A Reminder of Why I Love Life.



I mean, finally.  Geesh. It’s not like it’s April 5th or anything.

But as corny/cheesy/cliche as it sounds, it honestly reminds me of why I love Purdue and why I love life.  There’s just something about walking around ankle deep in snow and 20 degree or less temperature for 4 months a couple times a day that get’s me depressed.  Seasonal Depression Disorder at its finest.  But now…now I can be happy.  Despite the fact that I have a crapload of stuff to do during the next 4 weeks, I can’t help but be happy!  It’s just beautiful outside!  The sun is out, the breeze feels amazing….and there’s a mechanical bull on Memorial Mall?

Ehh, oh well.  It makes me excited to see all these students hanging out outside again.  It reminds me of the beginning of the school year and all the possibilities and exciting things happening.  I feel so refreshed and renewed.

What?! There are flowers?!

But enough about the weather.  I mean please, it’s not like we’re on our first date and don’t know what else to talk about, because a) You know a lot about me from this blog already, and b) I always have plenty of things to talk about.

So let’s begin my weekly spiel, shall we?

–That time that Christian asked Kourtney to prom

I mentioned it to you in my last post, but yes, it happened.  One of my best friends here, Christian, asked Kourt to prom!  Here’s how it happened:

Kourtney had asked me several weeks ago if Christian was gonna ask her to prom.  I’m not sure if you know this, but the way someone gets asked to prom is a HUGE deal at our school.  The more creative, the better.  So I told her, of course he will!  I wouldn’t let you go to prom with a date that didn’t make it official!

So Christian and I started planning.  Obviously it was going to be difficult considering we’re in 2 different states.  But we came up with an idea, and I took Kourt’s good friend, Sara, and coerced her into helping me out.

So over Easter weekend, Kourt asked again if Christian was gonna ask.  I told her, “Well, he’s not here.  He’s in Indiana.  How is he gonna ask you?”  The whole time, I was smirking to myself because I had the whole thing planned out already.

It totally threw her off as planned.  She accepted the fact that she wasn’t going to be asked.


Monday morning, Kourtney walked into school to her locker, and saw a mini Christian hanging from her locker with a flower and a note asking her to go to prom with him!

Earlier in the week before I came home for Easter, Christian and I had done a photo shoot with him and printed off a poster-size to hang it up on her locker.  I gave it to Sara that weekend and she hung it up Monday morning before Kourtney came in.  She was surprised and very happy!!


She said yes!

–That time that I killed a cockroach

Yes, you read that right.  Here’s what happened.

It was bright and early morning.  (Yes, 8:30 is early for me.)  I was walking down the hallway from my room to the bathroom, rubbing my eyes and mentally preparing myself for the bed head I was going to have to face when I looked in the mirror.  All of a sudden, from the corner of my eye, I saw a movement on the ground.  IT WAS A FREAKIN’ COCKROACH ON ITS BACK.  Its little legs were waving around frantically in the air.  Let me tell you, it was quite a shock.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a living cockroach outside of the zoo before.  Well, I said to myself. It’s on its back…it’s not going anywhere.  So I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and washed my face, and walked back out.

Only to find the cockroach off its back and scuttling around the hallway.


There will be no cockroaches running around in my hallway.

Claudia walked out of the bathroom and said, “Don’t kill it!”

“Do you want that thing in your room?!” I asked.

“Okay, kill it.”

And kill it I did.

Well I certainly wasn’t going to smash it with my bare hands.  And I sure as heck wasn’t about to take a tissue and squish it, because I did NOT want to feel that.  And although my flip flops I had on were my shower shoes, having bug guts on the bottom did not sound appealing.  So I did what any innovative young college student would do:

I got a paper towel, threw it over the nasty bug, and smacked it with my shoe.  The bug juices started seeping through the paper towel immediately, but my shoe and hands were spared.  Phew.

I couldn’t bring myself to pick it up.  No way no how.  So I left its paper towel shroud on and walked away.  Sorry, Olivia, for having to actually pick it up.

Come to find out that Lilly had seen it too; or, I suppose I should say, felt it.  She told me it had crawled over her foot in the bathroom earlier and she screamed.  Nasty.

Seriously. Eww.

–That time there was Mexican food in Hillenbrand.

In order to promote cultural awareness, the different dining courts have been expanding their food options to include food from different countries.  Yesterday, it was Mexico.

Alyssa, Hannah, and I feasted.  There were fajitas, enchiladas, burritos, tacos, chips and salsa, rice, beans…ayeeee.  Plus, flan and tres leches cake and churros for dessert.

Gracias, Hillenbrand.

Woooo, churros!!

–That time we won our debate

I think I’ve told you about my Fall of the American Empire class before, right?  It’s my honors course for the semester, and there are debates every Friday.  Today was my second one.  My partner, Hayley, and I, were assigned to oppose the idea that Engineering Solutions to Environmental Problems do more harm than good.


There are so many ways that that phrase could be construed.  So yesterday, we met and decided to kinda just wing it.

And guess what?  After the class vote, we won the content vote as well as the style vote.  

Forget being a teacher.  Maybe I’ll become a lawyer…

–That time I had TL training

Tuesday night was my TL training for BGR.  It was a blast!  Even though it was 3 hours long, we managed to learn some important things about being a mentor for our new students in August, and we got to know our group members better through FreeZone activities.  It was really fun!  And of course we had to dress up…

Since ShreveHart’s theme is “Kids at Heart,” we all dressed up for bedtime, complete with pajama pants or footie jammies, and stuffed animals.  Soooo cute 🙂



Da grouppp


TLs in the Attic!

–That time Purdue became obsessed with secret crushes

It’s a fairly recent thing: Colleges create a Facebook page for students to anonymously share their secret crushes or their secret confessions.

Purdue’s has blown up the last two weeks.  It’s hilarious.  Anyone is able to post without their name shown, and it’s a lot of fun going through and finding people crushing on people you know.  Extra creepy. Extra fun.

–That time Purdue experienced tragedy on campus

On Monday, every Purdue student got the mass alert text, “Avoid Memorial Mall area due to crash.”

What did that even mean?

So after lunch, Alyssa and I headed to campus early to check it out.

What we saw was an area marked off by police tape and some cops holding up a bike.  We also saw a spot in the road stained with blood, and a blood-covered towel next to it.

What we found out was that a student had been riding his bike and had run into the side of one of the city buses as it was turning into the circle drive in the center of campus.  According to the Facebook page his parents created, the student has broken every bone in his face and has as bruised brain.  Many speculate he’s brain dead. The updates say he’s undergoing some surgeries.  Keep him in your thoughts and prayers!

–That time I said goodbye

Seeya later guys 🙂

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