"I Didn’t Sign Up for This": 6 Thoughts I’ve Had This Past Week.

1. “Every Time!”: How I Manage to Injure Myself Whenever I Cactus.

Last week was Grand Prix week, y’all, aka the week that everyone gets hammered every day.  So Thursday I went to the Cactus with Syd and Kristen and we waited in line for…

…wait for it…

one and a half hours to get in.  That’s right everyone, we are dedicated.  But it was worth it and we had a good time.  I also walked away with a giant splinter in my hand from the support beams and also a huge bruise on the back of my thigh from where my walking boot jammed into it from dropping it low.  Apparently I can’t go there without hurting myself, yet I keep coming back. In case you missed it, read about the last time I Cactused (it’s a verb) here

2. “I Think This is Healthy…”: How I Justify my Snack-Eating Habits.

I made these really delicious peanut butter energy bites the other day (find the recipe here) because I needed some new healthy snack options.  Currently, my go-to snacks are string cheese and Go-Go Squeez applesauce, because I’m basically 5.  But I found this recipe, made them, and I am in love.  They’re supposed to be healthy, but I don’t know if it works like that when I eat 5 at a time.

3. “I’m Such a Nerd.”: How I Get Excited to Meet Up with Former Professors.

Last week, some of my former literacy professors emailed some students to see if we would be willing to get together to eat pizza and discuss the effectiveness and areas of improvement for the literacy courses.  I. Was. Stoked.  These were some of my favorite professors for some of my favorite classes.  Not only did I get to see them again, but they also bought us dinner and gave us Starbucks gift cards!  It was awesome!  Let’s just say that I really appreciate the fact that these women are concerned with the effectiveness of their classes and honestly want to take and use student feedback to improve them.  You don’t see that very often at universities.

4. “Friends are Pretty Cool.”: How Family Dinner was a Success.

It’s been awhile since Annie and I have hosted a Family Dinner, and with the semester wrapping up, we figured it was about darn time to have one.  So we feasted on pigs in a blanket, crock pot mac ‘n cheese, grapes, and brownies.  Because again, I’m basically 5.  But it was so great to have everyone there (shoutout to Brooke, Jess, Elaine, Matt, Shannon, and Syd for being able to make it) and I’m glad I have such awesome people in my life.

5. “I Didn’t Sign Up for This.”: Bathroom Adventures at the Daycare.

Here’s a fun story for you: Once upon a time, snack time was finishing up at daycare and a girl (we’ll call her ‘E’) came up to me and said her hands were sticky so she wanted to wash them.  We sent her to the bathroom, but she was in there for awhile, so I went in to check on her.  I walked in, and there she was, standing in the middle of the bathroom, pants down to her ankles and poop smeared all up her legs (she’s potty-trained, by the way).  Confused, I asked her if she had done this during snack time and she said no, she just did it.  She proceeds to pull her pants down further, causing more poop to fall out of her underwear.  I attempt to take off her shoes and pants very carefully so I could get her cleaned up, only to find that her shoes were also smeared with poop…and so was the floor and the toilet.

I didn’t sign up for this.

E had no extra pants in her cubby, but by some miracle of God, she had failed to soil her skirt.  So I shoved her dirty clothes and shoes in a bag, got her on the changing table to clean her up, and then proceeded to clean the poop that had somehow managed to get everywhere.

Can I put that on a teaching resume?

6. “Help.”: How Student Teaching is Already Stressing Me Out and Hasn’t Even Started.

Tonight we had our student teaching orientation to start preparing us for the things we’ll have to do next spring.

Wanna know how to make a good impression on future teachers?  Make them buy student teaching books for $187.00.  Cool.  So we got those and brought them to this orientation where we sat for 2 hours listening to all the assignments we will have to do and all the files we’ll need to keep and all the papers we need to read and all the lesson plans we’ll have to write and…

I’ll stop there so you aren’t stressed out too.

(Sarcastic) Shout Out Corner
My walking boot: Thanks for always supporting me! 
My bank account: Thanks for never being ‘high’ because that would be illegal.
My projects: You’re always there.  Not for me, but you’re just always there.

Purchase: Ice cream to drown out my sorrows from the Orientation
Book I read: Almost done with Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, author of Gone Girl. Thanks to Jess for letting me borrow it!
Day of school: Next Tuesday is my last (only) final, so I’ll be officially done!
Person I texted: My dad, ’cause he’s pretty cool.
Time I did homework: Is it bad that I can’t really remember…?
Song I jammed to: “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros 

Anyway, I hope everyone has a fantastic week!  For those getting ready to take finals, good luck!


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