Honduras Day 13.

Journal Day 13, May 25, 2013
            Another free day in Zamorano!!  We met at 8:30 for a scrumptious breakfast of French toast, cornflakes, a banana, and juice.  I seriously love this French toast!  I want to bring it back with me!  It was also great because I went in my pjs J
            Since we’re leaving for Lake Yojoa and Copan tomorrow, some of us went to the bank on campus to exchange some money.  It wasn’t as difficult as we thought it would be!  We just had to wait a really long time in line.  The line started outside the bank, but when we got to the door, a guard had to check our purses and had a metal detector wand!  When we got inside, we still had to wait in a long line.  We weren’t even sure if we were in the right line or if we needed our passports (which I didn’t bring!).  But when we got to the window, we just said. “Necesito hacer un intercambio.”  The woman exchanged our money, and that was that!  I was slightly surprised because Miss Lacey had said that everything in Honduras, including banking, was inefficient and took forever.  This seemed pretty efficient to me, even though it took a long time!
            After the bank, we went to the store next door to buy some food before we left Zamorano.  I had to stock up on Chiky cookies in all the flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.  Yes, I spent 150 lps. ($7.50) on cookies.  #fat.  But when I went to pay for them, I also saw a Chiky candy bar.  So I impulsively bought it. #fatter.  Then we went to Espresso Americano later in the day to get mochaccinos, which were basically Oreo milkshakes with a shot of espresso. #fattest.
            The good news is we spent a long time at the pool, so we were burning off those calories, right?  Wrong!  Actually, we were just burning up.  (Thanks, Laura, for that joke.)  Everyone looks like a tomato now, especially Aidan, whose nickname from last night was Tomate 15, so it was fitting.  At noon, we all went to lunch and had pizza, which was fantastic!  Then it was back to the pool.
            We all left around 3 to go back to the hotel, and then Laura and I went to the soccer court to watch Jeffry and Juan play a pickup game for a little while.  It was really funny because Juan tried to score so many times and wasn’t able to, and everyone yelled, “Juan!!” in exasperation.
            Dinner was at 6, and it consisted of chicken sandwiches, fries, and soda and mangoes.  Unfortunately, we had to pack after that, which is never fun.  But then Laura and I met Jeffry outside of the Kellogg Center to say goodbye, so we hung out for a little bit.  As he was about to leave, he said he had a surprise for us.  He told us about how when you finish each year of school in Zamorano, all your friends sign your uniform shirt.  So, he pulled a blue uniform shirt out of his backpack that said, “We will miss you! Don’t forget us!  This is not a big thing, but it’s special and we give you with all the love possible. THANK  YOU! Was a pleasure to meet all of you! From: Jeffry, Gustavo, and Juan. To: Laura, Katie and Kasey.”  Literally, this is the cutest thing ever!  It was so sweet, so the three of us decided to pass it around, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants style.  Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye then L.
            Kayla, Lindsey, Katie, Laura, and I hung out in our room after that, talking and playing games and being ridiculously sleep-deprived.  We’ll sleep well on our 4 hour van trip tomorrow!


Our new shirt!







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