironic Time Alyssa Told Me I Was Partying Too Much.

It’s true.

Miss Alyssa, my good friend and next door neighbor, member of a sorority and lover of social partying, including on weeknights, said that I was partying too much.

Of course, it was her way of making fun of herself.  But still; very ironic and very funny.

I suppose I should explain myself.

So two weekends ago, I joined Christian and Patrick and my new friend Jared and went to a couple parties.  Stop number 1: the fraternity Skulls.  With a name like that, it’s bound to be sketchy.  It more or less was just a really lame country-themed get-together with a bunch of drunk kids downing some wine and such. (Wine at a frat?  Who knew?) There was a girl named Jean who was incredibly loud and obnoxious who was basically hoarding her own bottle.  It was kind of funny.  Perks of being the only sober one in the room: you get to see everyone in their ridiculousness and you actually remember it.

Then we went to 2 other house parties after that.  I had no idea where I was for most of the time, so I followed the crowd.  It was quite an interesting experience.  Plus I got my first taste of what the campus McDonald’s is like at 3 am–full of drunk kids.  Because Christian insisted on ordering a McGangBang (a McChicken between a double cheeseburger…and yes I tried it).  I tell ya, I hang out with some weirdos.

That weekend also consisted of 2 movie nights; one on Saturday night with Jared where we watched part of 21 Jump Street and hung out with Alyssa, and then on Sunday night when Christian, Jess, Jared, and I watched the movie Tank Girl, a 1990s movie where an actress who looks like a mixture between Gwen Stafani and Jami Lee Curtis and Ellen DeGeneres  goes on the hunt for water in like the 2030s or something.  I don’t even know. It was absolutely ridiculous, but Jared insisted that we watch it because he said it was really good.  Except it wasn’t.

But anyways, every day that weekend I stayed up late and now I have a cold that hasn’t gone away.  And guess what?  Boiler Crossing is out of DayQuil. #ImScrewed.

But anyways, if those parties weren’t enough, I also accompanied Christian and Jared to a party at Sigma Pi on Thursday.  Why?  Let me tell you.  I had a 4 page, single spaced paper due in my HONR course the next day, and I spent a solid 5 hours in the library cranking it out.  I thought I deserved a night out.  So I went with them, met up with some other people from Shreve, danced around a bunch, and watched everyone take some shots.  When we left it was raining pretty hard which was just awesome, she said sarcastically.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Alyssa said I was partying too much.

But you see, it was Grand Prix week, and I couldn’t just sit on the sidelines and not participate in some way.

Grand Prix is the car race that Purdue has each year where different fraternities and sororities and clubs and groups build cars and race them to see who wins.  Nobody cares as much about the actual race; instead they use the week before the Saturday race to drink themselves silly all day and night and come to class inebriated and just in general be trashy and ridiculous.  Good ol’ Purdue…

But that’s not all I have to report.

Last weekend was also PRAAAAAAAM!!!  My dad came and picked Christian and I up after class on Friday and we went home and ordered some pizza and ate with the family.  We also went and picked up his tux, and then we came back and watched, or tried to watch, Bridesmaids.  I say try because I had taken some NyQuil for my cold and basically passed out while Christian watched the movie/listened to me and my incoherent, drugged babble.

Saturday we went and visited my grandparents who I haven’t seen since October!  It was so nice to finally see them again!  We then stopped at Panera (they didn’t have any freakin’ plain bagels.  Who do they think they are?  I had to go with whole grain.  I don’t think so, Joe Sanders), and also Smoothie King.  Yippee!  We got to visit my neighbors, the Browns, too which was wonderful of course.  Then it was time to get Christian ready. He looked all spiffy in his bow tie and tux!  Kourtney finally got home from her softball game and getting her hair done so we rushed around getting her dress on and her stuff together so we could go to pictures, which she was taking with her friends at the old Soldier’s and Sailor’s home.  I felt like a proud parent taking pictures of my sister and best friend because they looked SO CUTE!!! It was great.  Then we sent them off and my parents and I grabbed some Taco Bell for dinner before having to go to the school to get ready for Post Prom.

Now let me tell you, that was an interesting experience.  Since my mom was the prize coordinator, we had to help her organize the prizes, tally up the totals, etc. etc.  It was a family affair.  Throughout the night, we raffled off various prizes and cash prizes, and then at the end of the night we raffled off the big prizes onstage after the hypnotist (including 3 TVs, 2 Google Chromebooks, 3 iPads/iPad Minis, Beats headphones, and more).  All that was without a microphone, so mom, dad, and I had to shout out to the crowd with the winner’s name.  Later, Christian told me that Kourtney was really embarrassed by us all on stage, which I thought was really funny.  We also had to help tear down decorations that were hot glued to the wall and impossible to come off.  Hooray… But it all went well overall!  Mom, Dad, Christian, and I all went to Denny’s afterward, and finally went to bed around 6 in the morning.  Talk about exhaustion and waking up with an even worse cold at noon…

My studly fwiend
Hahahaha awkward candids!





Da fammm


Peacocks fo’ lyfeee



Love my buddy 🙂


Prom pose w/ mama!


Love ya, dad 🙂



Check out these awesome prize ladies




Silly dad…




Da girlssss



Cute couple

We had to be back to Purdue by 6 since Christian had his Life in Color Paint Party to go to at 7.  It was supposed to be on Thursday, but because of the weather, it got cancelled and moved to Sunday.  Well wasn’t that just what everyone wanted… a huge electronic concert on the band practice fields right outside of Shreve on a Sunday night.

Steak N’ Shake on the way back to Purdue!

When the concert started, the music reverberated throughout Shreve.  No matter where you were in the building, you could hear the music.  It was sooooo loud.  Annie, as well as others, expressed their anger with not being able to go to bed and being sick.

Well, I decided to take advantage of this basically free concert.  I really love Krewella, the headliner, so I dragged Jess outside with me to stand on the edge of the fence and watch the concert.  It was perfect.  We could see/hear everything perfectly, and we didn’t even have to pay the $50 to get in!  The only thing we didn’t get was paint sprayed on us, but that was okay, because everyone said it was really cold and messy anyways.  I was going crazy because it was so much fun!

The concert from my view

On Monday, Christian and I laid out and did some sun basking, as he called it. 


On Monday night, there was a supposed meteor shower, so Jared and I went to Slayter Hill and tried to find some shooting stars.  Good news: I saw my first one!  Yayyy!! It was really nifty.  As we walked back, we checked out the damage from the concert and found buckets of leftover paint, which I took the liberty of putting on myself.  Sorry not sorry.

Having my own paint party

And as far as another crazy adventures goes, last night Christian, Jared, and I were all hanging out chilling on Christian’s bed, and it all of a sudden turned into an impromptu wrestling match, and everyone almost fell off the bed.  Luckily we didn’t, but the mattress did.


Wow, I only have one more week for my freshman year at Purdue.  There’s no way it went by this fast.  I can’t even believe it.  Gahhhhhh!!

Also, this is for you, Gliegs.


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