We Don’t Need No Man: Camping and Other Summer Shenanigans Thus Far.

Summer is in full swing, ladies and gentlemen!

Actually, that’s a lie.  Summer doesn’t officially start until June 21, but hey, who’s keeping track anyway?

But when school’s away, the students will play, and let me tell you: there has been lots to do so far.  In fact, I haven’t even spent a weekend in my apartment the last 4 weeks!  Here is a quick rundown of how my summer has transpired so far:

1. Scholastic Book Fair 
Annie and I drove down to Indy once school was out to hit up the Scholastic warehouse. We got a ton of books for our future classroom libraries for super cheap!  “Super Cheap” is a teacher’s middle name.

2. Mother’s Day
Hooray, hooray for Mother’s Day!  I loved getting to spend time with my mama.  We all went out to brunch at Flat Top Grill with my grandparents and uncle too, and it was lovely getting to spend time with them.

Mother’s Day with Grandma

3. Jenna’s Bridal Shower
Jenna, my friend from high school, is getting married in August, so Katie and I went to her bridal shower a couple weekends ago.  We hadn’t seen her in a long time since she goes to school in Utah, but it was great catching up with her.  She will be a beautiful bride!

My pretty friends 🙂

4. Tyler’s Graduation Party
Tyler, my neighbor across the street, aka my second little sister, just graduated from high school!  I’m so glad I was able to come home to celebrate with her at her graduation party.  I can’t believe she’s getting ready to start college–I’m so proud of the beautiful young woman she’s grown into!  You go, Ty!

Happy graduation, Ty!

5. Starved Rock
Over Memorial Day weekend, Lush and I went hiking in Starved Rock, and it was absolutely beautiful!  The weather was perfect and it was so much fun taking the trails there.  We also got to stop by my uncle’s Memorial Day party on the way home, so I got to see my family and family friends some more.  It was wonderful 🙂


6. Neighborhood Dinner
Each summer, the Pine Meadows crew gets together to take pictures and go out to dinner.  We took pictures (wearing our college shirts since we’re all in college now) and then went to El Toro to eat a bunch of Mexican food. Afterwards, we stayed up late playing a hilarious round of Cards Against Humanity.  I couldn’t have asked for a better group of girls to grow up with and am so glad that we are still best friends 🙂

The Pine Meadows Crew 🙂



From 2006 to now…

7. Kourt’s Birthday
Little sis turned 19 last weekend!  Even though she had to work on her birthday (boo), we were able to go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast together first.  I can’t believe this is her last year as a teenager…gasp!

8. Camping
What happens when you put 4 twenty-something women together in the middle of nowhere with a tent and some matches?


Did you think I was going to say disaster?  Because that’s how we thought it’d end up, let me tell you.  But anyway, Syd and I drove up to the campsite at Raccoon Lake after work on Friday and met Elaine there.  We definitely thought any and everything would go wrong, because Syd and I had never been camping without males before (not tryna be sexist here) and we weren’t really sure what we were doing.  However, it couldn’t have been more successful.  We were able to make it to the campsite without our GPS, get the tent up (even though 2 of the poles were broken and we had to splint and duct tape one together with our gold swag duct tape), start a fire (Elaine is the fire master and I was her apprentice–I actually got one started!  Woot!), and cook all our meals to perfection.  We went to Turkey Run to hike on Saturday and it was BEAUTIFUL.  We took the rugged trail, so we were going through mud and up little waterfall things and down ladders.  It was a blast.  Jennie from work also met up with us Saturday night which made it even more fun!  There were no major snafus, even though we kept waiting for something bad to happen.  The only bad thing: Syd and I had accidentally left our Mike’s Hard Lemonade at Walmart, so we didn’t have those refreshments with us 😦

We set this up ourselves. #swag


We went hiking #swag


Took the rugged trail #swag


Turkey Run is gorgeous #swag


I made dis #swag

So yeah, pretty crazy summer so far.  In other news:

  • I’ve been out of my walking boot for a couple weeks now. Woohoo! Can’t wait to start running again.
  • Though I usually work with the 2 and 3 year olds at the daycare, I’ve been able to spend some time in the school-age room, and I LOVE it!  The kids are so great and it’s fun getting to do something a little different than normal.
  • In order to get our teaching license, we are required to take a Pearson exam with a language arts, math, social studies, and science subtest.  I took mine last weekend and passed them, so I am pretty stoked to not worry about studying for those anymore, because they were stressing me out!!!
  • Brooke was supposed to move in with us this weekend, but unfortunately she got really sick when she went to Africa and is still recovering. Prayers to her for healing so she can finally be our summer roomie!
Well, that’s all, folks! Wishing the best to everyone!

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