Honduras Day 6.

Fair warning: kind of a boring day down in Honduras.  But, here ya go!

Journal Day 6 May 18, 2013
            Today was our first free day during our trip, so we all took advantage of it and relaxed!  The day began at 8:00 am when we all met for breakfast because we were really excited that we were going to have pancakes!  Even though it was a Saturday and we would have rather slept in, we were too excited for pancakes.  We also had cornflakes and fruit for breakfast, and instead of syrup for our pancakes, we had honey from the hives on Zamorano’s campus!  Several of the students we’ve talked to here have worked with the beehives and really enjoyed it, so it was cool to have some fresh honey.  Also, the pancakes were banana flavored!  Yum!
            Pool time commenced afterwards, and that’s where we spent most of the day.  We read some of our books, swam a little, tanned a little…but overall a pretty unproductive day.  Literally all we did was eat and swim.  We left the pool around noon to get lunch, and we were overjoyed to find out that we were having pizza! Woohoo!  There’s nothing like craving a food and then being able to have it!  The cooks baked us fresh pizzas: one with ham and one that was supreme.  It was absolutely delicious!!  I seriously think that the best pizzas come from foreign countries because in Mexico I had really good pizza as well.  But then one of the cooks came up to us and was speaking to us in Spanish and asking us questions, like what we wanted for dinner, and then something about what we wanted with the pizza.  She started listing off a bunch of things really fast, and all we caught was uvas and coca, the words for grapes and Coke.  We thought she wanted to know what food we wanted with the pizza, so we were excited when she said grapes because that sounded really good!  We were a little confused about why she said Coke too, but we were too pumped for the grapes.  Next thing you know, she brings out some bottles of soda and a lot of them are grape flavored.  So she had actually wanted to know what we wanted to drink….oops.  I got a strawberry banana one though, and it was so good!  But the cook did say a word we knew for sure: helada, or ice cream!  We all got really excited, and she brought out vanilla ice cream for us later.  It was a little different from American ice cream because it was more crystally, but it was still good.
            We had some more pool time after lunch and spent it as quality chatting and bonding time.  Then, as we were heading back to the hotel, we saw a stray dog on “The Zoo Way” that looked so sick and malnourished.  We felt bad but had no food, so Becca filled a cup with some water and set it near the dog.  We watched it lap up the water very quickly, and we refilled the cup 2 more times.  It was so sad looking and we felt so bad!  So once we got back to the hotel, Katie and I brought a couple pieces of leftover pizza from lunch and gave it to the dog.  It loved it!  Even though it’s human food, it’s probably better than starving.  Katie and I went to the little store after that to buy some stuff, because my water bottle broke randomly today and I wanted to buy a bottle.  Unfortunately, I went to the store twice today and there was no water to be found!  So I bought a Gatorade and a banana flavored soda, which I have yet to try.  I also bought a fresh mango because the one I had yesterday was too good.  Katie went all out and bought a candy bar, Gatorade, Cap’n Crunch, Doritos, and banana bread.  Hey, we’re all at the point where we want a little junk food.
            Dinner was after that, which consisted of fried chicken, French fries, bread, tomatoes, and an apple.  Nothing too exciting, but hey, food is food.  We organized all of the stuff that Eloisa had bought yesterday (supplies and food for the rural schools).  Hashtag teamwork!  Some girls did laundry then, but a bunch of us were hanging out in Lindsey and I’s room chatting and bonding.  I’d have to say that this was really the first day we’ve really felt super connected to the point where we’d all just sit around and chat with each other.  It’s pretty cool actually, because it’s hard to meet people in your classes at school and really get to know them, but through this trip, it’s so easy to get to know people quickly!
            Tomorrow we’re going on our first mini trip! So excited!   
I don’t have my camera with me to upload pictures, but here’s one more from last night:

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