Back In The Game.

Guess who’s back, back, back,
Back again, ‘gain, ‘gain,
Kasey’s back, back, back,
Tell a friend, friend, friend.

Please excuse my need to use some old school Eminem lyrics.  But guess what? I got to play volleyball again!  My friend Annie, who played volleyball in high school and helped coach her high school’s team this year, put together a fourth floor intramural team, called the Fantastic Fourth.  We played our first (and last) game tonight.  Unfortunately, it was a single elimination bracket, so we’re done since we lost.  We didn’t lose that bad though.  But boy did it feel incredible to get back into the game!  I didn’t realize how much I missed how fast-paced it was and how much teamwork was required.  I can’t wait to get back on the court!




 The Fantastic Fourth!
4East, represent!

Last Thursday I stayed up until 4 in the morning working on a few projects.  That was not fun at alllll.  So Friday after class, I took a nice long nap since I didn’t have tutoring.  I was in bed from 2:30 until 7.  It was fantastic.  I also watched some movies with Jess and then Christian and Matt.  It was an incredibly unproductive night but also fantastic at the same time.

Saturday I went hard working out.  Christian and I went to the Dova (the rec center) and did an elliptical workout, and then came back to my room to do the P90X ab workout DVD.  AKA 16 minutes straight of abs.  AKA I’m really sore.  It was really funny because we were making so much noise that Jess came in to see what was wrong with us because we were complaining so bad.  She sat and watched us struggle through the last part of the workout.  Then we danced around a little bit.  Then I learned some wrestling moves. Christian wrestled in high school (and was pretty darn good from what I hear) and so he taught me the firemen’s carry take down.  So I had a good time flipping Christian over my shoulder and pinning him to the ground yesterday.  I even had Jess screaming at me to keep my butt up, so it was like I had two wrestling coaches!  After that, we went to the last football game I’ll be able to see this season.  It was cool because a girl I knew in high school came up to visit Brooke, so we all hung out there.  Dinner after and hanging out with some girls that night.



Me and Christian at the game

Shout out to Jess by the way.  She has a boyfriend as of today, and she is soooo adorable and happy.  They met because she lost her ID and he found it and gave it to her.  Then they found out they had a class together!  They’ve been hanging out a lot, and they’re so cute together 🙂

I’ve fallen in love with a new app called Snap Chat.  I still don’t understand the concept, but basically it’s where you can take a picture of yourself or something else and send it to somebody, but they can only view it for up to 10 seconds, and then it’s not visible anymore.  My sister claims that it’s good because you can take ridiculous pics of yourself and then nobody can save them and hold it against you.  I’m not really sure, but it’s so fun and I advise everyone to get it because it’s so much fun.  I’ve been sending people ridiculous photos all weekend.

Sooo…that awkward moment when your roommate tells you she’s moving out next semester.

Yeah, true story.  I walk in the room last Wednesday and she told me that since one of her good friends in Shreve had a study abroad roommate who was going home next semester, she offered Megan to move in.  I was completely surprised and taken off guard.  I thought that maybe I had done something wrong or whatever.  She told me that she and her friend would be in the same major since they’re both switching to Social Studies Ed and since they both go out and I don’t, it only makes sense that they’d be roommates.  It was understandable, but still pretty surprising. It was pretty awkward the next couple days because neither of us really knew what to say to each other, but we talked about it and we’re okay now.  I did find out that I’ll probably have to get a new roomie at semester though, so that could be potentially awkward and stressful trying to learn another person’s living style again.  I guess we shall cross that bridge when we come to it.

My DeVito class gets to have fancy dinner again tomorrow night, but this time with the Dean of the College of Education.  It should be pretty cool.

I met a Purdue celebrity tonight!  So there’s this video called Swipes on Swipes on Swipes and it’s about this kid who makes fun of On-The-Go and how students go crazy over it.  On-The-Go is a meal thing where you can go to one of the three OTG locations and use a meal swipe and get 3 food items.  It’s for people who need to eat a quick lunch or something and don’t have time to eat in a dining court.  They have things like sandwiches, wraps, veggies, yogurt, salads, chips, trail mix, milk, muffins, cookies, bagels…etc etc etc.  On Fridays, people go crazy at OTG because it’s not open on the weekends.  If people have a bunch of extra meal swipes that you won’t use over the weekend, people stock up on OTG food and keep it in their rooms.  So about a year ago a kid made a song to it and I’ve watched it several times because it’s so funny and catchy.  While I was at Harrison Grill for dinner tonight, I saw him and just had to get a picture with him.  He probably thought I was the most awkward person ever, but it was totally worth it.  The video can be found below!

The Swipes guy!!

So the girls on my floor and I are pretty ridiculous and find it hilarious to just use our Hunger Games cornucopia decorations and carry Jess around inside all through the lobbies and all the floors of Shreve.  Yeah, we’re crazy, but it makes college more fun 🙂


Okay, goodnight all 🙂

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