Everything You Never Wanted to Know About the Past Few Weekends.

Summer is winding down, but the fun is not! Here’s how I spent my last 3 weekends:

Taylor Swift 1989 Tour Concert

Who has two thumbs and was lucky enough to get to see Taylor Swift in concert with two of her most favorite people in the whole wide world? This girl!  On July 18th, my mom, sister and I trekked up to Chicago to see our home girl live in concert. It. Was. Phenomenal.  First of all, when you have openers like Vance Joy and Haim, you know it’s gonna be a good night. And I don’t care if you hate her–Taylor was amazing. Her voice was great, her dancers were great…it was just great.  Sorry for my lack of adjective diversity. Taylor mostly sang songs from her newest album, but she played a couple older ones that she remixed (“I Knew You Were Trouble” was spectacular). Plus, everyone had on a wristband that lit up to the beat of her songs, which was so cool! And Andy Grammar made a guest appearance to sing his “Honey, I’m Good” song, and my mom was so excited. Overall it was a really fun night spent with some fab ladies (besides this bratty girl that sat in front of us that gave us death stares all night…sorry we like to have a good time). I couldn’t be luckier 🙂

**Note the lack of pictures of Taylor Swift…our seats were too far away from the stage

5 Days with my Boy

As if I wasn’t lucky enough, the wonderful man in my life I call Lush came to visit me in West LaFiesta last weekend! He took the train and his arrival time was scheduled for 10 pm on Thursday. However, thanks to various reasons (including someone clogging the toilet on the train?), he didn’t arrive until 2 am. And I had to work at 7 that morning. Yikes! 

But after my shift on Friday morning, we went to Prophetstown State Park with Jess and Michael and went on a hike where we got eaten alive by bugs. 

On Saturday, we went on a canoeing trip with Brooke and Ethan and got sucked into a tree. That’s right, folks.  There we were, minding our own business as we traveled leisurely down Wildcat Creek when all of a sudden, a swift current came out of nowhere, and as hard as we tried to avoid it, it carried us right into a tree hanging over the creek so we were perpendicular to the flow of water. And let me tell you, we were wedged in there pretty tight. We both had to abandon canoe, submerge ourselves into the water, and heave ho it out of there. If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that we made a good team because we showed that tree and canoe who’s boss and got ourselves out. Whew! I also made enchiladas for dinner and we played Catchphrase with Brooke and Ethan. We also attempted to stargaze on Slayter Hill, but we got eaten alive by bugs…again.


On Sunday, Lush and I ate pancakes and attempted to go on a mini hike in Hort Park, but again, we were eaten alive by mosquitoes, which was a “buzzkill” as Lush put it. The good news was, we did find a geocache. We watched Game of Thrones and then checked out this beautiful flower garden on campus.

Monday was fun because I only worked for two hours. We watched Game of Thrones, went to Von’s, and got some ice cream from Silver Dipper. In the evening, we challenged Jess and Michael to a tennis match. Lush and I showed up in matching uniforms ready to slay. It was a blast, even though I suck at tennis. My boyfriend on the other hand? He’s pretty handy with a racquet and carried our team to victory. I just stood there and looked pretty. We went out to dinner with Jess and Michael after the match, and then went home to eat more ice cream and hot fudge. I was sad that he had to leave the next morning, but it was such a great weekend overall.

When you and BF look swag AF


We clean up pretty nicely

My First Weekend with Nothing to Do

There have been what, 11 weekends this summer so far?  And this was the first one where I had nothing to do, so I was pretty darn productive if you ask me.  Syd just moved in with us for 2 weeks while she’s between leases, so we killed it the past two days. We went to the mall on Friday to get new workout tank tops to motivate us (this was in place of working out, mind you) and got some killer deals at Kohl’s (thanks, Susan!). Then my car wouldn’t start (surprise, surprise) and I had to be towed. We went out that night and then Kourt and her friend stayed with us at night so they didn’t have to drive all the way home from Indy after their One Direction concert. 

On Saturday I made pancakes for everyone and said goodbye to my sis. I then picked up my car from the shop because guess what? It started for the guys there and they couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Yippee. Syd and I slayed at the gym for leg day, had a solid study sesh with our student teaching books, went to run some errands, and ate a feast of spaghetti, corn, and garlic bread….and then brownies and ice cream.  Between all those things, we managed to clean the kitchen, mop the floors, and vacuum. Seriously killing it over here.

Today consisted of church, lunch with Syd and Annie, and later I will hit the gym.  Then four more days of work and I will be home to leave for vacation with my family! Woot woot!


Mirror selfies fo’ dayzzz

Here’s to a wonderful week everyone!

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