Yes, since the last time I wrote, I got two spend not one but TWO holidays with the bae, aka the one and only Luscious Yashas, hence the title of the post.  And if you don’t know what ‘bae’ means… 

bae (n, adj): before anyone else, or a way to say babe, baby, etc.
I went on a date with bae last night.
That guy over there is so bae.

Wow, Kasey, you’ve been together for what, two months?  And you already put him before anyone else?

C’mon guys, you know me better than that.  Obviously my cats are number one in my life.

But anyway, yes, I got to head over to Champaign to spend Halloween with Yashas and we were definitely one of those couples with our coordinating costumes: Batman and Catwoman!  We went to some of the bars and met up with Little Red Riding Hood (aka Katie) and had a blast despite the arctic temperatures.

And then there was Thanksgiving.
And I brought Yashas home to meet my family.
Dun dun dunnnnnn.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen.  I brought my poor, unsuspecting boyfriend home to meet the Kaisershots and Ritchies.

I know what you’re thinking: The poor boy!  Probably scarred for life!  He’ll never be the same!  What was Kasey thinking?!

Okay, really voice in my head that I’m pretending is talking out loud for the sake of a blog audience?  You aren’t giving me or my family much credit here.  Here’s how it went down:

Tuesday:  I had class until 5:45 pm (ew) and then I drove to Champaign to see Yashas and to stuff our faces with Maize Mexican Grill food.  Meanwhile, my poor sis was on an 11 hour train ride home from Nebraska (also ew).

Wednesday: Yashas and I drove to good ole Normal (where the weekend was about to be anything but Normal) to a nearly empty house besides my sis (the ‘rents were at work).  I hugged my cats, I hugged my sis, and then I gave Yashas his early bday present: the book, The Science of Interstellar, because he loves that movie and he nerded out which was great.  I proceeded to work on my student teaching application (no joke guys, I’m already starting that stuff, real life is approaching rapidly) until my parents got home for 5 seconds and then took off again with Kourtney to U of I to see the Illinois vs. Nebraska volleyball game.  Then Katie and Chloe (there you go, Chlo, you were mentioned in my blog) and I introduced Yashas to the famous Avanti’s gondolas and we hung out at home with Brooke and just talked and reminisced as usual.  It was so great to see all the girls…I missed them so much!

Thursday:  Today was the big day.  We woke up and got ready and headed to my aunt Cathy’s at 1 for an early Thanksgiving meal.  Shoutout to her for the fabulous food!  Poor Yashas met like 15ish new people and my grandpa even stole him away for awhile which made him a little nervous, but he did great meeting everyone.  I also had to explain to my grandma how Tinder works since that’s how we met (LOLOLOLOLOL).  We stuffed our faces and then dipped because the Kaisershots had to gear up for Black Friday at Mrs. Fields.  We got to the mall around 4:45 or so, all suited up and with our new recruit, Yashas, and began baking and getting ready for the psychos who decide to shop on Thanksgiving (yeah, I know, making my boyfriend work during the holidays, I’m the worst.  He enjoyed it though).  We worked until about 1 am and, exhausted, we came home to go to bed.

Friday:  We did basically nothing ’cause we were tired.

Saturday: I worked on homework, Yashas and I went on a walk to my old elementary school, and the fam went to see the new Hunger Games movie.  Again, basically a pretty chill day, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sunday:  We got up early, packed up our stuff, and went to Flat Top Grill for breakfast.  Then I had to say goodbye to my lovely family and we headed back to Champaign.  I cried the whole way back for the most part because of all the goodbyes.  It was awful.  Then it was back to Purdue since I had to work.

The End.

And in other news:

October:  I went to the ISEA conference in Indianapolis with PSEA which is always a fun experience.  Also, Syd turned 21, so Annie and I got her a vicious wolf shirt for her birthday.  It’s your typical 21st bday present, didn’t you know?

November: Jess turned 21!  A bunch of girls came over and we celebrated that weekend.  Poor girl did NOT feel so hot the next day.

December: Nine Irish Brothers Christmas party was last night!  It was fun to hang out with all my coworkers, even if it was on a Monday night and I have 49237459 projects and exams to work on this week.

Speaking of that, I better go considering I have a huge semester-long project to present in 2 hours.  Lol.  Until next time, ya’ll. XOXO

Let’s just take a second to appreciate this sexy fam of mine


I mean really. Stud status.


I am thankful for my sister!


And also for my handsome boyfrannnd.


Catwoman and Little Red Riding Hood


Catwoman and Batman


ISEA Fall Conference


Wolf shirt: the traditional 21st birthday gift


EAPS is the worst


Don’t be fooled by our smiles.  We all hate this class.


And our TA takes selfies.


Nine Irish hostesses


And some of my other awesome coworkers


And Jason


Oh, and that time that I cut Jess’s hair.


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