Back on that School Grind.

Hello, people of cyberspace, and welcome to this week’s edition of What is Kasey up to these days?

You might guess things like ridding the world of hunger, rescuing children from burning buildings, and saving cats from trees, but alas, I regret to inform you that this is not the case. Rather, I have been thrown back into that all too familiar routine of, yep, you guessed it: school. Ugh.

“But Kasey,” you say, “This is your last semester at Purdue before you student teach!  You should be living it up!”

“Hah,” I say in return. “Good one.”

Because am busy and am cryin’.

No, buy I actually do like the semester so far.  Let me tell you, 12 credit hours is pretty great.  Here’s a rundown of my classes:

Music for Elementary Teachers
Am I musically inclined? Not in the slightest. But this class is pretty neat. We get to play the recorder and keyboard, and we sing a lot.  It’s kind of challenging considering we move at such a rapid pace, but there’s always something new going on, and it’s pretty fun! My instructor is pretty great too because she used to teach elementary school music, so she really knows her stuff.

Art for Elementary Teachers
Again, am I artistic? Nope. But that’s okay, because we can’t all be Picasso, and I like my ears too much to chop them off, thank you very much. So far we’ve done drawing and collage making in this class, but we’ll get to painting and sculpture too, so that should be a good time.

Health for Elementary Teachers
Most things in this class so far have been pretty common sense, but it’s important stuff to know because as a teacher, I need to make sure I’m teaching my students to be healthy.

Intro to Sociology
Lolz. This class is super boring, but my instructor is grandpa-adorable and Jess is in my class. We’re 2 of 3 seniors in the entire class too, hahaha.

In other news:

1. I’m still working in the daycare and am in the Kindergarten Readiness (Pre-K) class. It’s been a lot of fun working with these kids and feel very fortunate that I get to be their teacher! They are great kids.
2. This past weekend was Labor Day and I got to spend it with the one and only Lush! All we did was watch Game of Thrones and eat ice cream, and I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂
3. Elaine is a dope roommate (no, she doesn’t do drugs). We are very happy to have her here!
4. Syd and I are seeing some pretty legit gainz while lifting. Brace yourselves for a future #TransformationTuesday, lol.



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