Twenty Nifty(n)

Lol, get it?  Like, 2015, but 20 with a nifty after it, and then an ‘n’ for good measure?  Well, I thought it was funny.  Maybe I’m biased.

Why the title of the post?  Well, because 2015 has been kick a** so far!  But perhaps we should play a quick game of catch up first.

So, since the last time we chatted, here’s what happened to finish up 2014:

1. Sarah Kay, a spoken word poet I really admire, came to campus to perform!  It was absolutely incredible, and I got to get a picture with her too.  SHE IS FABULOUS, GUYS.  I highly suggest watching her videos on Facebook.  Preferably right now.

2. If you followed my Snap Story at all, you knew how much my lab partner, Katie, and I HATED our Earth Science class.  So, to celebrate the end of the semester, we compiled all these snaps into a video, which you can view below.

3. During finals week, Syd, Annie, and I decided to YOLO and drove to Indy for the day to go to the Scholastic book fair at the warehouse down there to buy books for our future classroom libraries.  If that doesn’t scream “dedicated teacher,” I don’t know what does.  (Okay, a lot of things scream that.  But still.)  It was a freakin’ good time, and we made sure to make a pit stop at Taco Bell where we ordered about 5x more food than you would think is humanly possible for women of our size.

4. Gas was under $2.00.  And if you didn’t celebrate that momentous occasion, then you aren’t American.  Well, unless you were born in the United States.  Or you applied for citizenship after coming here.  Then you are in fact American.

5. I finished the semester with all ‘A’s!  Even blasted EAPS and Ag Econ!  Woot!  Also, shout out to my lil sis for completing her first semester at Nebraska with all ‘A’s!

6. Yashas finally got to visit Purdue!  He came Wednesday of finals week since he was done on Tuesday and I was done Monday.  It was so good to spend some time with him.  We had a Christmas dinner/gift exchange on Thursday with the roomies and Jess’s boyfriend, Michael, and our friends Corey and Matt.  (And Yashas got me cat pajamas, no joke.  It has a tail and everything.  True love right here lol.)  The two of us also got to go to Greyhouse, a coffee shop on campus, with Jess and Michael, and also McCord’s, which is an old fashioned candy/soda shop, with Jess, Brooke, and her boyfriend, Ethan!  It was a great way to end the semester!

7.  I got to go home for Christmas!  I spend some time with my main chicks and with da fam.  Oh, and of course we worked at Mrs. Fields during that time.

Snugglin’ wit ma boos.

Now, before I get to the good news of 2015, I have to start off with some of the bad things.

1. Our idiot neighbors kicked 2 huge holes in our apartment hallway.  Dummies.
2. A pipe burst in our apartment carport.  No major damage, but still.  That sucked.
3. Annie tore her ACL while on a ski trip and had surgery last week.  She’s been at home recovering and I’ve visited her a couple times.  She’s healing, slowly but surely, and she has been such a trooper!  Oh, and her leg looks like a burrito.
4. Jess moved to a new apartment because she was having a hard time focusing here to be successful, and it was sad to see her go, but she’s happier now and I still get to see her.  It’s just sad because we’ve pretty much been roommates since we’ve met!

Enough of the bad stuff.  Here’s why 2015 is so nifty!

1. WE WENT TO CANCUN!!!  My fam and 2 neighbor families went to Cancun for round two (we did this 2 years ago too).  It was AMAZING to be where it was sunny and warm.  This cold has been killer!  We stayed on a resort and our days consisted of laying out, swimming in the pool, going to the ocean, and eating pretty much.  We also did Zumba (and Tyler got chased around the pool by the resort workers for quitting), learned how to Salsa dance (where I got pulled back by the instructor for trying to leave), how to make guacamole, and saw some shows at night.  My mom and Kim were in one of the shows, and part of it was they had to collect shoes, pants, and bras from the audience to earn points.  And yes, I did give up all those items for the sake of their win. #noshame.  Then my dad and mom were in the show called “The Perfect Couple” and had to do things that I probably should have been embarrassed by but was laughing too hard to care!  It was so beautiful there and I hate that my tan is already starting to fade 😦  Take me back!

The whole clan on New Year’s Eve!


Recreating the airport pyramid pic of 2012


Da fam


Da girls


Learning to Salsa


Our Zumba instructor, Esau, at the White Party!


Tyler 🙂


Da kidz.


Da beach.


Da kidz on da beach.






…sister pics!

2. I already like most of my classes and instructors!  I’m really interested in my English Language Learner class, and I’m in a 2nd grade class for my field experience this semester!  I’m even in a PE for elementary majors class, and it is already SO MUCH FUN!!  We actually get to play games as if we are in elementary PE.  Oh, and I only have Friday class 4 times the entire semester.  Holla!

3.  I’ve already seen Yashas twice!  We went to an Indian restaurant the first time which was my first experience with Indian food.  Then went I went to visit him last night and today, he made me an absolutely delicious meal of naan pizza and chicken jalfrezi.  This kid could just quit computer science and become a chef if he wanted, I’m pretty sure.  But besides his cooking, he’s just an all around amazing guy, and our four month anniversary will be on the 21st!  Time flies!

Some of the best stuff ever!!



4.  My dad had his birthday on the 7th.  Happy birthday to him!!

Welp, I’ll keep y’all posted this year.  Thanks so much for everyone who was a part of my 2014 and can’t wait to see what 2015 has to bring!

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