Ice Cream is my Staple Food Group.

I’m about to sound really fat in just a few seconds.

But please, let me justify it to you really fast:
1. If I go anywhere, it’s on foot.  Walking=burning calories.
2. I’ve been running.  Sort of.  (There’s a little mini forest park thing called Horticulture Park about a block from Shreve.  I’ve been taking a liking to running on the forest trails there, because there’s nobody around and you sort of feel lost, but luckily the trails all wind around to exits.  Because if you know me, you know I don’t have a good sense of direction.  Just one of the many things I didn’t inherit from my dad.  PS, fun fact, I saw a black squirrel while I was there.  Yes dad, besides gray squirrels, we apparently have black ones.)
3. I went 40 days without ice cream for Lent, so I think this just about makes up for it.


On to all the ice cream I’ve eaten this past week.  (Wow, it’s a sad life when I have to dedicate a blog entry to ice cream.  Wait, who am I kidding? It’s fantastic.)

1. Last Saturday, a bunch of girls on the floor were feeling pretty restless.  The weather was nice and warm, and it’s getting to be crunch time here in college land, what with our final weeks of classes and Dead Week looming in the near future.  So what did we do?  We went on an ice cream adventure to Dairy Queen at Purdue West!  It started off as a small thing…

Act I, Scene 1-Dana and Kasey “studying” outside of Shreve Saturday afternoon

Kasey: “I’m craving popsicles…do they sell them at Boiler Crossing?”
Dana: “I don’t know!”

Nathan walks up

Nathan: “Hey guys, what’s up?”
Dana: “Oh, you know, just studying.  You?”
Nathan: “About to go to Boiler Crossing and get some gummy worms!”
Kasey: “Oh my gosh, can you check if they have popsicles?!”

Nathan: “Sure! Be back soon.”

Nathan leaves.  Kasey and Dana continue “studying.” Nathan returns.

Nathan: “Sorry guys, they didn’t have any.  I looked in every freezer there.”
Kasey: “Rats. Thanks anyways!”

Nathan leaves

Kasey: “Hey Dana, let’s go to Dairy Queen tonight.”

End scene.

So it started out small, just me and Dana and also Jess.  But before we knew it, I had invited half the floor.  (I would never withhold the happiness that is ice cream from my loved ones.)

We left around 9:30 pm, along with my baby speaker cube (shoutout to my mom for thinking of such an awesome Christmas present!) and we sang and danced all the way there.  After eating, we hung out outside on some benches and had an impromptu dance party.  Aww yeah.

DQ run with the Flo’ Fo’ Ho’s!



2. Part of TL training for BGR is having team socials where we get together and do something fun outside of the realm of BGR to get to know each other better.  So, of course, Monday night our social was at the Silver Dipper, an ice cream shop down on the levee.  I’d never been there before, but let me tell you, I will now be a frequent buyer.

The shop was within walking distance, but since Lucas and Brad both had cars, we took advantage of that.  We drove down there and then came the difficult part: make a decision on which flavor you want.


I was overwhelmed with the possibilities.  What should I pick?!  There were your basics, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry…but what were these flavors??  Pistachio?  Green tea?  Peanut butter cup? Blueberry cheesecake? Marshmallow Oreo? Coffee?  Whaaaaaaat??

Then, I saw something out of the corner of my eye.

I had no idea what to pick, but it was as if God had sent me a sign…in the form of a sign.

“3 mini scoops for the price of 1 regular scoop”

Thank you, God!

So mini scoops it was: Cookies and cream, Fat Elvis (banana ice cream with peanut butter and chocolate chips), and Zamorano, which was basically black ice cream because it was so chocolatey.  Apparently it’s one of their most popular flavors.  Now I know why. (Mom, when you come get me next weekend, let’s make a stop here and you will eat that ice cream and you will love it.)

It was absolutely fantastic.  Then we jammed out in Brad’s car on the way home.


3. Ag Week = Swag Week

So this whole week was Ag Week.  There were different events/promotions around campus to promote the importance of agriculture.  Well, Tuesday, the ag students were handing out ice cream.  Teehee.

They had the soft serve machines out and were teaching us how to make ice cream.  Then we got some.  And it was great.  And I loved it.

The other happenings in my life which don’t involve frozen dairy products:

1. Some other stuff about ag week: There were cows on campus on Monday!  Alyssa and I headed to campus early after lunch to see the cute little baby cows.  They were absolutely adorable!  There was also an ag tent where we took a short quiz about things regarding agriculture, and we got a free t-shirt because of it!  We also got free milk cartons, and then PUDM (Purdue University Dance Marathon) had a tent too, so we got silly bands from them (guess they’re still in style because I’m still wearing mine) that said FTK, which stands for For The Kids.  All in all, it was a solid day of freebies.


Alyssa with the baby cow!

2. The fountains are back on!…or are they?  One of the great things about Purdue’s campus is the fact that we have a bunch of fountains.  The two biggest are the Engineering Fountain and the Loeb fountain.  Everyone in my math class was distracted today because they saw Loeb fountain from the window and saw that it had been turned on.  Everyone was so excited!  First, it means spring is officially here (even though today has been the coldest it’s been all week…40 degrees…why they picked today to turn them on is beyond me.  Now that I think about it, how do you turn the fountains on in the first place…?)  Second, it means FOUNTAIN RUNS!!! Can’t wait to take my new students on a fountain run during BGR.  Woohoo!

But my excitement shriveled as I came out of my next class and saw that it had been turned off.  So much for that.

3. TL training 2 was on Wednesday!  The theme for our clothing was school pictures since ShreveHart’s theme overall is Kids at Heart. Our buddy TLs were announced too!  (Buddies are when we get paired with a TL from our Super’s buddy group.  We do activities and stuff with them and their new students during BGR.)  They way we found out who our buddy was was through a game.  We all had to close our eyes and our Supers came and whispered a name in our ear.  With our eyes closed, we had to pretend to be this person and find our partner.  I was Kanye West, and Shey, a girl in my TL group, was saying she was a rapper (she was Jay-Z).  I was like, “Me too!” We thought that we were buddies, but our supers were like nooooo.  So then I found out my partner was Kim Kardashian, and my buddy is James!  Woohoo!  We have to go on a buddy date soon and do a random act of kindness for people on campus.  Can’t wait!  

Buddies, awww yeahh.


School photo!





Here are some other random picture:

Alyssa before her formal!


Creeping. What else is new?

Boom shaka laka.  Toodles for now!

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