April Thus Far: (Feet)uring a Walking Boot and Crutches

Yes, yes, I am completely aware that I spelled ‘featuring’ wrong in the title. Don’t you think the Parkside Junior High 7th grade spelling bee runner up would know such a thing? You guys don’t give me enough credit.

I guess we’ll jump right in.

Being Artsy Fartsy
Because I can’t go extended periods of time without seeing my favorite people in the world (aka my family), my mama, grandmama, and sis…mama(?) came to visit me earlier this month over Kourt’s spring break.  Well, welcome to West Lafayette, the place where there’s nothing to do. So what did we do? We painted pottery, much to my mom’s and grandma’s displeasure.  But hey, we all had a good time and the pieces look fabulous.


And you wonder where my mom and I get it from… 😉

Because I can’t go extended periods of time without seeing my favorite people in the world (hey, this sentence sounds familiar…can you plagiarize off yourself?), I went home for Easter weekend and even got to bring Lush! I brought him home Saturday morning (where we–well, I– spent a questionably long time petting my cats.  We went to my aunt Cathy’s house for Easter dinner later that afternoon, and it was awesome getting to see everyone and eat lots of food.  My fam is the bomb.com.

My sis rocks.


He’s so handsome 🙂


He told me not to give him a reason to look disgusted in pictures, so I told him off.

When we got home that night, Lush, my sister, and I hung out with some of my friends from high school, including Brooke and Katie who were both home too.  We all went to the Pub II to chill (I played my first round of darts and hit 3 bullseyes??), so it was awesome to spend time with them.

Pub II bathroom mirror selfie

When I got home, it was past midnight, aka let’s stuff our faces with every possible dessert imaginable to celebrate the end of the Lenten season.  Kourt made slutty brownies (omggg) and I ate too many of them.

After we woke up, we went to church as a fam and then relaxed a little before I had to bring Lush back to U of I and I drove back to the ‘Due.

My Fragile Week
Once upon a time there was a girl named Kasey whose body began to fail her despite her young age of 21.

First, I gave blood for the first time in 3 years.  No matter how hard I’d try, nobody ever wanted my blood because my hemoglobin levels were too low.  But finally, finally, they were high enough to give blood, so I did.  I sat on my chair and nervous-talked the whole time, silently freaking out to myself as the terrible memory of April 13, 2012 loomed in the back of my head, aka the first time I ever gave blood and the first time I ever passed out.  But no, everything was great, I filled my bag of blood (which I named Bernice), and I felt fine.  Until the corners of my vision started to go blurry, and I had just enough time to ask the phlebotomist to get me my water before I passed out.  Cool.

And then came Thursday.  I was so stoked because I had been wanting to go back to the Neon Cactus ever since my birthday but hadn’t had the chance to.  But this was the week I was gonna go, and I was pumped.  Syd and I got ready and headed over to meet a couple of our friends from education.  We got our drinks (Blue’s Clues, thanks to John the bartender) and were sitting at a table, watching the fascinating empty dance floor.  After awhile, Syd and I said, “Forget it,” and we hit the floor despite there being anyone there.  We were having a spectacular time, and we were going hard.  So hard that when I stepped down on the floor with my foot slightly sideways, I hurt my foot (Kourt claims I was ‘break’ dancing).  I tried to put on a tough face.  I tried to shake it off.  But when I couldn’t do it any longer, my hero (Syd of course) went to get me ice, and then we sat on a ledge together waiting for our ride.  Despite my pain, I high-fived anyone who would give me the time of day as they walked by us.  Syd’s friend finally came, and I limped over to the car.  When I got back to my apartment, it took me a solid 5 minutes to get up the single flight of stairs and as soon as I got through the door, I fell to the floor and literally crawled to my room where I lay on the floor for 10 minutes, trying to work up the gumption to get up and take a shower.

The night was so promising…


And then this happened.

Friday morning: Limped around the school and taught my lesson and finally decided the pain was too much.  I headed to urgent care (where I embarrassingly had to explain multiple times that I had hurt myself while dancing) and found out I had broken my foot on the 5th metatarsal.  I literally asked the doctor, “What do I do now?” because I had never broken a bone before.  So, I left the doctor’s office with some cool souvenirs, including some x-rays, crutches, and a pantie-dropper of a walking boot, which I was instructed to wear for 4-6 weeks.  It’s s’cute.

The Crew Takes NYC
It’s official: Katie and I have bought our tickets to visit Chloe during her internship in NYC this summer!  Watch out, Big Apple, we comin’ for ya.

Shoutout Corner:
Sydney: She was the real MVP when it came to my broken foot crisis.  Also, check out her new blog: http://in-syd-ious.blogspot.com/.
Jess: After hours upon hours upon hours during months and months of studying, she finally took the MCAT and will get her results in a few weeks!  Woot!
Annie, Dana, Laura: Congrats on getting inducted into Mortar Board today!
Andrea: My cousin got a new job out in Washington, D.C., so congrats to her!

Mood: Meh.
Obsession: Werther’s Originals will get me through this semester.
Jams: Any/all the top hip-hop playlists on Spotify, yo.
Hooray: The semester is over in a few weeks!
Fear: The semester is over in a few weeks…
Hate: EAPS.
Want: A soft serve vanilla ice cream cone. And a cat.
View: The rainy parking lot outside my apartment.

Bonus picture that I can’t rotate for whatever reason:

EAPS fieldtrip selfie


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