Honduras Day 14.

Journal Day 14 May 26, 2013
            We woke up this morning to the awful realization that we would be leaving Zamorano within an hour.  Why was I upset?  Because I feel as if we actually established lives there!  Even though we were only there for 2 weeks, we had worked in the school as if it was our job,  we had gone to the bank and the store, and we had made friends that we hung out with regularly.  We had even developed a good relationship with the cafeteria people! So, even though we were excited to be going to Copan to begin round 2 of our adventure in Honduras, it was definitely bittersweet.
            We met for breakfast at 8 and had our last meal in the cafeteria: cornflakes, cheese quesadillas, and scrambled eggs.  Oh, and that delicious breakfast juice!  As soon as breakfast was over, we walked our last walk back to the Kellogg Center, past the pretty trees and under the tunnel.  Wow, I’m sure going to miss that place.
            After one last room check, we brought all our stuff downstairs to wait for the bus.  Katie and I also stopped by our friend Wendy’s room to say goodbye to her.  Unfortunately, Karen was in Nicaragua for her brother’s birthday, so we weren’t able to say goodbye to her.  Then, before we knew it, we were on the bus/van for a 3 hour drive to Lake Yojoa.  And what an interesting drive it was.
            Both Megan and Becca had gone out with Ivy last night, and Ivy didn’t feel good when she got back.  She was fine this morning, but Megan and Becca both felt extremely sick!  They were convinced it was a mixture of dehydration, sunburn/sun poisoning, and the bean dip they had eaten.  So, about 20 minutes into the drive, Becca asked for a bag, which I gave her and into which she promptly threw up.  Anyone who knows me knows that I hate puking, so I was kind of freaking out to be sitting on a closed space with a bag of puke.  We had to stop on the side of the road and throw it out the window, which sounds really bad because that doesn’t happen in America.  However, in Honduras, as you drive down the roads, trash just lines the street.  We stopped at a gas station then to get them Gatorades and so people could use the restroom.  Fortunately, the girls both felt better after getting some electrolytes in their systems, and then proceeded to laugh about their illness the rest of the day, comparing it to the scene in the movie, Bridesmaids, when everyone gets food poisoning and starts sweating and looking pale.  Honestly, the description fits perfectly!
            The rest of the bus/van ride was pretty uneventful.  We played some CatchPhrase and had a nice jam sesh with my speakers and Kayla’s Copan playlist.  Luckily, there were no more illnesses for the rest of the trip.
            Last night we had voted on the place we wanted to stop for lunch today.  Jubin wanted us to mess with JoAnn and vote for the pupusa place because she doesn’t like it, and so we did.  However, when we did our real vote, we still picked it!  But when we got to the restaurant, we saw that Wendy’s was right next to it, and most of us changed our minds and decided that we wanted fast food instead.  And thank goodness we did, because FROSTYS, HOLLA!!  I have developed a whole new appreciation for frozen delicacies since going without during this trip.
            We drove the last 40 minutes to the hotel at Lake Yojoa and got our rooms with the same roommates as in Zamorano.  The rooms are gorgeous!  We each get a double bed (which is so awesome, because I miss my big bed at home and the Kellogg Center only had baby beds) and there’s even a hammock hanging up in the room!  I’m currently laying in it as I’m typing this, and I even took a nap in it before dinner tonight!  So freakin’ comfortable!  But we only had a few minutes to admire our rooms and change into our swimsuits because we were leaving to go to a park right away to go under a waterfall!
            The ride to the park was only about 20 minutes, and as soon as we got there and got out of the vehicle, we could feel the humidity blanketing our skin.  It was so incredibly hot!  But it wouldn’t be for long!  We met our guide and stripped into our suits and began our H2O adventure.  Everyone decided to participate, except for Shazia and Eloisa, who were the official photographers of the experience.  It was only 200 lempiras, or 10 dollars, so why not??   The waterfall was so incredibly beautiful, so we couldn’t wait to see what it was like up close.
            We began the tour by following our guide down this path on a cliff next to the pool at the end of the waterfall.  We were all barefoot, so many of us came away with scratches and bruises on our feet with all the rocks and gravel on the ground.  It was like a freakin’ obstacle course with all the climbing around on rocks we were doing!  But we finally got down to where the water was, and it was absolutely amazing!!  We ended up behind and underneath the waterfall, so when we looked up, we could see the water falling from the top, and it was awesome!  It was so hard to see sometimes, because the mist from the waterfall was spraying in our faces.  In fact, most of the time we were maneuvering around the falls was spent holding hands in a long chain so we could find where we needed to go even though we were blind from water.  We even got to go inside this cave type thing that was basically pitch black that was behind the fall.  We were all constantly screaming and yelling and whooping and telling each other, “Can we just stop and reflect on our lives right now?” because it was just so gorgeous and amazing.  The best part was that it started pouring down rain while we were there, but none of us could tell because we were continually getting sprayed in the face with the waterfall water!
            On our way back up the cliff, we stopped on this little ledge and did a short 10 foot or so jump into a mini pool.  It was a lot of fun, but Megan got really scared and said she couldn’t do it.  We were all screaming and cheering for her to do it, and finally she did, but only after the guide jumped in with her.  Lia slipped on the rock and everyone gasped because we thought she hadn’t jumped out far enough from the rocks on the edge, but she was okay.
            But that little jump was wimpy in comparison to the grand finale of our tour: jumping off a 25 foot cliff and into the water at the base of the waterfall!!  It was so much fun!!  When I got to the very edge of the cliff, I was a little nervous, I admit.  I mean let’s be real: it’s not rational to be excited about jumping off a cliff into potentially snake-infested and mercury filled water.  But I’m so glad I did it, even if my butt did hurt a little after it made contact with the water.  Megan and Lia were the only 2 that decided they weren’t able to jump off, and Ivy took a lot of convincing!
            Since it was still raining when we finished jumping off the cliff, we were all so soaked and piled onto the bus/van dripping wet.  A hot shower was first on our agenda back at the hotel, and then dinner after that at a restaurant at the hotel.  I had chicken fajitas, beans, and platanos verde, which tasted like potato chips.  It was really tasty!


            Right now, me, Lindsey, Laura, Katie, and Kayla are watching a movie in our bug-infested room and listening to the thunderstorm outside. Unfortunately, the internet doesn’t work, but it’s very peaceful and relaxing, and I know I’ll sleep well tonight!  
Waterfall with Katie and Laura!


So purdyyy


Hammock in our room!







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