Honduras Day 17.

Sorry I’m a tad late with putting these last posts up!!

Journal Day 17, May 29, 2013
            Another day to say goodbye!  But this time, instead of saying goodbye to the schools and friends we’d made, we were saying goodbye to the beautiful city of Copan!
            But before we left, we had some breakfast: French toast, fruit, etc. etc.  We got to sleep in a little bit (finally!), and then after we ate we got to hang out in town a little bit.  So naturally, we went to Espresso Americano for our last granitas and mochaccinos before we were subjected to getting Starbucks in America.  Laura and I both got white mochaccinos, just to mix it up a little bit. 
            We left Copan on the bus/van around noon to begin our 4ish hour bus ride to San Pedro Sula, aka the murder/drug capital of the world…or maybe it was just Honduras.  Who knows.  All I know is that we were headed straight for a dangerous city, and most of us can’t speak any Spanish.  So that was good.
            The bus ride was pretty chill; Laura and I just chatted and read and looked out the windows to say goodbye to the gorgeous Honduran mountains.  It’s actually pretty interesting to think about: when I was little, I always had to pack a bag of fun things to do on long car rides, such as books, movies, games, puzzle books, coloring books, etc.  Now I’m just content with looking out the window and stewing in my musings.
            We made a stop at the San Pedro Sula City Mall before going to our hotel so we could eat and shop if we wanted to.  Half of us went to Little Caesar’s Pizza, and the other half Wendy’s.  If you couldn’t tell, we were definitely missing our good ol’ greasy fast food.  I got a delicious calzone and a Coke, which definitely satiated my American food craving, at least for awhile.  We walked around the huge, multi-story mall for awhile, getting lots of looks since we were a huge pack of gringos, but we weren’t really feeling the shopping considering we still had a $40 “leave the country” fee we had to deal with, along with various tipping.  So we picked up Subway sandwiches to take for dinner later, and we were off to the hotel.
            Our arrival in San Pedro Sula was pretty surprising.  It looked a lot like a city in America, although it did seem a little sketchier, but that could have been due to my preconceived notions of the city.  We watched in interest out the windows, trying to see if we could see any sketchy drug deals or anything bizarre like that…but we didn’t.  We were probably better off that way!
            When we finally made it to our hotel, we were surprised to see that it was less of a hotel and more a group of mini apartments, all gated and guarded from the illegal activities outside.  We had the same room assignments as in Copan, so Ivy, Lindsey, and I entered our room (which was on the first floor: hallelujah for not having to drag our suitcases upstairs!) to find a mini living room, kitchen, bathroom, and 2 bedrooms.  I lucked out again and got the single room with the big bed while the other girls shared a room with 2 small beds.  I felt bad for getting the good room again, but they said they didn’t mind.  It was fine with me: I was always up later than them anyways and didn’t want to wake them up when I came back!
            We got settled in, watched a little TV, ate our sandwiches, and showered.  At 8, we all went to Becca, Megan, and Shazia’s room to watch the iMovie video Becca had made on her computer with all the pictures from the trip.  It was really cute!  She had a bunch of pictures and video clips from all the different events of our trip and had it all to music (including Danza Kuduro, the song of our trip!).  It was a good review of all the things we experienced the past 3 weeks, and it made me a little sad knowing that it was over already.
            Afterwards, Lindsey, Laura, Katie, Kayla, and I all went to Laura, Katie, and Lia’s room to have our final dance party.  We pushed the kitchen table off to the side and blasted some tunes and had our last Honduras jam sesh until 1 am.  Katie insisted on pulling an all-nighter, but nobody was really feeling that idea, so we went to bed. It was an awesome way to end our last full day in Honduras.
Photos: (I haven’t finished uploading the rest of the photos, but here are a couple from a few days ago that other people took)


Dancing at Twisted Tanya’s!


Overlooking the city of Copan


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