To My Family Who Visited Me in Spain,

Dear Grandma, Grandpa, and Kourtney,

I can’t start this post with anything other than thank you.  This past week you’ve spent in Madrid with me has meant so much.  After nearly 3 months without seeing anyone from home, you were the perfect remedy.  I loved getting to show you around and watch you marvel at the beautiful sights and the delicious food.  It reminded me that it’s okay to still be a tourist where I live; it caused me to look at things I’d seen many times with the eyes of someone seeing things for the first time.

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

It’s amazing that you would even consider flying halfway across the world to Spain, let alone actually do it.  Not many people can say their grandparents are still world travelers, but I am so fortunate that you are.  Thank you for leaving the comfort of your home, town, and language to experience Madrid.  Thank you for putting up with with me forcing you to walk and take the Metro everywhere.  Trust me, it was the best solution to all the delicious food we ate.  Speaking of which, I was so relieved that you enjoyed every last thing we ate.  I’m thankful that you trusted me to be your “food tour guide” and take you to all the delicious places I’ve discovered/heard about.

Dear Grandma,

Thank you for having such a positive attitude about everything.  I know it can be difficult and stressful being in an unfamiliar place where they speak an unfamiliar language, but you took it all in stride.  I thought it was humorous how much you loved the tiny town I live in, but you reminded me that it is really neat and I should be thankful to live here.  Thank you for planning the entire trip in the first place and being so organized.  I am so lucky that you came and I got to spend so much time with you.

Dear Grandpa,

Thank you for being your silly, outgoing self.  After living here for nearly 7 months, I have never had as much fun with servers and bartenders in Spain as I did when you were around.  Thanks for finding the coolest rooftop bar (never would have been there without you), and thanks for being up for anything.  I’m glad you had the best beer/margarita/pizza/etc. you’ve ever had.  Oh, and sorry that it snowed when I essentially promised you it wouldn’t.

Dear Kourtney,

I was so thrilled to spend time in Madrid with you.  Thank you for stepping up as tour guide/translator when I wasn’t around.  I knew I didn’t have to worry about grandma and grandpa when they were with you.  Thanks for essentially repeating your high school trip, right down to staying in the same hotel, so I could see you.  I’ll never forget the shopping, 3 liters of Leche de Pantera we drank, or the talkative walk back to the hotel at 2:30 am.  I’m even more excited to go backpacking with you now.

Dear Grandma, Grandpa, and Kourtney,

Waking up in the hotel alone on Saturday was agonizing.  I felt so homesick that you left, but I think back to all the places we went, things we did, and food we ate, and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.  The week flew by so fast, but the memories we made will stay with me.  Thank you for everything, and see you in July!






Grandma eating churros at San Gines!




Boating in Retiro Park




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