And Just Like That, Junior Year was Over.

At this point, these are the thoughts that should be going through my head:
Wow, junior year is already over?
Where has the time gone?
I can’t believe I’m a senior!
This is so exciting! Almost time for the real world!

Here’s what is actually going through my head:
Is it bedtime?
I want ice cream.
My arms are gonna be Jello tomorrow from the lifting Syd and I did tonight.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, it honestly hasn’t sunk in, but it’s true: junior year is officially over.  My one and only final was yesterday, I managed to turn all my projects in on time, and now I’m free, free at last (thanks for the words of inspiration, MLK).

So, here’s how I ended junior year with a bang in the form of an acrostic poem commemorating my new status:

Studying with Yashas
Education bar crawl
No more class
Intimidating Fulbright consultation
One free biscuit taco from Taco Bell
Retirement party for Janet, my academic adviser

Studying with Yashas
So this past Friday, I was sitting at work during the kids’ nap time when I texted Lush and said that I wanted to see him because I missed him.  So he said I should.  So then I did.  I was like, I only have one project left and I can work on it while I hang out with the boy, so I might as well!  And let me tell you, it was the best weekend ever.  I got there on Friday night after work and we hung out and he made me chicken jalfrezi (after I accidentally dropped the jalfrezi jar on the ground as soon as I got out of my car, resulting in a shattered jar and a mess that looked like vomit…needless to say, we had to go buy a new one).  Saturday was spent studying/working on projects in this beautiful courtyard, watching Game of Thrones (because he loves the show and wants me to watch it, and I begrudgingly agreed, but actually kinda like it, shh, don’t tell him I said that), and eating a picnic dinner of Mexican food at the location of our first date.  Oh, and ice cream.  Then Sunday was more GoT and a delicious omelet made by my chef of a boyfriend, but I had to come back and face reality soon enough, so back to West LaFiesta it was.

My study buddy!

Education bar crawl
That’s right, teachers know how to have fun.  Last night, a bunch of education majors got together for a little bar crawl to celebrate the end of our EAPS final earlier that day and the end of a successful year.  Club going up, on a Tuesday.  I had a great time with these wonderful ladies (and the sole male who showed up) and have loved getting to know them the past few years.  It makes me sad that my Purdue careers is almost over 😦







Rosa Parks autobiography group from Block III (Spring 2014)

No more class
Here are some pictures from some of the last classes I had as a junior:

Last day of EAPS…forever!!


Last day with Dr. Staver

Intimidating Fulbright consultation
So I decided back during freshman year that I wanted to apply for an English Teaching Assistant Fulbright scholarship, and what do you know, time flies so quickly that I’m already in the depths of the application process.  Essentially, if I am lucky enough to be granted with this scholarship, I will teach English in Mexico for around 9 months after I graduate.  I am so excited thinking about the prospect of this happening, but in the meantime, I have to write a personal statement essay, a statement of grant purpose essay, revise them, revise them again, meet with a writing consultant, revise them again, do a language evaluation, fill out my application, and so on and so forth.  The latest step in this process was to meet with Purdue faculty who have had Fulbright experience so they could go over my essays and offer suggestions for improvement.  And wow, was that an intimidating experience.  My two professors knew so much about the process and what to look for that I felt like I knew absolutely nothing!  However, their commentary was extremely helpful, so I know my essays will improve immensely after I get around to revising them yet another time…

One free biscuit taco from Taco Bell
Lol, the O was difficult to come up with, but yesterday for Cinco de Mayo, Taco Bell was giving away free biscuit tacos for breakfast.  That’s like, two of my favorite things: Taco Bell and free.

Retirement party for Janet, my academic adviser
We got the dreaded email last Thursday that Janet, my trusty academic adviser, master of all things Elementary Education, savior in many-a-scheduling crisis, was retiring at the end of the semester.

Cue sobs.

I’m going to miss her so much!  Not only is she extremely organized, but she also truly cares about each of her students, sending us congratulatory emails on good grades or checking in on our injuries.  It’s going to be so different without her, but because she has had such a big impact in my life and her other students’ lives, we wanted to celebrate her.  So, we got a bunch of people to sign a picture frame, got flowers and cookies for her, got a bunch of her students to make her cards, and we  had a little surprise party for her today under the pretense of my needing an advising appointment.  I think she really enjoyed it and she even started tearing up.  We wish her the best with everything though!

We’ll miss you, Janet!

Welp, bring on summer! …and full time hours at the daycare.

Oh, and don’t forget to spend time with yo momma on Mother’s Day! (Shoutout to mine, because she da bestttt!)

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