Apartment High.

I’m writing this now because I never want to forget this feeling.

This feeling of excitement. Of promise. Of FUN.

I was going to write this post next week, once I was completely moved in to the new place and had my first day of class and my first day of work at Nine Irish Brothers.  However, I just can’t wait that long!  Because I don’t know when this feeling wears off, this feeling that from here on out I will refer to as an “Apartment High.”  I know halfway through the school year, when it’s freezing cold and dark and snowy and I have homework piled up and my room is a mess and there’s no food in the fridge, I will NOT feel the way I do now.  So I need to document it before it disappears.

Yesterday morning was the big move in day (and Jess will be here Saturday)!  My dear roommate Annie has been working on apartment stuff since we got the go-ahead-and-move-in-now email on Sunday.  And let me tell you, she is great.  She went through and did an excellent cleaning job before I came, and even got us a new living room carpet out of it.  So when I arrived yesterday afternoon, my dad, sister, and I all loaded down with boxes and bags and tubs of all my crap, I was able to move right in.  And I am notorious for having a lot of crap, by the way.

So we got all my stuff moved in and my dad got my desk put together and we went to Walmart to get some food to hold us over for awhile until we can really make a shopping trip and then we went to Annie’s parents’ house for some delicious lasagna.  And then I had to say goodbye, which freakin’ sucked, because today Kourtney leaves for Nebraska and I’m so excited for her, but I also wish she wasn’t so grown up already.  So yeah.

Shoutout to you, sister!  You will do great at Nebraska!  I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to hear about all the adventures you have at your new school in this new chapter of your life.  Remember, I’m always here if you need me 🙂

But then I came back to good ol’ apartment 4 and finished unpacking my stuff and organizing it.  Annie and my friends, Matt and Corey, came over to hang out for a little, so it was good to see them.  But then they left, and most of the big unpacking was done, and suddenly Annie and I realized that we were about to spend our first night in our apartment. She even made the comment that this was the first time I have ever really been alone and unsupervised in my living, considering I had an RA the past 2 years.  It felt great!  

So then we started going through our apartment, deciding where we wanted to hang decorations and the things we liked and disliked about it.  But boy do we love it!  And yeah, sure the paint job is mediocre at best, and there are stains on the carpet, and our faucet handle has chips in it, and there’s a chunk of tile missing in our bathroom, and the air doesn’t flow into our bedrooms, and the doors are missing from our closets, and people can see into our apartment from the parking lot.  But honestly?  It makes me love this place even more.  It’s a place of our own, and I am so excited to live here the next 2 years.  I legitimately feel so giddy with excitement right now as I sit here in my new living room, stomach full of orange rolls that I made for Annie and I for our first meal in the new place.  It’s going to be a great year 🙂

Annie and I moving in to apartment 4. More pics to come!

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