I Think I’m Coming Down With Something…


Oh my goodness, I’m an idiot for titling this post with something as suggestive as that during this Ebola scare.  What was I thinking?  Don’t worry, I’m slapping my hand with a ruler right now.  Wait, they don’t do that anymore, do they?  Okay, I’m going to stop now.

The thing I was coming down with was the love bug. Lol. It’s not even funny now.  And I think I just laughed at my own joke.  Face palm.  This is why I’m not going to be a comedian.


Where was I going with that, you ask?  I was just going to follow up with last post where I introduced you to a new character in my life story.  Well, fun fact of the day, he’s kinda sorta my boyfriend now.  And by kinda sorta, I mean he is my boyfriend.

I know, I know.  Take a deep breath.  Sit down if you need to process this for a sec.  Actually, now that I mention it, I think I need to sit down.  Wow. I have a boyfriend now?

Haha but really, he’s an absolutely incredible guy and I am so, so lucky to have him in my life.  I was also lucky enough to be able to visit him over my Fall Break this past weekend!  Even though he had class on Monday, we were still able to spend some time together.  In the morning, I went grocery shopping and then got lunch with my bestie, Katie!  It was SO good to see her, even if we were only together for about an hour.  After that, Yashas (rhymes with ‘luscious’) and I walked around campus during his break (this included a nice romantic stroll through a graveyard…?).  While he was at his last class, I went back to his apartment and made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and got ready to make a scrumptious dinner of pesto stuffed shells.  Seriously, wife me up.

NO NO NO I’M KIDDING.  I’m not about that life right now.


When he came back from class, I impressed him with my cooking skills, and then proceeded to embarrass myself with my lack of ability to melt chocolate to make chocolate covered strawberries, which resulted in him having to buy a new bag of chocolate chips which resulted in another failed melting attempt which resulted in us conducting various experiments to melt the chocolate, such as adding water and putting it in a pan to melt it.  Needless to say, it still didn’t work, but Yashas insisted on keeping the bowl of ratchet chocolate to snack on throughout the night.  Sometimes I don’t understand him.

Speaking of ratchet, we had a ratchet fancy dinner then with the stuffed shells.  We both dressed up and were trying to be fancy, but let’s be real, we aren’t about that life.  He’s over here in a button up shirt and dress pants but no shoes and a tie that’s too short because his incompetent girlfriend couldn’t tie it correctly, and I’m over there with my hair lookin’ all frizzy from the day’s humidity, and we’re sitting on his couch because his bachelor pad was furnished with only one stool and no table, so yeah, we were cool.

But it was fine because it was fun and ridiculous.  Then on Tuesday we hung out and chilled and then I cried when I had to leave but that was okay because I got to go home and see my mommy and daddy and kitties and yes, I just said mommy and daddy and I am 20 years old.  I got dinner with them (well, not the cats) and got to talk with them and I miss them a lot. Then it was back to Purdue that night!

In other (less sappy) news, American Horror Story season 4 Freak Show has started and is 2 episodes in and I am already hooked. I freakin’ love this show.  Get it? Freakin’?  ‘Cause it’s Freak Show?  I crack myself up.  But anyways, Jess and Sydney and I all watch it together (and also stuff our faces with an assortment of snacks, such as popcorn and cookies) and nearly pee our pants when the creepy clown shows its face.  Seriously, don’t look up a picture of that clown.  He’s scary AF.  And if we weren’t scared enough, the episode ended last night and then I see something crawling across our living room floor and OH MY GOSH IT’S A SPIDER and I jump up to get a paper towel and I’m screaming and then it started sprinting (like, gold medal in the Olympics sprinting) and found it’s way under the couch.  Well I for one was not going to bed unless that thing was outta here.  Hello, my room is the closest to the living room and I was NOT sharing a bed with a spider that night, thank you very much. So Annie and I lifted the couch while Jess went after the spider with a can of bug spray and Syd is cowering in the corner and I’m screaming at the top of my lungs and it’s 11:30 pm and our neighbors probably thought someone was being murdered.  But it’s okay, because Annie stepped on it and it’s oh so dead right now.  Phew, that was a close one.

Honestly, there’s not too much else to tell.  Teaching 3rd grade is going great and I still really like my class.  I’ve been getting really interested in English Language Learners and have one in my class, so I enjoy working with him, as well as the other students.  Work is still crazy busy and I like the people I work with which makes it better.  My classes are going well.  In my classroom management class, we do role plays in our recitation and have to take turns being the teacher each week.  I had to be the teacher last week for the parent-teacher conference role play and let me tell you, that was a challenge!  Before the role play, the ‘parent’ was given a slip of paper that said what type of parent they should be (blame everything on the teacher, be unwilling to try new things with their child, etc) and the ‘principal’ was given one as well (passive principal, helpful, siding with the parent, etc.).  The teachers didn’t know what type of parent and principal they were dealing with, so it was very nerve-wracking, especially since we had to be critiqued at the end!  It was definitely a learning experience though.

Well, I’ve got nothing else for you.  As if all that wasn’t enough.  But anyways, until next time!


Dis ma boi.


Lol @ ratchet fancy dinner.




Because sometimes roomies take shopping trips that result in this.


I’ve been really ratchet lately, okay?


Starry Night


Meeting Mike Mains from Mike Mains and the Branches at Starry Night!


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