Honduras Day 15.

Journal Day 15 May 27, 2013
            We had to say goodbye to our beautiful hotel this morning and start our last leg of our journey to Copan.  We started with a hearty buffet breakfast of eggs, watermelon and pineapple, beans, plantains, French toast, pancakes, and juice.  When breakfast was over, we all went out to the lake to walk around for a little bit since it had been storming the night before and we didn’t get a chance to.  It was so beautiful!  There was a rickety old bridge that went over the water that we all walked out on, and the view was spectacular!   After that, we were back on the road.
            This bus ride was a lot longer and a lot less eventful than yesterday’s.  We jammed a little at the beginning, but other than that we were reading or fitfully sleeping.  For 5. Straight. Hours.  It wasn’t the most pleasant thing in the world, but worse has happened.  After the seemingly endless drive, we made it to Copan and our hotel for the next few nights!  Lindsey and I added Ivy to our room as our roommate, and somehow I lucked out to get the big bed of the 3 in the room!  I’m not complaining J.  It’s kind of a small room, but it will be fine for a couple days.  I’m just glad we’re in a 1st floor room and I didn’t have to lug my 50+ pound suitcase up the stairs again, even if that meant we couldn’t have a balcony. 
            A spaghetti and garlic bread lunch awaited us after we put our stuff in our rooms, and it was pretty good, especially after 5 hours without food.  When lunch was over, we were free to roam the city of Copan to shop!  And let me tell you, Copan is absolutely gorgeous!  All the streets are made of stone and there are a bunch of little shops lining the street selling a variety of different things.  There is a little plaza in the middle too, where a bunch of people just chill and hang out.  It’s really pretty and quaint!
            We unpacked a little, and then we decided to go out and shop a little bit, even though we were all groaning because we’re running out of money and we still really wanted to buy stuff.  But it was a fun experience to meander through the cute little streets.  We also asked these 2 high school boys where a good place would be to go dancing tonight, and they said Papa Changos.  They tried to give us directions, but then they said they could just take us there.  We began following them as a group, but after about 5 minutes, we realized we were no longer in the cute, quaint little Copan where our hotel is, and we were beginning to enter the outskirts.  It got to be a little bit creepy, especially when we passed a handsy drunk guy, so we thanked the boys for their time and headed back before reaching our destination.
            When we were finished exploring, we all took showers and headed out for dinner at 7.  Beings that we were all in an unfamiliar town in an unfamiliar country, we had no idea where we wanted to go.  However, we went where Eloisa suggested, a place called Via Via, which was an American-like bar where things were actually written in English.  Hallelujah.  I got these cheese/lettuce/salsa tortilla things which were pretty good!  We were fortunate to be sitting outside on the patio, and it was absolutely gorgeous.  It was a lot of fun despite the fact that we spent 3 hours total there, waiting for food, eating, and waiting for our bill.  Perhaps that’s just the Honduran way.
            As we were about to leave, we met this guy from New York who said he was a medical student and was down in Honduras by himself.  We had him take our picture and then we were asking him where a good place to go out and dance would be, but everything was closed since it was a Monday night.  Rats.  Since that was a bust, some of us went to the plaza area and had our own dance party with the mini speakers.  The little city was so quiet and beautiful at night! There was almost nobody around, and it was just so nice and peaceful, although most people were sketched out a little bit.  But it seemed like something out of a movie!  The dance party soon disbanded when a random group of guys whistled at us, so we rushed back to the hotel.
            At the hotel, some of us just messed around in Katie, Laura, and Lia’s room, creeping on people and talking and such.  It was a good time, and a good first night in Copan!
Dinner at Via Via


Kayla learning some Spanish


@ Lake Yojoa!


@ Lake Yojoa!


The beautiful Copan



Aww yeah, fruit-flavored sugar








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